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Knitted dinosaur attack!

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on July 19, 2009

Matthew Robins, an all-round arty fella, needs you and your amigurumi skills!

As part of the Watch This Space season at the National Theatre, Matthew Robins is putting on a show called Walter Knitty about a man who wakes up to find the eggs he has been laying have hatched into woolly dinosaurs.

There are many eggs to hatch, so Matthew needs a lot of dinosaurs for the show.
If you want to help him, you need to take your dinosaur(s), knitted or crocheted, to the National Theatre on Saturday 15 August before 10pm. There’s even be a bit of a competition for the best one!
Matthew would like dino progress pics if you have them too.

You can find details of Matthew’s other work at, and details of the Watch This Space season on the website.

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