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About Stitch London

Stitch London was a radioactive woolly Godzilla of a craft group – stitching, knitting and crafting all over London from 2005-2013.

It was rather lovely. It now exists in spirit and social media only.



See more woolly work from Stitch London’s founder – Deadly Knitshade

This blog remains for historic and remember the good old woolly days nostalgia. Enjoy it! We did. 🙂

Stitch London are a London-based stitching group taking over the world one new stitcher at a time like a radioactive Godzilla with yarn and a vengeance.

We’re a feisty but ultra-friendly group of all ages and from all walks of life, who basically get together all over London make fabulous things from sticks and string, help each other out of sticky stitching situations, and escape from the rat race and humdrum.

The group is run by Lauren “Deadly Knitshade” O’Farrell and a whole host of volunteer Stitch Sages. Anyone can become a Stitch Sage and help wrangle the woolly Godzilla in return for some fabulous stitching opportunities.

We have crafters from 16 years old to 600. We never turn a crafter or would-be knitter away. Any one is welcome: male, female, single, hitched, sweet, bitter, straight, fruity, smooth, fluffy, mild-mannered superhero, brazen supervillian, wallflower, party animal, singing detective or small dog – the more the merrier.

Our meetings happen all over central London once a week in cafes, pubs or parks. There is no set day, but we always meet from 6 PM on weekdays. We are always close to a station too, so we’re easy to get to and find.

Fortnightly email newsletters let you know when and where we are, two weeks in advance, as well as telling you what else the group is up to and digging up internet knitting gold from around the globe.

It’s all completely free.

We are quite a mixed bunch. Beginners, masters and a fair few in between. All you do is turn up at a meeting, sit down and knit (or crochet or embroider or anything crafty).

No other requirements at all. There is nothing to pay and no limits to who can join.

We also teach beginners for FREE if they turn up with some needles and yarn.

In fact we will teach anyone any knitting skill they want to know for nothing, and if we don’t know how then we’ll find out.

Join us and submit to the knit!

Learners: Bring yarn and needles Masters: Bring your stitch advice


20 Responses to “About Stitch London”

  1. Jill McGrady said

    Met your group at Festival Hall last week. A very friendly bunch, hope to meet again some time. Am enjoying knitting squares for the SnB blanket, then hope to knit a Pudsey bear for Children in Need but finding it hard to get a pattern. Can anyone help me locate a pattern?
    Regards, Jill

  2. Hi Jill

    Glad you had fun at the Festival Hall. So much blue yarn!

    There is a Pudsey pattern here:

    It’s £2 and the money goes to the charity as far as I can tell. 🙂

    And there is a pack here with yarn:

  3. jill mcgrady said

    thanks for replying deadly knitshade. I got the pattern, knitted two and raffled them.

  4. Linda said

    I’m coming over from Italy for the WWKIP day event and Ryanair won’t let me bring needles on the airplane. I’ll be staying near Marble Arch, is All the Fun of the Fair very far from there? Any info will be appreciated. I’ll have all day Friday to purchase needles.
    Looking forward to next weekend!

  5. You can get needles from either John Lewis (which is on the same road as Marble Arch station here:

    John Lewis
    Oxford Street
    London W1A 1EX

    Or All the Fun of the Fair is very near Oxford Circus station (you can get a bus from Marble Arch down to Regent Street and follow the map on the Knit Crawl page)

  6. […] week was the last Stitch N Bitch London meet up before the new year and true to form, the Stitchettes organised a Christmas party that confirmed why I loved this group so much. As part of the fun, […]

  7. jenny greenhalgh said

    woo! what a great group, couldn’t believe my eyes when google found me your page when I hit it with “learn to knit socks london”
    Can’t wait to join you at the next learners meet. Hopefully i’m not working late that evening. I have basic knit skills. Have just completed my first scarf but my ambition is to be a sock knitter.
    see you soon!

  8. Erssie said

    Can you put up your dates for meeting over the Christmas and New Year break….if not then, when is the next time you shall meet in the New Year?
    Have never been….always still at work at 6pm up to bedtime….but have a twitching in my fingers to pass on a few tricks of the crafts to others.
    Let me know if you want an evening using a specific technique…and I can manage a sesh showing people stuff.

    • Hello! We don’t normally put meeting dates on our site. We put them in our newsletter for those who sign up. 🙂

      • Erssie said

        Ah, I thought I had signed up some time ago…but don’t seem to get any mails re meeting up….will check spam filter, can I sign up again just in case or does that mess the system up if I am already in there?
        I thought I signed up at beg of last year or round about.


  9. Annie van Schooneveld said

    I work at the British School of Amsterdam and I started a knitting club last school year (“The Knit and Natter Club”). It ended up a great success and I taught around 25 7/8 year olds to knit (including 2 boys and a few mums)!! I have already a waiting list for this coming school year.

    All the teachers were amazed at playtime during the latest batch of good weather, all the children were sitting around with their knitting.

    I decided that I would “yarnbomb” a tree in the playground with the work that the children had done, holes and everything. I knitted a few bumble bees to hang in the tree (free knitting pattern from the internet)!

    The head teacher at the infant school wants me to yarnbomb a tree in their playground and so I have made bumble bees, a few birds and am now attempting the free ladybug pattern from one of your readers. Thats what gave me the idea of emailing you about my club.

    I will try and get photos of our yarnbombing and send them to you…..

  10. Amy said

    My friend and I are interest in joining the knitting mania, do you have a group in South East London? We are in Woolwich and Lewisham, so anywhere around there would be good 😀 Thanks

  11. Hello Stitchies! Nice project you have over there! I have a problem and I hope you can help me. I’m a stitcher from germany and addicted to the great cross stitcher magazine. Next week I’m visiting London and I would love to buy used magazines while I’m in town. Do you have any tips for me where to buy old craft magazines in London?! I hope so….
    Best wishes,

  12. Sounds like a wonderful group! I love to get together with my friends and crochet.

  13. rhinoviv1 said

    Are patterns copyright free

  14. Louise Gardner said

    Hi, I’ve just moved to central London after 9 years in Madagascar and want to pick up knitting again. Would love to come along to a meeting soon!

  15. sophie said

    Are you still going? I tried to sign up for the newsletter and it said inactive address.

  16. Lorraine new said

    Could I join please X

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