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  • Exclusive event: The Tiny Perching Pigeon Party

    Posted by Deadly Knitshade on June 5, 2010

    Stand by for a huge helping of squeeeeeeeeeeeee! Stitch London are all kinds of excited to be welcoming one of our favourite inspiring stitchers to the UK this month and to celebrate she’s designed a pattern just for us.

    Ladies and gentleman, raise your magnifying glasses to spy the tiny, the teeny, the cute enough to make you implode Tiny Perching Pigeon!

    This small and perfectly formed feathered fibre fellow is the latest work of Anna Hrachovec of Mochimochi Land, a Brooklyn-based knitter with a penchant for the tiny, the fantastically cute and the kooky.

    To celebrate her and her tiny knits arriving in the UK she’s conjured up the Tiny Perching Pigeon pattern for you lovely Stitch Londoners to cast on and create.

    EXCLUSIVE EVENT: The Tiny Perching Pigeon Party

    Anna will join us for our Stitch London meeting on the 21st of June for cake, sunshine (hopefully) and a bit of parkside pigeon stitching.
    We’ll flock to Trafalgar Square with our purled pigeons for a Tiny Perching Pigeon Party.
    We’ll place the pigeons in the shadow of those lovely lions and replace the sadly departed real life pigeons with a tiny knitted flock of our own. Putting pigeons back where they belong with a bit of proud purling.
    1. Knit your Tiny Perching Pigeon at home or on the day
    2. Bring him/her along to our meeting on the 21st
    3. Join us on our expedition to return pigeon life to Trafalgar Square
    4. Place your pigeon
    5. Get snapping pigeon pictures

    Meeting details:
    MONDAY 21st June

    Time: From 6pm
    Venue: St. James’ Park  On the grass by the café called ‘Inn the Park’ (or inside if it’s raining)
    SW1A 2BJ

    Map More info

    Feel free to try to make your pigeon slightly manky to be London authentic. It won’t work. Your pigeon will be cute no matter what. Cuteness abounds! Yay!

    Keep your peepers peeled for an exclusive interview with Mochimochi Anna in our next newsletter to discover the story behind her tiny knitted genius.

    For details of more events like this and global knits you can take part in where ever you are join our Stitch London newsletter.

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