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Swapping Yarn and giving for Haiti and MSF

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on February 7, 2010

Here at S&B London we love a bit of giving. Most knitters do. We also love a bit of getting. Who doesn’t? So when we saw the images of the how mother nature had given Haiti a good shaking we were damned sure we wanted to do something to help.

Couple the desire to pass on some pennies with the fact that many of us are up to our ears in unwanted yarn and the solution seemed obvious: an S&B Yarn Swap for Medicins Sans Frontieres. Pennies and pounds for those working hard to save and improve lives, a bit of space in the stash for our generous S&B Londoners and an excuse to oooo and ahhh over lovely yarn in a cosy London pub.

Swap me! Swap me!

Here was the deal: folks brought their unwanted yarn along, they swapped it, sometimes they got yarn in return, mostly they just got rid of yarn burning valuable space in their stash, each person getting yarn gave a donation to MSF instead of the yarngiver. Yarngivers went home with a warm fuzzy feeling and space for more yarn. Yarngetters went home with bargain yarn and a warm fuzzy feeling too. Both sides helping MSF out of the goodness of their knitting hearts. Yay!

The scene was set at the Stamford Arms as we filled the room to capacity with knitting lovelies.

We were also joined by the lovely Clare from Pennies Per Hour of Pleasure or P/Hop. A charity raising money for Medicins Sans Frontieres by selling knitting patterns for donations.

We taught.

A few purling pointers

A whole lot of casting on going on

We learned.

Hardcore learners: seating grew scarce so some learned standing up

First steps in stitchiness

We knit.

Concentrated stitching

Knit and crochet friends?! Unheard of!

We fought for yarn at the Yarn Swap Yarn Bar.

Oooooooo yarrrrrrrrrrrrrn!

Yarn flew, hair was pulled (not really) and the rehoming of many unwanted skeins took place.

A fantastic £205.36 pence was raised in all from the Yarn Swap.

Woolly wonder Jenny Willett also raffled off a rather fine knitted blanket she’d stitched up from her unwanted yarn. She raised a further £145 all on her own.

Blankety fabulousness

The Stamford Arms were slightly bewildered by the number of fabulous fibre flingers stitching up a storm in their upstairs bar but by the end of it they’d donated some money of their own to the cause too.

You can see P-Hop’s take on the evening here and find their fabulous P-Hop patterns for fundraising here.

London, we love you for being so utterly generous and so utterly nuts about yarn. The folks at MSF have passed on a HUGE thanks to all those who took part too.



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