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  • Free pattern: Lovely Knitted Ladybird

    Posted by Deadly Knitshade on July 22, 2007

    Some of you may have seen the ladybirds I was knitting at the Stitch & Bitch London Knit Crawl and at some of the meetings.

    Well here is the pattern I have written. It’s Ladybird armythe first one I’ve done, so I hope it makes sense. Anyway, it’s pretty simple….

    You’ll need:
    2.5mm needles
    Red and black DK yarn (doesn’t have to be anything fancy)
    Darning needle


    K = knit
    P = purl
    M1 = make one
    K2tog = knit two together



    Cast on 3 stitches

    Row 1: starting with red yarn, purl 3

    Row 2: k1, m1, k1, m1, k1 = 5 stitches (RS)

    Row 3: purl 5 (WS)

    Row 4: k1, m1 alternately until you have 9 stitches

    Row 5: purl 9

    Row 6: k1, m1 alternately until you have 17 stitches

    Row 7: purl 17

    Row 8: k1, m1, k15, m1, k1 = 19 stitches

    Row9: purl 19 stitches

    Row 10: k1, m1, k15, m1, k1 = 21 stitches

    Row 11: p21

    Rows 12 to 28 St st

    Row 29: k1, k2tog, k15, k2tog, k1 = 19 stitches

    Row 30: p19

    Row 31: k1, k2tog, k13, k2tog, k1 = 17 stitches

    Row 32: p17

    Row 33: change to black yarn, k1, k2tog, k11, k2tog, k1

    Row 34: p15

    Row 35: k1, k2tog, k9, k2tog, k1 = 13 stitches

    Row 36: p13

    Row 37: k1, k2tog, k7, k2tog, k1 = 11 stitches

    Row 38: p11

    Row 39: k1, k2tog, k5, k2tog, k1 = 9 stitches

    Row 40: p9

    Row 41: k1, k2tog, k3, k2tog, k1 = 7 stitches

    Row 42: k1, k2tog, k1, k2tog, k1 = 5 stitches

    Row 43: Cast off purl wise

    This gives you the top of the ladybird.

    Underneath side:

    Cast on 6 stitches

    Row 1: Purl (WS)

    Row 2: k1, m1, k4, m1, k1 = 8 stitches (RS)

    Row 3: p8

    Row 4: k1, m1, k6, m1, k1 = 10 stitches

    Row 5: p10

    Row 6: increase as above = 12 stitches

    Row 7: p12

    Row 8: increase as above = 14 stitches

    Row 9: p14

    Rows 10-13: St st

    Row 14: Increase as above = 16

    Rows 15-20: St st starting with purl row

    Row 21: p1, p2tog, p12, p2tog, p1 = 14 stitches

    Row 22: decrease as above knitwise = 12 stitches

    Row 23: p12

    Row 24: decrease as above knitwise = 10 stitches

    Row 25: decrease as above purlwise = 8 stitches

    Ladybird family

    Row 26: decrease as above knitwise = 6 stitches

    Row 27: p6

    Row 28: K2, k2tog, k2

    Row 29: p5

    Row 30: k5

    Row 31: p2tog, p2, p2tog = 3 stitches

    Cast off

    Using the black yarn, make the ladybird pattern on the top side of the ladybird (a black line through the middle and black dots as picture)

    Now, holding the two pieces against one another (RS facing one another), sew together, three quarters of the way around the perimeter, turn the right way out and stuff the ladybird. Then sew up the remainder of the seam.

    You now have your very own knitted ladybird!

    You can also sew a broach pin to the back, so that it can be pinned to your favourite bag or cardigan.

    You can see more pictures here. Happy knitting!

    25 Responses to “Free pattern: Lovely Knitted Ladybird”

    1. emmms said

      A whole army of ladybirds! They look awesome — congratulations! Ooh… now I want to make a long black-and-red scarf and adorn it with knitted ladybirds.

    2. Stephanie said

      ooh exciting, thank you for sharing!

    3. Idetrorce said

      very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

    4. Idy Kiser said

      I love this little lady bug. Can you tell me the size? I am searching for a pattern for lady bugs for my 86 year old mother to knit.
      Thanks, Idy

    5. Linda Milo said

      Very cuuute…. I want to show this ladybug pic for my auntie… She’s been looking for this pattern… Tq for sharing

    6. Judy J said

      I’m puzzling over the sewing up. A photo of the underside would be a great help! he I could finish my first ladybird and use it to decorate my green tea cosy…

    7. Cristin mc intyre said

      What does the ‘m’ mean?


    8. Sammie said

      Very nice pattern. I just made one this lunchtime, to give to a one year old for his birthday. thank-you.

    9. Annie van Schooneveld said

      Hi Ladies, thank you for the lovely ladybird knitting pattern.

      I work at the British School in Amsterdam as administrator.

      Last school year I taught around 25 7/8 year olds to knit and we decided to yarnbomb a tree in the playground with the work they did. It was an amazing success and the Infant school head teacher has asked me to do the same at their school. I have made some bumble bees and a few birds and am now going to make some ladybirds for the tree using this great pattern.

      I have already got a waiting list of children (including boys) for this coming school year and it is so much fun!!! They are so eager to learn. By the way, my club is called the “Knit and Natter Club”!!!

    10. Emily said

      This is so awesome! They’re adorable! ^_^ but you made a few boo-boos, I think. :D

    11. Pat said

      Thank you so much my grandaughter is mad about ladybirds, and she just loves these,

      thank you again Pat x


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    13. Ver mujeres…

      […]Free pattern: Lovely Knitted Ladybird « Stitch London Blog[…]…

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    17. Ladybird said

      My name is Ladybird for girl guide leader for Rainbows.. I shall knit a few for our circle time mat. We all have woodland animal or insect names. I love being ladybird as you can find so many things with them on.

    18. I am not sure how to sew it up the ladybug. Would u show me or put some pic’s here so I can see, thanks!!!

    19. Is the underside knitted completely in red?

    20. Charity said

      How do you make bigger ones? What would you change in the pattern? Or could I just use bigger needles?

    21. Hello, just wanted to mention, I liked this post. It was inspiring.
      Keep on posting!

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    23. eileen twinn said

      thank you so much for this easy to knit ladybird, i made one on a larger scale for my maine coon cats, it turned out brilliant

    24. Hazel said

      Thank you for the free pattern of the ladybirds, I knitted them for the hospice shop window they were having a display of ladybird books they look great. Hazel

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