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  • Goodbye Purl Princess

    Posted by Deadly Knitshade on July 6, 2009

    Laura “Purl Princess” leaves Stitch and Bitch London’s Stitchettes to go off into the world and do other lovely things.

    We take a look back at her fabulous wool-flavoured S&B London career.

    Laura was one of the founding members of S&B London back in December 2005. Her vision was to pass on the love of the Knit to as many people as she could.

    S&B London Founders stitching
    S&B London Founders stitching in Time Out

    As S&B London got bigger we needed more help. Laura made sure every Stitchette felt like part of the team.

    The first team of Stitchettes

    The first team of Stitchettes

    More Stitchettes

    Another batch of Stitchettes

    Even more Stitchettes

    Even more Stitchettes

    During her time Laura has taught so many people to knit we have lost count.

    Passing on the knit

    Passing on the knit

    Laura has knit EVERYWHERE.

    Shes knit all over the city

    She's knit all over the city

    She’s met a few of her knitting idols, and snagged her own column in Knitting magazine where she’s a Purl About Town.

    Were not worthy!

    Debbie Stoller! Were not worthy!

    She’s knit for charity and given a huuuuuuuge amount of time to organising some amazing London Knits. The London Lion Scarf have taken much longer without all her stitching and sewing.

    Laura and the London Lion Scarf

    Laura and the London Lion Scarf

    One of those moments

    One of those moments

    She’s spoken to a whole load of journalists to pass on the knitty word, and has been in front of the camera with her knitting tons of times.

    Papped Purl P

    Papped Purl P

    She managed to balance her crazy knitting life and snagging herself a man who eventually married her. The bridesmaids bouquets were all knitted.

    Purl P bags herself a man

    Purl P bags herself a man

    She’s knit a whole lotta stuff from tiny jumpers, to tashes, to blanket squares. A self-confessed selfish knitter, she’s churned out some glorious garments for other people too.

    And she’s eaten cake the whooooooooooole time.

    Cake face

    Cake face

    We take our knitted hats off to a phenomenal Stitchette who was never too tired to teach, proudly practised some expert bitching along with her stitching, never shrank from a knitting challenge, and always shared her cake. We’re sorry to lose her from the Stitchette army, and wish her the best of luck in all her future endeavours, woolly or otherwise. It’s been wicked, chick. You’re welcome back anytime. xx

    8 Responses to “Goodbye Purl Princess”

    1. DERRY said

      I love to how she knitted all the time.I saw myself to her.I DO knit since I was 9 years old.:)Congratilations for everything speacially for the knitted dress you made.So cute…

    2. tina b said

      what you did was phenomenal and dont you forget it lady. you helped create a place and a group that we now call home

      it’s not going to be the same

    3. thefastener said

      ahhh im so sad to hear the news, you will be sorely missed… you’re an inspiration to all us knitters, and what an amazing feat you guys made in establishing and keeping up such a wonderful group for all this time… really amazing and so generous with your time. Whatever you choose to take over your time that you spent helping snb will im sure succeed and hopefully be as successfull as snb london has become… i just wish i could come to more sessions! Well done :)

    4. Linda Laidlaw said

      Thanks for all you have done to make this group such an enormous sucsess.

    5. Gillian said

      Heck! Our loss, the next cause’s gain (love to hear what that’s going to be). Thank you for all your sterling work so that I (and all those others who troop to S&B) can have a fabulous time with other knitters. What luck London knitters had in having you for so long. Au revoir (and see you at a S&B meeting sometime).

    6. fingersandtoes said

      What they all said!

    7. Nathalie said

      That picture where Mr. Princess is trying to knit is hilarity itself :)

      Thanks for all your hard work Laura! See you at a meeting soon :)

    8. Purl Princess said

      Thanks for all your kind comments and for the lovely write up Stitchettes.

      It is sad to be leaving the glory of the Stitchette’s but there’s lots of fun things coming up in the future that I’ll be keeping you all in the loop about.

      Thanks again for your friendships – I couldn’t have done it for all these years without you and I look forward to being part of the group in a different way now. It’s so exciting finding out the venues and events each week!

      See you all at a meeting soon (I’ll be at the National this week)


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