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  • Knit at the Museum: All Stitched Up at the Hunterian

    Posted by Deadly Knitshade on May 20, 2010

    Stitching comes in many forms from the crafty to the medical and they’re not as far apart as you think.

    To prove that crafters could get their surgical suturing on Stitch London teamed up with the surgical sorts at the Hunterian Museum to see if folks were up for knitting and stitching amongst the bottled bodies and bones.

    It turned out that they were, and they arrived in their hundreds to do so.

    Here’s a peek at the All Stitched Up at the Hunterian, a proper Knit at the Museum if ever there was one.

    Stitchers, specimens, what's not to like?

    Bottled specimens watch stitchers stitch

    A lesson in knit

    Knitting: because you're worth it


    Jar of amadillo entrails while you knit, folks?

    Ignore the floating spinal column and carry on stitching

    Deadly Knitshade meets 'the wound'

    Several Grey's Aknitomy jokes were made during this bad stitching

    The Fibre Flinger looks much more medically capable

    The Bluestocking Suturer

    The Fastener turns Florence

    I suspect there will be some scarring...

    Spot the Gerty. Go on.

    Gerty tries it on with the museum's founder. She has no shame.

    It was possibly the most fun you can have in a room full of bits of people’s innards and various floating deceased animals. The Hunterian is a fascinating, fun and rather icky in a good way.

    Thanks to the folks at the Hunterian for inviting us along. Also a HUGE thanks to all the Stitch Londoners who helped us teach the knitting masses.

    We’re hoping to go back to the Hunterian again if you missed out. Gerty is pining for her new found friend already. So if you missed out we’ll stitch there again.

    (Sign up to the newsletter to keep an eye on other fabulous fibre-based events. Not all will be as creepy but they’ll all be just as insane. We promise).

    3 Responses to “Knit at the Museum: All Stitched Up at the Hunterian”

    1. Rachel A said

      Such a great evening! Thanks so much to everyone involved in organising such a splendid evening and to the surgeons for the fab suturing classes

    2. thepurplepurler said

      That is a hideous picture of me! ARGH!

    3. […] Here’s Lauren’s review of the event, and here’s one from someone who tried all the different workshops. I only signed up for one, and made a sewn collage card, which I didn’t finish because it wasn’t very good; it was full of holes where I’d poked the needle through the card in the wrong place and really wasn’t as neat as I’d have liked. I did enjoy making it, though, and it’s something I would definitely do again. (It’s not a leaf, it’s a moth that looks like a leaf.) […]

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