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  • Stitch Yourself: new arrivals

    Posted by Deadly Knitshade on June 28, 2010

    Stitch London have been hard at work cataloguing and tagging each and every Stitched Self that you send in. Here’s a look at the chaos that took place as over 200 of your tiny dopplegangers took over Stitch London Towers this week:

    It begins with a desk full of tiny person parcels...

    And they keep coming...

    And so the cataloguing and tagging commence

    Stitched Selves waiting patiently to be tagged

    A stitched school teacher keeps her stitched pupils in line

    Box One fills up nicely to the constant chatter of Stitched Selves making introductions

    Our first Stitched Self with a baby on board

    Box One is almost full and still two post bags to go

    A bit of carpet lounging as the tagging continues

    A few Stitched Selves are caught up in a terrifying incident with one of the Tiny Perching Pigeons

    The Stitched Selves come in all shapes...

    And all sizes (We did say 15cm approx!)

    Box one is full. Will you try and keep it down in there!?

    It took two full days of opening, giggling, labelling, scribbling and packing but so far 237 Stitched Selves have been sorted.

    We even had a ‘waiting area’ where Stitched Selves that cheekily requested being placed with friends or family hung out. We are pleased to say you were all united with who you waited for if you asked. All Stitched Self couples and groups have been tied together for the journey and will stay together in the museum.

    We managed to fill two whole boxes which now stand by for the last stragglers that the postal service has eaten.

    In the meantime Gertrude picked out a few friends to crack open the cider.

    Stitched Self parrrrrrrrrty!

    Join us and over 230 Stitched Selves at London’s Science Museum this Wednesday the 30th of June for the Stitched Self Exhibit. One night, hundreds of Stitched Selves. Woo hoo! We can’t wait!

    14 Responses to “Stitch Yourself: new arrivals”

    1. maggie said


    2. Sophie said

      ouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ! *bounce-bounce-bounce!* It’s such a thrill to be part of this !

    3. Good to see we arrived safely.

    4. Gemacrafts said

      Thanks again for doing this, I wondered if I could use one of this photos in my Spanis blog/ facebook showing mystitched self? as I can see my/her face in one of the boxes, this is fun. Cheers and brake a leg on the 30th

    5. oh i think i can spot the back of my ones head in the blue box! hehe

    6. mizelissa said

      *hic* silly gerty *hic* silly cider *hic* wonderful friends though!
      it appears that I’m in the most excellent company *hic*

    7. Peanut said

      I see that me and Bee arrived safe and sound. Cool! May I use the photo of us for my blog? Have fun at the show!

    8. Debsdesigns said

      How cute do you all look? My stitched self is already at the Science Museum (I work there), it’s looking forward to having some friends tonight! Party! Party!

    9. emilia said

      This must have been so exciting opening those envelopes to find the delights inside. next time let me know if you need some help!! xxxx

    10. […] like to add that I have no rights to any of the photos posted above.  I’ve taken them from Stitch London’s blog and from their photostream on […]

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