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Introducing the fabulous Lion Scarf Ladies…

Posted by Stitch and Bitch London on February 11, 2007

The first week of January saw the creation of a team of crack knitting commandoes with one woolly Lion Scarf vision. They are the Lion Scarf Ladies, and they are not afraid to use their claws…

The feline team consists of:

Me Lauren “Bobble Stitch Baboo” O’Farrell, co-founder and leader of the group. Constantly knitting bee hats.

Laura “Purl Princess” Parkinson (no relation to Michael Parky), co-founder and leader of the group. If she had a shiny pound for every person she has taught to knit for free she would be living in a yarn-covered mansion by now.

Brigitte “Mother of Poirl” Onyskiw. She can never have too much yarn.

Grace Laird (no knitting name yet). Can whip up a baby blanket in the time it takes some people to say baby blanket.

Joelle “Knitting Kninja” Finck. Barely learned to knit and she is better than all of us. Gah! Will one day take over the world with her knitted sushi.

Sophie “Knit Wit” Onyskiw. The world’s finest knitting goth. She likes to knit in black but her heart is pink and fluffy. She is a slave to no one but the rhythm. Mmm hmm!

Laura “Lady Knitsalot” DeLaat. All the way from maple-flavoured Canada, now knitting like she means it in our fair city. Has ways of finding out anything about anything in an Internet Columbo style.

Absent and apologetic were:

Candice “Go Go Garter Girl” Lamb. The lady has a style all her own, she even makes cracking her head open while ice-skating (and thus missing the meeting) cool.

Emmy “Stitch Doctor” Harrup and Frances “Moss Stitch Momma” Lee. There is nothing they cannot accomplish knittingwise. And the fact that one is a large extinct reptile and one is a tiny rodent boggles the mind.

Danielle “Queen Stitch” Drew. Far, far away in sunny California where she joined us from in the first place. Excellent excuse. The world’s only wanna-be knitting piratess.


3 Responses to “Introducing the fabulous Lion Scarf Ladies…”

  1. Knit Wit said


  2. Lin said

    I think you have done a really great job on this project. You are a great bunch of young ladies and I’m happy to have contributed a short piece of scarf from Erie, PA, USA.

  3. […] the tables of tea drinking/sandwich munching ladies and gents roamed our yellow-t-shirted Stitch and Bitch Lion Ladies, flitting from table to table like yarn-wielding […]

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