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  • London Lion Scarf Day: First Pic!

    Posted by Stitch and Bitch London on March 20, 2007

    I am absolutely exhausted!

    It has been an amazing day and I have many stories to share, but for now I am going to toddle off to bed and sleep like I have never slept before. Safe in the knowledge that those four chilly Trafalgar Lions were warm for at least an hour this morning.

    I promise to write it all up nicely soon.

    If you were there then please, please drop us a line at and tell us what you thought, or comment right here on the blog.

    The donation site is open at for donations and you can win a 50-foot fabulous Lion Scarf by donating just a bit to Cancer Research UK.

    Thanks to everyone who came along to support us!

    Lauren x

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    2 Responses to “London Lion Scarf Day: First Pic!”

    1. Em said

      Well, I arrived just in time to see you taking the last scarf off the last lion! :( I couldn’t finagle myself out of work any earlier – but at least I did see that and very impressive it was too. The pictures are fantastic and the whole thing a bit of an accomplishment really!

    2. Julie said

      Wish I had been there to see it – the picture is great and the scarf looks spectacular!! Well done you guys!

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