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Stitch London Knit Crawl 2010: in pictures

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on June 18, 2010

Worldwide Knit in Public Day is a bigun for the Stitch London woolly Godzilla. It wants to get out there and stomp its yarny footprint all over London and this year we let it lose in London’s lovely museum district.

Nearly 100 of you knit your handmade socks off amongst the bones, birds and beasts at the Natural History Museum, in the cool poolside peace of the V&A, to the sundrenched symphony of the Albert Memorial and in the Neverneverland Neighbourhood of Kensington Garden’s Peter Pan statue.

We met with naked cyclists (MY EYES!), knitted dinosaurs, a chunky crochet frog who found a good home, a fibre-finding hound who was exhausted by all the adoration, far too much cake (no shock there) and all manner of gawping passers by.

There be dinosaurs nearby...

A raffle prize Derek the Sheep by Gary Northfield knits for a dinosaur

The cool climes of the heart of the V&A

Lucky winner of Sarah McIntyre's knitting Vern the Sheep print

I can't help but notice you're knitting

Recovering from Naked Bike Ride viewing at the Albert Memorial

Knit one, eat one

Last knitting stop Neverneverland

Why the long face? We brought cake!

Peter Pan observes the purling from his plinth

Prick Your Finger's crochet frog pretends to be a crocodile

The Knit Crawl winds to a close and many of us are dog tired

Celebration cider for a Knit Crawl well stitched

Just one more row...

The Knit Crawl raised a whopping £300 for the Brains Trust and left a huge woolly footprint on London for 2010. Thanks to all of those who donated prizes and everyone who took part in the public purling.

Same time next year. Who knows where we’ll be…


3 Responses to “Stitch London Knit Crawl 2010: in pictures”

  1. Littlecloud said

    God, I wish I could have made it along. These pictures are beautiful.

  2. Oh how wonderful. Wish I could have been there.

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