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Banished for knitting?

Posted by knittingninja on June 19, 2007

Have you ever been banished from a public place for knitting? Been told that your needles may be considered an offensive weapon? Well, after hearing on the Stitch & Bitch forum that a fellow knitter was asked to leave Prêt a Manger simply for knitting, I was disgusted! So, I have emailed Prêt a Manger to find out what their policy is on knitters in their branches. I have yet to receive an answer from them….


4 Responses to “Banished for knitting?”

  1. Knitting Ninja (Joelle) said

    Still no reply from Pret. And they said they would reply to my query within a week! Maybe they didn’t take my question seriously. I will try again…..

  2. Why would they do such a thing??? Has the world gone mad??!!!

  3. I say we descend on Pret en masse and see what they do about it…

  4. Cora Shaw said

    A friend of mine was on one of our local buses heading to work. She worked for a Canadian company called Lewiscraft, which has since gone out of business. She had been knitting, on circular needled no less, and was told to put her knitting away or get off the bus. This is a long trip to downtown Edmonton and then a transfer to a bus to take her Sherwood Park which is a suburb of the Greater Edmonton region. She didn’t understand why the request as this was at 6:00 am and maybe 6 or 7 people on the bus with the capacity of 45 people. We spoke with Edmonton Transit and they have no such police. The driver said that this was now policy. I take my knitting everywhere on the bus and have never had a problem with the drivers.

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