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S&B London Knit Crawl Sit-upon Pattern

Posted by laurapurlprincess on May 19, 2008

As International Knit in Public Day beckons on Saturday 14th June, S&B London prepares to embark upon it’s second annual London Knit Crawl. You are all invited to join us in bring knitting proudly to the streets of London. Check out last year’s Knit Crawl from our blog entries in June 2007 for a taster of what’s to come.

Details of this year’s crawl will be released soon – keep your eyes on the newsletter and this blog for them. But for now we would like to set you a challenge. We all had a fab time on last year’s crawl, but the day took it’s toll on our bums as they sat on London monuments, concreate and grass all day long. So this year, to keep you comfy we are asking you to knit along with us and create your own Sit-upon.

The pattern, designed by Steph Fairless of, is a carry-along cushion, one side knitted to your own design and the other made from any waterproof fabric. It cleverly doubles up as a bag for your project too.

Here’s how it works (expertly demonstrated by Purl Princess):

1) Turn up to the Knit crawl with your finished Sit-upon and look for a fine place to sit.

2) Once you’ve found your spot, don’t forget to take your project out of your bag first

3) Now plonk yourself down and enjoy a spot of well-earned knitting time. You bum with thoroughly enjoy the Sit-upon’s added comfort.

4) When it’s time for the Knit Crawl to move on simply grab your cushion and give the PVC waterproof underside a good brush down.

5) And you’re ready to continue on with the rest of S&B London, as we roll on to the next location to show London what we’re all about!

Once you’ve finished we’d love to see your take on the Sit-upon, so send us an email with some pictures of it or bring it along to the group and we’ll feature your design in our newsletter or on this blog.

We’d love you to join in and knit with us, so here’s the pattern:


This pattern is only to be used as a guide and inspiration to create your very own Sit-upon for the Stitch & Bitch Knit Crawl.

Be as creative as you like!

Send us a picture of your finished Sit-upon or bring it to the group, we will feature your design on our blog or in the newsletter.


  • Yarn of choice
  • Knitting needles to match gauge of yarn
  • Cushion – buy one from Primark/cheap shop or fill your Sit-upon with soft cushion filling/stuffing. (Rough size = approximately 37cm x 37cm (15″ x 15″))
  • PVC/ waterproof backing
  • Plastic bag to cover cushion (optional)

1. Measure up your cushion (or choose a suitable size to sit on) so you know how big to make your knitted square, and for cutting the PVC fabric. (Rough size = approximately 37cm x 37cm (15″ x 15″))

2. Knit a square to the size you want your cushion.

If you are using a pre-made cushion:

  • Make a tension square so you can work out how many stitches to the centimeter you need (unless you are a good guesser!).

3. Make a handle to your required length and width (rough size = approximately 60cm). The handle on the cushion shown is 41cm (16″) long and 4cm (1.5″ wide). Don’t make it too long as it will stretch. You can either do one handle or two.

4. Any extra embellishments to the cushion before sewing up. Add sequins, tassels, embroidery, buttons, or an appliqué, but remember that you’re going to be sitting on it, so nothing too pokey!

Making up

1. Cover your cushion with a plastic bag in case it gets wet (optional).

2. Pin and sew the handle to knitted square.

3. Put PVC and knitted fabrics right-side facing each other and sew round 3 edges.

4. Insert a zip if you wish to use the Sit-upon as a project bag also.

5. Turn inside out so correct sides are now facing outwards. Insert your cushion or stuffing.

6. Sew last edge (if you’re not using a zip).

Places to buy your materials

  • John Lewis, they will have most of what you need and a good range of PVC fabrics.
  • Your local haberdashery and fabric shop.
  • EBay, find wonderful fabrics and yarns online.
  • If you want to be extra special there is a double knit pure wool yarn which is Teflon treated to make it water and snow resistant. Dalegarn Hauk. It is available through
  • For super cool embellishments and trims, try

Happy Knitting!

Cushion featured designed by Laura ‘Purl Princess’ Parkinson


9 Responses to “S&B London Knit Crawl Sit-upon Pattern”

  1. Knit Nurse said

    Very freakin cool!!!

  2. Knitting Ninja said

    I am currently knitting mine. It is a patch of turf on one side and strawberries on th other. It’s taking a while to knit, but will be very comfy! 🙂

  3. emsirknittsalot said

    wowzers, thats one cool looking item youve got yourself there, will be putting it on my to do list of upcoming projects!! well done, keep up the good work! (ill be knitting in tokyo in public on the day so ill be with you in spirit!!)

  4. […] to get a decent lenght to the front of my Vogue #19 lace top and am planning on making one of these while we’re still meeting outside in the summer […]

  5. ScottieDog said

    I love this! The knitting and colours suits any age or bodyshape and looks fantastic on her. The slick pvc underside and the “icecream” knit sets it off perfectly.

  6. ScottieDog said

    Love her look too!

  7. Gr8 work!

  8. I have trying to make knitting a bag, but i failed , how can make, these are very colorful….very matching

  9. brainwaves said


    […]S&B London Knit Crawl Sit-upon Pattern « Stitch London Blog[…]…

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