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  • Stitch London Race for Life (and cake) 2010

    Posted by Deadly Knitshade on June 18, 2010

    A warm yarny-scented hug to Team Stitch London for purling and pacing an impressive 5km at the Race for Life last Sunday. Congrats too to Tina B for finishing her Race in red tutu style.

    Here’s our Race for Life 2010 in glorious technicolour…

    Team Stitch London bright eyed and bushy tailed. Ish.

    An ingenious yarn pouch

    Lady in red: Tina B takes on her 2010 Race in red style

    Some of us did the warm up. No shame. :)

    Snap happy lady

    Pattern prep: beats losing your pattern during the race

    Tangled up before we even began. Oh dear.

    A reminder it isn't all about the cake at the end

    High fives on the start line. The enthusiasm was rife.

    Eep! We're on the runner's side! Defect! Defect!

    We did indeed race and knit. At the same time.

    London remained fabulous throughout. The charmer.

    Nearing the end. We can almost smell the gateaux.

    Everything halts for an amusing knitter's photo involving a hilarious pub named after shoulder shaping...

    The home straight. Not a dropped stitch in sight.

    Making it look almost too easy.

    And cake kudos to the Fibre Flinger for providing a pineappple and cherry-based reason for us to get the finish line for sore-footed celebration cake.

    Cakey saviour

    Mini Knitshade meets the cake

    Team Stitch London win at knitting while racing

    £1012 goes towards kicking the crap out of cancer. Take that, Big C! *blows raspberry*

    Huge thanks to everyone who took part and every one who donated. You’re all rather marvellous.

    Also remember you can still donate and pick up our fabulous Cake Makes It All Better Cushion pattern here.

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