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A lion-hearted German in London, her mum’s knitting and their story…

Posted by Stitch and Bitch London on February 19, 2007

A few weeks ago we got an email from Beate Jungblut. Beate moved to London from Germany in 2005 and has been bravely battling a rare form of cancer since 2004. She has very kindly allowed me to share her lion-hearted tale and I hope that it helps inspire other fighters to keep being lion-hearted.

Here is the Lion Scarf patch that her mum, Annedore Jungblut, has knitted for her. It is beautiful.

 Here is her story:

I have a rare kind of tumour (sertoli cell tumour) and first found out about it in November 2004, then had surgery and six months of chemo in Germany.

All seemed fine and in June 2005 I came to London to start my first real job (after university) and enjoy life.But in December 2005 I found out that the tumour had come back again.

Since then I’ve had different kinds of chemo and an operation, and the has tumour shrunk and grown over time. We’re still hoping to find something that is going to get rid of it completely. Both my parents came over as soon as I was diagnosed in Dec 2005 and have been here and looking after me all the time, instead of enjoying their retirement and travelling as they had planned to.

My sister has also moved to London and is working here now, partly because she had always wanted to spend some time in London, but also to be with us at this time. It’s wonderful that my entire family is together and it makes the whole situation so much easier. Especially my mum is busy caring for me and does everything I need, but on top of that she also knitted a bit of the scarf to support your campaign.

My mum, Annedore Jungblut, likes knitting, so apart from looking after me wonderfully she also wants to support Cancer Research by knitting a bit of the Lions’ Scarf. She’s made a nearly a metre long piece in lots of different shades of blue already. I’ve tried to knit a bit myself, but failed miserably, so the lions will have to do with my mum’s support only!

Thanks a lot for your effort and for supporting Cancer Research

Annedore and Beate and all your family, myself and all of the Lion Scarf knitters wish you the best of luck with your treatment.

You and your family are a just the lion-hearted people that we are knitting for. We are proud to have your mum knit a patch for us and ever so grateful to have you share your tale.

We hope you can come along to the Lion Scarf event in the Square and cheer on those warm lions. 🙂


3 Responses to “A lion-hearted German in London, her mum’s knitting and their story…”

  1. […] when all this began Beate’s mum knitted her beautiful blue part of the lion scarf and added Beate’s initial … in honour of her brave daughter’s battle with a rare form of cancer. So it was an honour to […]

  2. Max said

    In March 2008 Beate lost her brave battle. She will be missed, but her bravery will set an example to others. She never gave up hope and until the end she preserved her joy for life.

  3. We were ever so sorry to hear about Beate. It was so nice to meet her and her lovely family when they came down to the square.

    Her story will certainly inspire others. We send our best wishes to her family and friends.

    The S&B London Stitchettes xxx

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