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Treasure Trove: An S&B Londoner’s tale on why we chose this charity

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on December 4, 2009

This year the S&B London Christmas Party Yarnorama is raising money for the Treasure Trove charity.

Treasure Trove is a week-long residential project held once a year for 40 or so young people. The young people may or may not have physical disabilities and are aged between 16 and 25 years.

It’s a charity that S&B Londoner Emma Toft helps out with each year. After hearing her tales of Treasure Trove at an S&B meeting we wanted to do something to help them out. Here’s Emma’s experience with Treasure Trove so you can see why this charity is so worthy of our support:

The Treasure Trove gang

I stumbled upon Treasure Trove through a friend of a friend. She beamed when she told me about this fab charity that she used to go to as a member when she was younger. Working in the film industry where money and time is everything, I was desperate and looking to ‘help’ a charity in some way and so asked if I could help Treasure Trove in any way.

I now help organise and run the arts and crafts group, where the members can have a go at a variety of mediums to express themselves – things most of them have never and may never have the chance to try. Members choose to participate in Drama (where a show is created within the week and shown to family and friends on the Friday), Photography (where they complete a qualification in photography and catalogue the week’s goings on through photos ) and Arts and crafts (everything we make is sold on the Friday to help fund next year’s week). These groups are then run in the mornings and various trips out are run in the afternoons.

With no TVs and terrible mobile reception (!), everyone bonds and becomes a family away from home. This probably just sounds like a ‘jolly’ to you or I, but the members themselves come from a vast array of backgrounds. We include everyone, both with and without physical disabilities in all of the activities, and work the program around this ethic. Many of the members lives are changed through this amazing week each year, and many of them don’t get a holiday away from carers/family without it.

Unfortunately as this is a charity, we are constantly in need of money to ensure that our members are able to come and enjoy this rare environment. By buying a raffle ticket or four at the S&B London Christmas Party Yarnorama you are really helping to ensure that we can continue and enrich young peoples lives.

The 'At Home' show

I jumped in headfirst that first year, having never even met a disabled person and not really thinking much about it. At the end of the Friday show (the ‘At Home’) I told one of the other staff that I wanted to say something to everyone at the end, as I was so overwhelmed by my experience.

I stood up after seeing some of the members sing and perform scenes which the whole of Treasure Trove were truly proud of. I started “I have never seen so much…”, being the emotional wreck that I am, I couldn’t hold back the tears and sobbed my way though “…so much love and caring as I have this week”.
That was five years ago and needless to say I have never lived that moment down, but I meant what I said and that week cemented Treasure Trove in my life and I can never imagine missing it.

Thank you so much for your help.


Treasure Trove is a Registered Charity No. 1065582

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