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  • The Australian Bushfires: How knitters can help those Down Under

    Posted by Deadly Knitshade on February 15, 2009

    Everyone is aware of the awful bushfires that are still being fought in the Victoria area of Australia. Two of our lovely S&B Londoners on Raverly have passed on a couple of ways us knitters can help.

    Belsize Square – a Melbourne craft and fabrics store, is asking for donations of handmade gifts to pass on to those who have lost family heirlooms in the fires. To help them start a new family history. A lovely idea. All details of where to send are on their website.

    Serendipty’s Bushfire Appeal – the lovely Serendipty is running a donation raffle on her blog. Not that you need a good reason to donate to the Red Cross, but as an added bonus you may win some wonderful woolly prizes for AUD$10 donation. See the blog page for more details.

    Our thoughts are with all those Down Under.

    One Response to “The Australian Bushfires: How knitters can help those Down Under”

    1. […] Cross are accepting donation for the Victorian bushfire appeal. There are a number of ways that the knitting community are contributing to the […]

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