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  • Stitched Sealife: The Stitched Sealife Six plan their breakout

    Posted by Deadly Knitshade on August 25, 2010

    Stitch London are teaming up with London’s Natural History Museum on August 27 to bring you the Stitch a Squid event.

    Six stitched specimens from the Deep Sea have escaped in the Museum. We’re getting closer to catching the whole gang. The net is tightening…

    An anonymous tip-off lead us to the Natural History Museum’s Member’s Room where we had been told the fishy members of the Stitched Sealife Six had made their hideout. Sure enough there they were:

    The gang's all here

    The cheeky Coelecanth, the fish femme fatale Viper Fish, the overly ambitious Oarfish, the ravenous Osedax, the shiny happy Slender Snipe Eel and tiny tentacled terror that is the Stitched Squid.

    "This is it, fibre-finned compadrés. Tonight we make a break for it..." The Stitched Squid rests before the big push.

    Will they make it or is it back to their specimen jar cells? There’s only one way to find out.

    There are also rumours the Godfather of the Deep Sea, the Giant Stitched Squid, may put in an appearance on the night. At present these rumours are unconfirmed but word of the 8-metre knitted nautical beast seem to be everywhere. Can such a creature possibly exist?

    Come along to the Natural History Museum August 27 to Stitch a Squid and see the Stitched Sealife Six. If we can catch them…

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    2 Responses to “Stitched Sealife: The Stitched Sealife Six plan their breakout”

    1. Those are too cute!

    2. [...] was done. Here I must send you over to her blog again to see the knitted creatures, and then the Stitch London blog, to get a little more info. I did not at all realize until I was at this event that GingerKnits had [...]

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