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Stitch and Creative Show at Excel – The Lion Scarf takes over Relax and Knit

Posted by Stitch and Bitch London on February 27, 2007

Last weekend at Excel if you made you way through the crowds, past the sparkly ribbons, twinkling sequins, multicoloured rivers of hand-dyed yarn and stampeding fans of a certain shopping TV presenter, you would have found yourself in the comfy and cosy world that was Stitch and Bitch London’s Knit and Relax Zone.

Amongst the tables of tea drinking/sandwich munching ladies and gents roamed our yellow-t-shirted Stitch and Bitch Lion Ladies, flitting from table to table like yarn-wielding bees.

Lion Ladies

We landed now and again to chat and knit with many of the passing knitters, teaching up a storm for those who didn’t know how to knit, proffering a sympathetic knitty ear for people to tell their shopping woes and triumphs to, and coaxing nervous knitters into braving the HUGE red Lion Brand broomstick needles and fabulous bright and squishy yarn to knit a few rows of London Lion Scarf.

Margaret, Laura and a lotta lion scarf

Proud pink- hatted Lion Knitter

A knitting hoodie 🙂 A little Lion Knitter
Shock! A suited knitter!

Lion Scarf Knitting Pals

Lion Knitting in a row Grace and a friend get all wound upGrace and a friend get all wound up
Look out Lion Knitter, there is a goth behind you!


A little Lion Knitter in red

Lorraine knits for a giant beast


Cheesy smile, giant needles

Where are the goodie bags?!

A Lion knitter knits and knits




Learning to Lion Knit



Along with the floating Lion Ladies came the Mobile Masseuses (from the School of Natural Therapies). The magic fingers of Natali (and Adam on Thursday) had scores of knitters snoozing in their seats. Many a tired hand got royal treatment and many a tense pair of shoulders found itself unwinding.

Linda enjoys a hand massage

Adam braves a foot

Knitting on the left and relaxing on the right

Natali and her mysterious container of relaxation…

By the end of the weekend:

We had more Lion Scarf than we could carry home
If it hadn’t been for the Lion Brand Giant Broomstick Needles and fantastic Lion Brand yarn donation we just wouldn’t have been able to lure knitters in like we did! So our knitted hats are off to them and Julie at Banyan Tree Yarns for helping get it to us (considering the bag she brought it in was nearly bigger than she was!).


We had launched more new and born-again knitters than we could count.

We had raised over £300 for our London Lion Scarf fund.

And we loved every minute of it (especially the rabbits).

A special thanks to Kate at Nationwide Exhibitions for letting us fund raise at the show, and to Fyber Spate Yarns for their donation of fabulous purpley-white yarn for our Lion Scarf, and to Moral Fibres for their kinds words (and for having such fantastic and yet ethical recycled sari yarn on their stall that I spent all my money).

Ladies and Gents who sat and knit with us, thank you so much for your support and your kind words.

The lions will be warmer because of you and the lion-hearted cancer fighters everywhere will have an easier battle with the research our fund raising helps with.

We hope to do it all again next year too. What shall we wrap in knitting this time…?


One Response to “Stitch and Creative Show at Excel – The Lion Scarf takes over Relax and Knit”

  1. Ina Jansen said

    Fantastic enterprise, I am proud tha Natali and Adam, students of the SNT did such a great job in providing some relaxation!

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