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All American Lion Patches from the Sweet Land of Liberty

Posted by Stitch and Bitch London on March 10, 2007

It seems that American knitters are desperate to warm our Lions!

Linda’s nautical themed scarf patch has us all a little green with knitting skill envy. I zoomed in on her letter so you can see the explanation to the fabulous design. I love the idea of wrapping the entire column next year, but I’m not sure we have a ladder long enough. Does anyone have Batman’s phone number?

Someone who must know what it is like to be chilly enough to need a giant scarf is Molly in Fairbanks, Alaska. Who did want her patch to be longer but she ran out of time and yarn.

It happens to us all. But fear not, those Lions have plenty of other patches to go with yours. 🙂

Wendy's lion scarf patch

Wendy sent in her tropical-flavoured Lion Scarf patch from Tampa in Florida. It is knitted in Island coloured yarn (by Coats and Clark). She says:

“To add to the Trafalgar Lion Scarves I’m sending you a bit of our glorious Flroida sunshine, beaches, puffy white clouds and blue, blye sky, along with the flying stars.

Although England is the country of my birth- and one I dearly love – the ‘flying stars’ of the pattern represent the country of my heart, the USA.

Wish I could be with you to watch you drape the Lions, but vicarious internet contact will have to do! Have a great time and a wonderful day doing it! Wendy E”

Sarah's scarf patch Sarah sent her calming pastel green patch all the way from Woonsocket (another excellent place name), which is in America’s northeastern state of Rhode Island.

Jamie sent her part from New Mexico. It is our first crocheted part of lion scarf. She made her part along with Amber (whose scarf patch we featured in a previous post). Proving to the world that the knitter/crocheter divide is well and truly just a myth.


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