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  • Stitch and Secret Santa Shenanigans

    Posted by knittingninja on October 20, 2007

    We’re counting down the days til Christmas at S&B London and of course our Christmas Party on 6th December (venue TBA very soon).

    This year the Stitchettes are inviting you to join the S&B London Secret Santa Shenanigans.To take part all you need to do is knit or crochet a little goodie to the approximate value of £5 and bring it along on the night. Don’t worry knitters, it doesn’t have to be a work of art and we wouldn’t expect it to be for £5!

    If you bring along a knitted gift, you will get to fish one out of the Secret Santa Sack of Yarny Wonders. The draw is completely anonymous and you’re not knitting for a specific person. Don’t worry if you’re a newbie knitter, you could knit a square, sew it up and turn it into a finger warmer! Anything goes!

    Bring your knitted gift along to the Christmas Party on the 6th of December (put it in your diaries and prepare for a hangover the next day), and prepare to be merry. Let’s make it a Christmas Party to remember knitters. So, what are you waiting for? Start your Christmas Stitching!

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