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  • Knit Me: S&B London help turn Trafalgar Square knitty and arty

    Posted by laurapurlprincess on March 15, 2009

    As you know, we love a bit of public knitting at S&B London, and so, when final year design student, Kat, let us know about a collaborative knitting piece she was creating for her degree show called Knit Me, we jumped at the chance to lend our sticks and strings to the task.

    We arrived at noon to find a group of knitters already gathered around a huge circular needle, on to which Kat had cast on and knit a jumbo yarn, made from cut up jersey fabric.  The stitches were still live and we were asked to pick up and knit from the central piece using any yarn, needles and colour combos we desired.

    Knit Me was designed to allow the knitters working from the central piece to let their creativity and stitching skills run wild, unrestrained by instruction or pattern. And the S&B London members certainly let rip.

    Some pieces resembled steam roller-crushed muppets and famous skyscrapers, some incorporated both knitting and crochet and others were knit across to join other knitters’ pieces, creating something continually new.

    A fabulous day was had by all and the Kurdish New Year celebrations that went on in the square around us provided us with lots of interest from passers-by, as well as a banging soundtrack to bop along to.

    Pop along to our Flickr page to see more photos and to Kat’s blog for continued updates on the project.

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