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Stitched Sealife: The Viper Fish chats up Charles Darwin

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on August 23, 2010

Stitch London are teaming up with London’s Natural History Museum on August 27 to bring you the Stitch a Squid event.

Six stitched specimens from the Deep Sea have escaped in the Museum. We’re in luck as we’ve just spied number 5…

The fierce but chatty Viper Fish has it all: huge gnashers, a hinged lower jaw and a light show on its appendages to tempt in fish who can’t help following something shiny. This toothy lady was stitched into life, glow-in-the-dark bits and all, by Stitch Londoner, The Fastener.

I feel fishy, oh so fishy...

Check out these chompers, baby

Sashaying through the shadows and the shallows anywhere from 400-2800 metres you can pretty much expect her and her teeth to turn up anywhere. In this case she turned up, rather scandalously, in the lap of a Mr Charles Robert Darwin.

So, you're Mr D? I hear this you're kind of a big deal around these parts.

She’ll try to impress you with tales of how she can bend her teeth behind her head and how she can swim two body lengths per second. Show off.

It is not advisable to allow this fishy femme fatale to talk you into anything. Beware her good looks and pearly whites. She’ll break your heart and probably steal your wallet.

Fancy a bite to eat, toots? I know a nice plaice...

If you’re quiet tomorrow we could be lucky enough to catch the last Deep Sea escapee.

You can also come along to the Natural History Museum August 27 to Stitch a Squid and join in the hunt for them.


One Response to “Stitched Sealife: The Viper Fish chats up Charles Darwin”

  1. pip said

    hehe…a very cool viperfish!

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