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Antipodean Knitters waiting for rain… UPDATE

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on March 5, 2007

We know of at least two ladies Down Under who are knitting for a very distant quartet of Lions, but also for a cause very close to their hearts.

Julia Cullingham (an English lass who ran off to Oz, married a dinky-di Aussie and had the cutest child you will ever see) gave up knitting in a huff years ago after hand-destroying a baby blanket in an attempt to knit a present for a friend. Shamefully she tucked away her needles and vowed she would never knit again (let along purl. Oh the horror the thought brought her).

But lo and behold in January 2007 Julia picked up her needles again to warm a London lion and support her best friend (me) in raising money for Cancer Research. Her Australian/English patch may not be the most technically perfect in the world, we might have to hide it from the press when the big day comes (so she hints) but it is knitted from the right place.

Her Lion Scarf pin on the map states “What a beautiful idea from a beautiful person. Am so happy to be part of something that is positive and makes a difference.” Awww, shucks.

She says that the problem with knitting in 40-degree heat is that you just don’t want to be anywhere near something as warm and cosy as wool. In the summer heat she took to knitting when it rained, and still managed to get it done despite the fine weather. You poor thing! 😛


Julia’s Lion Scarf Patch arrived this week. Here it is full of croc and kangas and little Australias. There is even a tiny Tasmania on there.

Julia's patch She says “The Lion Scarf has touched so many people. My mum’s friend is knitting away at her scarf even though she’s just has surgery for breast cancer. You’ve really made a difference. Good for you. You go girl!”


Heidi Davis in Oxley Bay, Queensland has trouble with the heat too. She began knitting in November. Telling us (via our mySpace message board)

“I have been furiously knitting my contribution for the lion scarf.

Yesterday I left my knitting on the lounge and came back today to find that my yarn had been cut! I was thinking who on earth would do such a thing?!!! After further investigation I noticed it had been chewed off…by my sister’s cat!!!
Maybe it was jealous that I was knitting for another cat…the LION! KITTY EATS SCARF!!!”

For months it went very quiet. We suspected the cat might have taken his feline jealousy too far…

Then lo and behold on the 25th of Jan:

At last!

“I finally finished my contribution to the lion scarf…you guys probably thought I was gonna slack off after all this time? I was a little unmotivated to finish it considering the 35-degree heat and the sweaty acrylic I used for it ewe! hahahah
Posted it today, hope it reaches you guys on time!!!

Hope you like my colour selection of GREEN and GOLD as it is AUSTRALIA DAY tomorrow yaaaay aussie aussie aussie. hehe.”

Heidi's PatchIt arrived on English shores not too long ago and has already been sewn in. What a journey! That is one jetlagged scarf patch!

Aussie Knitters Update:

Another Lion Scarf patch has arrived from down under. Just in time to be added into the mix:

Kerry from Woolgoolga in New South Wales (excellent placename for a knitter to call their own) is spokesperson for Busy Hands Warm Hearts who appear to float about the net doing knitty good.

She says:

“I really do wish you well with your project (and I am glad I am not one of the sewer-uppers as I detest that part of knitting!! My hats off to all of you brave women on THAT task.)

I look forwards to seeing the outcome of this international knitting-fest and really wish you well with reaching your financial target, and helping those clever scientists to keep coming up with more weapons in the battle against cancer.”


One Response to “Antipodean Knitters waiting for rain… UPDATE”

  1. corina fiolet said

    what a nice story from down under.Long ago I was born as a aussie to. I didn’t live there for long. only for 2 years. The last 41 years I only dreamed of australia. Going there is not possible because we have 6 children 4of them are fosterchildren.
    I hope I can give them the knitting spirrit also.

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