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HEEEEEELP!?!? Knitting help the virtual way

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on February 17, 2010

Taking those first steps into the world of craft can be mighty scary. Do not fear newbies! Help is only a click away. We give you the 10 best places on the web to learn to knit and crochet!

Giant needle grouches?

Giant needle grouches?

1. You Tube

Nope, it’s not all kids trying to be Johnny Knoxville and undertaking absurdly dangerous stunts on their skateboards. Nor is it only a place to watch top politicians cock up in an unimaginable way over and over again. You Tube is a knitting tutorial goldmine. Just do a Google search for videos and you’ll see what we mean. Or you can just search the word knit in You Tube’s own search engine… It truly is a godsend!!

You Tube is also great for crocheting video tutorials. Check out our Google search and You Tube search.

Fantastic diagrams and clear instructions, learn2knit provide tutorials on not only the basics, such as casting on, knit and purl, but also cables, lace knitting and colourwork.

And for you happy hookers: they have crochet pages too!!

Too many categories to mention on this one, but it gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make many basic patterns, linking to other articles where necessary. And because it’s a wiki, you can help by contributing and editing articles.

Techniques with Theresa is the feature you need to look out for. Here, you can learn the basics, plus how to fix mistakes, how to pick up stitches and how to graft stitches. Clear instructions and photographs to illustrate the techniques.


WIP gone horribly wrong?


For detailed, well illustrated step-by-step guides, try It is a bit advertisement-heavy, but well worth looking at. They too have crochet pages.

Videos for everything. Ever. We heart this website. Go there and run about in virtual awe

For things that are a bit more advanced. If you’re stuck for the more technical side of things go here and breathe a sigh of relief.

Every one who wields the sticks and string loves a bit of Knitty. Not only do they shove pattern fabulousness in your face for free, they also have a list of standard knitting abbreviations. Most useful.

You could ask our very own Gertrude Woolsworthy, the internet’s only giant pink ball of yarn agony aunt. She might be slightly insulting about it but sometimes knitters need a bit of tough love.

Ravelry is where knitting lives online. In the simplest terms it is Facebook for knitters. To anyone who is a Ravelry member it’s soooo much more. Organise your stash and needles, find free patterns, join groups, ask real knitters for help, see how other people got on with the patterns you’re about the try out. The list is endless. We’ve also got our own home on there at the Stitch and London message board. Join us. We have virtual cake.



One Response to “HEEEEEELP!?!? Knitting help the virtual way”

  1. […] – you may find some useful information on wrapping stitches in the sites listed in our guide to Knitting Help on the Net […]

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