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Archive for the ‘About Us’ Category

COMPETITION: Find the Pigeon and WIN loads of knitting goodies

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on October 17, 2011

Cooey? Cooooooey? COOEEEEEEEY?!?!? Where on earth did she go? One minute she’s safely tucked into the front of every book in kit form and the next she’s been knitted and has flown out the window. If you have any idea where she is please let Knit the Pigeon know and in return there are yarny rewards!

So far we have had three lucky winners and there are seven more weeks to go!!!

How does it work?

Every single week for 10 weeks Cooey will flap off into London and land in a famous place.

Knit the Pigeon will put up three picture clues for you to guess where she ends up. A new image will be revealed on three different days with each a bit easier than one before.

What can you win? Knit the Pigeon have bagged a whole load of prizes from Coats Craft UK and All the Fun of the Fair. There’ll be a new hamper of prizes every single week. Coo!

How do I enter? Flutter over to and fill out the form to enter. Terms and conditions on the website. You can enter where ever you live! Join in!

Please find Cooey before she gets lost and ends up in a pigeon pie!

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We’re In! S&B London finally get into Ravelry (we may weep)!

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on October 4, 2007

At looooooooooong last we have a Ravelry invite and so Deadly Knitshade has created a Stitch and Bitch London group at long last.


You can join our group by typing Stitch and Bitch London into the groups page. It would be fabulous to have you with us. 🙂

Deadly Knitshade xx

S&B London Stitchette 

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London Tonight: Stitch and Bitch London Lion Scarf Social: The Knit Begins

Posted by Stitch and Bitch London on March 15, 2007

Waaaaaaaaay back on October the 21st 2006 we began knitting the Lion Scarf and London Tonight were nice enough to come and film it.

Laura looks fab in her felted shawl. Other knitters present were Frances, Emmy (conquering her horrific fear of being on camera), Margaret (Laura’s mum). Peter and Kat were also there but the TV people wouldn’t let them be in it as they had already lined up their shots (swines!).

And so it appears to the world that Stitch and Bitch London consists of only five knitters! Oh the horrible wrongness of it.

I, personally am still a bit miffed that they cut out my entire interview in the Square with the Lions. :*( I could’ve won an Oscar for that heartbreaking performance! 😛

Laura and I are much more practised at talking about the Giant Scarf now so hopefully on Tuesday we’ll wow the nation with our interview skills…

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Lauren gets 15 minutes of fame

Posted by Stitch and Bitch London on March 13, 2007

This morning Graham from Fridaycities (a website that connects Londoners’ brains together to share their knowledge to make the city a more fabulous place to be in) asked me if I wanted to do an quick online interview about the Lion Scarf shenanigans and my epic battle against the evils of my own cancer. Of course I said yes! Who wouldn’t?!

Faster than you can say London Lion Scarf here it is: The Tuesday Interview… Lauren O’Farrell

I’ll be falling out of limos and throwing up in my hair next, just you wait. 😛

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Welcome to the Lion Scarf Blog :)

Posted by Stitch and Bitch London on January 29, 2007

Lion-flavoured Greetings to You

Welcome to the official Trafalgar Square Lion Scarf Blog. Come right in, pull up a comfy chair and immerse yourself in the woolly wonderland that is our giant Lion Scarf tale. 🙂

Read the Lion Scarf story, find out who is knitting, where they are knitting and why they are knitting. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to knit. 😛

And please sponsor us to finish the huuuuuuumongous scarves! 🙂

Happy knitting and lots of yarn-wrapped love

Stitch and Bitch London

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