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Sayōnara Knitting Ninja

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on February 12, 2010

Stitch and Sayōnara Knitting Ninja

S&B London sighs a sigh as a member of its first band of bright eyed and bushy tailed Stitchettes, Joelle ‘Knitting Ninja’ Finck, leaves teaching the knit to continue on her mission to teach English as a second language.

Joelle and the first wave of sassy Stitchettes

Over the years Joelle has been a stitching stalwart. She has taught literally hundreds of new knitters all over London from the shadow of the London Eye to the more familiar Royal Festival Hall to the echoey Turbine Hall of the Tate.

The Stitchettes and Ms Stoller

She’s sewed together more blanket squares and knitted bits than most of us will see in a lifetime, and was one of the Lion Ladies who helped wrap the Trafalgar Square lions in 550ft of knitted loving back in 2007.

Covered in Lion Scarf

One very very pink Breast Cancer Care Blanket

She’s taken part in almost every major S&B London event so far Racing for Life, knitting for charity and purling for pennies.

Joelle and the Race for Life team after racing and celebration cake

Ahead of the cute and fluffy game when it comes to the Far East, she also happily dragged most of us into the world of overwhelmingly cute amigurumi before any of us even knew what it was. She was an S&B ambassador who took word of our woolly works all the way to Japan, where she stitched and bitched in Tokyo.

Last year she also appeared on BBC News to spread the knitting love at 7am,  then spent a full day Knit Crawling across London in a knitted moustache to raise money for Prostate Cancer teaching all the way.  Dedication to the love of the knit few can claim to have outdone.

All Knit Crawled out

Joelle contributed some giggle-soaked articles and perfectly purled patterns to the S&B London blog in her Stitchette time. Her Knitted Ladybird has been spotted snacking on woolly leaves all over the place, she designed a cosy chemo cap for last year’s Race for Life, and her Stitched Starfish still finds its way onto people’s needles today.

She also created possibly the most beautiful Sit-Upon ever to be witnessed in knitting history.

A thing of stitching Sit-Upon beauty

It is only fair to say that without her calming influence there are fears that our stitching sanity is possibly slightly at risk.

Always the first to leap to the rescue of a dropped stitch, an endlessly patient teacher, an incredibly creative sneaky stitcher, and someone who volunteered for everything; Joelle will be greatly missed as part of the Stitchette team.

The Knitting Ninja

Sayōnara , Knitting Ninja, and ganbatte ne xxx


2 Responses to “Sayōnara Knitting Ninja”

  1. Sorry to see you go but what a wonderful oppotunity for you. Have a great time meeting new friends while working and enjoy a different life style. Best wishes Margaret x

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