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Yarn + science = excellent

Posted by steelanddough on April 15, 2010

We’re pretty sure that by now you are totally convinced that science is totally cool…and if you’re not, have you not seen The Wonders of the Solar System presented by Prof Brian Cox? *swoons*

So with your (maybe not so) new love of all things science, you’re going to want to test out our chemical equation:

yarn + science = excellent

Let Stitch London take you on a whistle-stop tour of all things knitty and science-themed.


There are almost too many biology-themed patterns to mention. But here are our favourites.

Looking a little cut up

Feel morally against dissecting animals? Never fear: you can still learn all about the internal organs of amphibians and mammals using these fantastic patterns: Frog and Lab Rat.

Want to know more about the heart? Why, here’s the pattern for you: Heart.

Have ambitions that the fruits of your loins become geneticists? Then you need Baby’s First DNA Model.

Just an adult science lover who wants to wear it loud and proud? Chromosome Hat and DNA Tank Top are the ones for you.


Me me me meeeeeeeee!

Ah chemistry: the one with the explosions, irritants, bad smells and Bunsen burners.

Wear your favourite molecule on any of your knitted items using ChemKnits’s Molecule Knitting charts. Personal favourite? Capsaicin (Eh? It’s the active component of chilli peppers.)

No chemistry lab would be complete without Earl Lenmeyer the Flask. Cute, and practical (right?!)


Alan Titchmarsh eat your heart out

Physics isn’t as well represented, but nevertheless I found these.

Need a physics mascot? Make yourself a knitted Albert Einstein.

And if you’d like your little nipper to grow up to be just like Prof Brian Cox, then this will send him/her well on their way: Out Of This World! Solar system jumper.

So as you can see yarn + science = excellent QED!


One Response to “Yarn + science = excellent”

  1. chemistknitter said

    Have you seen Becky Stern’s atomic spectra scarves!

    They’re amazing! Chemistry/Physics-y goodness.

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