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  • Stitch and Bits of Bodies: our knit at the Hunterian Museum

    Posted by Deadly Knitshade on November 5, 2009

    MWA HA HAHAHAHAHA HAAAAAAAAAAA! Stitch and Bitch London were lucky enough to drag our members down to the seriously spooky Hunterian Museum this Halloween. A heart-stoppingly fabulous time was had by all. For those who couldn’t make it here’s a quick look at knitting amongst bones and body parts.

    Four Spooky Stitchettes (Marion, Emmy and Gerty, Lauren)

    Zombie Gerty tries her luck with Mr Robothead

    Knit at the Museum

    A knitting devil

    Wednesday Marion teaches some knitting newbies

    Cowboy Stephanie who made it alllll possible. Yeeha!

    Stitch and witch

    Stitch and bones

    Stitch and specs

    Marion has stitching in her bones

    Zombie Stitchette fight!

    Zombie Lauren wins the crafty carrion

    After being turned down by Mr Robothead our Zombie Gerty finds love at last

    Hoards of undead thanks to Stephanie and Jane at the Hunterian for letting zombie knitters take over their fantasticly creepy cave of wonders.

    And thanks to all you shuffling knitting zombies who joined us. :)

    The Stitchettes x

    PS Go and visit the Hunterian Museum! It’s amazing.

    2 Responses to “Stitch and Bits of Bodies: our knit at the Hunterian Museum”

    1. This is the best Stitch and Bitch location I have EVER seen. What a marvelous place for a zombified knit fest! I am a bit worried about Gertrude’s gushing head wound…Hope she is going to be well for your next S&B session!

    2. eric said

      love this blog!! :D haahaha

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