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The Emerald Isle sends a 100% Irish wool scarf patch knit by half of Dublin

Posted by Stitch and Bitch London on February 18, 2007

S&B Dublin's Patch 2 S&B Dublin's Patch

Stitch and Bitch Dublin had a novel and very community spirited way of knitting their Lion Scarf Patch. I’ll let Sara Cullen, who managed the whole thing, explain:

We have decided that we will participate and give an Irish offering to your project, and what we plan to do is actually have a little “scarf on tour” project on the go in order to do that.

Basically, at the next SnB main gathering in Dublin, I will start off the scarf and knit a few rows, then pass it on to one of my fellow knitters, who will add a few rows, and then pass it on to the next person.

When everyone in the group that turns up that day has contributed, one of us will take it with us to the next knitting group. It will then progress around all the knitting groups in the main Dublin area.

Basically, we have a main SnB meet up in Dublin city centre twice a month, and then there are other outlying groups that get together independantly of this during the rest of the time.

And that is just what they did. An impressive amount of knitters, all in one scarf part.

We started off using someone’s handspun and handdyed yarn, then decided to keep it both uniform and Irish, using 100% pure wool, aran knitting, which I think is along the same lines of the yarn that was used to start it with, it has the same texture to it. There are a variety of stitches in it. I didn’t block it, sorry, but I wanted to get it to you, it should all block out to the same width.

Unfortunately, although the scarf travelled around to 5 knitting groups, we only have photos from 3 of them, and not of everyone who worked on it. Some people opted for photos only of their hands knitting it. I was going for that option myself, except Diane caught my full photo and then I never got another one of just my hands knitting it so the full one showing my face will have to do!

The lovely but camera shy Sara, who made sure the Dublin Lion Scarf Patch got to us.

Olive at Holly’s group Sharon at SnB Dublin

Marina at Sara’s group`Lucy at Holly’s group

Ger at Holly’s group Elaina at Sara’s group

Eileen at Holly’s group Diane at SnB Dublin

Brid at SnB Dublin

Deirdre at Holly’s group

Sara tells us that their youngest Lion Scarf Knitter, Deirdre, is 10 years of age and knits like a person possessed! She joins Holly’s group every Tuesday evening, her mum meets a friend upstairs in the coffee shop and Deirdre knits with the knitters downstairs.

As you can see from the pics Dublin has a whole range of knitters and they were all lovely enough to do us a few rows. Ladies, you are fantastic. Keep up the knitting and we hope to hop over the Irish sea and come and knit with you some time.

Go raibh míle maith agat, Mnà. 🙂 (again I hope that is right!)


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