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Tiny Perching Pigeon Party: in pictures

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on June 22, 2010

London’s Trafalgar Square has been pigeonless since the ban on seed selling back in 2000. It’s a very wrong thing to do to a place famous for its pigeon-ality. Such a shame.

With this in mind Stitch London teamed up with the Empress of the Tiny Knits, Anna Hrachovec of Mochimochi Land, to create a fibre-feathered flock of Tiny Perching Pigeons. It was seriously coo coo cool.

Some tiny perchers have arrived already

Stitch London gets down to some serious piegon purling in St James Park

A couple of unruly birds make off with someone's specs

The lovely Anna: perching pigeon creator

Some fluffy fellows

Perching pigeon, sitting ... pigeon

A proud pigeon purler

They're behiiiiiiind you!

I'm not sure they paid for that deckchair hire

Here's one I made earlier

To Trafalgar Square: let the pigeon perching commence!

Beware the pigeon paparazzi

Perched proudly

Pretty pigeons all in a row

Anna and Deadly Knitshade: Pigeon Party planners feeling pleased

The feathered suspect line up goes on...

And on...

And on some more...

And more...

And a little more...

Still going...

Will it never end?

Clearly not yet...

It must be nearly over...


Well maybe just a few more

Pigeons all partied out. Time to fly home.


Now that pigeon-kind is returned to the Square once more we feel it’s important for everyone to get their pigeon on where ever they are. Anna has produced a free Tiny Perching Pigeon pattern for you to do just that.

Add your Tiny Perching Pigeon Party pics to her Mochimochi Flickr group and our Stitch London Flickr group. Go on. Get your purled pigeons out there.

See Anna’s Pigeon Party post.

See The Londonist post.


8 Responses to “Tiny Perching Pigeon Party: in pictures”

  1. redfear said

    absolutely brilliant!!!!!

  2. The Fibre Flinger said

    I’m so upset I couldn’t make it! Like a pigeon I had gifts too – a lovely exotic bile-puking virus.

    Just as well I didn’t come along. Now if I had stitched myself I could have sent him along.

    *Knitting withdrawl*

  3. Rin said

    I LOVE these!! Am so going to have to try them 🙂

  4. Betsy said

    GENIUS! And adorable! It looks like you all had a lot of fun… And the pigeons look well chuffed to be back in Trafalgar Square!!

  5. Deadly Shitshade said

    I love the Google ad – for pest control! Ha!

  6. pip said

    What fun!!! Must ‘av been a tweet for the tiny pigeons to have a day out;)

  7. Howie Woo said

    What a wonderful sight! If feathered birds looked as delightful as these yarn birds, everyone would spend everyday feeding them in the park!

  8. ashy1066 said

    I love this…………

    really so cute…
    good idea….
    google is great……

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