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  • The London Knit Crawl: Trafalgar Square

    Posted by Deadly Knitshade on June 17, 2007

    Our final destination of the day was Trafalgar Square, not full of pigeons today but full of freedom fighters! Protesters waved placards for Palestine, police milled about making sure all was well, the lions looked down on all the chaos (tipping us a cheeky wink for their scarves back in February, and we plonked ourselves down on the ancient concrete and started to stitch.

    A policeman told us, as we sat and knit away, that we were the most sensible thing he had witnessed in the Square all day (sadly we had missed the naked bike ride that went by, though I bet they could have done with our knitted items!).

    Photo-snapping tourists didn’t bother to hide their fascination and snapped away happily, jaws dropped when Craig from I Knit turned up with his giant needles (causing two Japanese girlies to squeal in delight and demand a photo of themselves with them), Joelle had a giant knit just to see if she could (and she really could but it looked like hard work), one of our more weary members fell asleep at the needles (it had been a long day), and all in all it was a marvellous end to the most fabulous London Knit Crawl in knitting history (or it felt like it).

    We want to thank all those who came of the knitting closet to show the city what knitting is all about. It was a wonderful day and we couldn’t have made as many heads turn if it wasn’t for the sheer (shear…? Sorry) number of you who turned up with your sticks and string.

    A few pints in the pub at the end of the day and the London Knit Crawl was officially over. We cannot wait for next year. :)

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