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Archive for the ‘Crochet’ Category

New Year Newbies Stitch Up 2012 and Stitch London’s 6th Birthday

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on December 29, 2011

It’s official. 2012 will be the year of the Stitch! This year Stitch London plans to cram as much stitching in as possible and we’re starting as we mean to go on with our fantabulous GIANT NEW YEAR NEWBIES STITCH UP!

3rd January 2012
Time: From 6pm
Venue: The Royal Festival Hall
South Bank Centre
Belvedere Road

Map Website Nearest Tube: Waterloo, Embankment

Every year we gather as many stitchers as we can at our second home, London’s Royal Festival Hall, to get our public stitch on in style. Each year we see around 200 proud crafty people gather.

Stitch London Stitch Up's can sometimes be seen from space

Celebrate Stitch London’s 6th Birthday!

This year we’re turning 6 years old! To celebrate we’ll have some spot prizes which will be given out randomly throughout the evening. Woo hoo!

Pass on the Knitting Love

STITCH LONDON NEEDS YOU! For our New Year Stitch Up we invite anyone new to knitting or new to the group to come along. We offer free lessons in knitting basics for learners, which is where is splendiferous Stitch Sages come in. If you know how to knit and think you know enough to pass it on (it’s really very easy), then please join our Stitch Sage team. You only need to teach for about half an hour and then keep an eye on your learner’s in case they get a bit lost while they practice.

We really really need new Stitch Sages to pass on the woolly love, so if you want to volunteer in the New Year please drop us an email at with the subject “I want to help wrangle the woolly Godzilla”.

It’s easy to teach. It gives you that warm fuzzy feeling. It’s a fabulous way to begin the new year. Create a brand new knitter! You can read some of our inspiring Stitch Sage stories here.

Find out more about teaching as a Stitch Sage here

Learn How to Knit

Fancy learning to get your knit on? The New Year Stitch Up is your chance to learn to knit for free!

You can bring your own yarn and needles, but Stitch London will be offering Whodunnknit How to Knit Kits in three flavours Sheep ‘n’ Aliens, Floating Flutterguys and Stitched Squid (each perfect for beginners), as well as Whodunnknit Stitched Self Mini Me Knitting Kits for those who know how to knit already.

The Whodunnknit Knitting kit includes:

  • An exclusive Stitch London skyline drawstring bag to keep your projects in
  • A set of bamboo knitting needles
  • A set of 4 Stitch London knitting badges
  • 2x 25g balls of brightly coloured yarn
  • A ultra-cute pair of ‘snips’ scissors
  • A tapestry needle for weaving in your ends
  • An 8-page Stitch London How to Knit booklet
  • Everything you need to make the Whodunnknit pattern of your choice (choose from Sheep and Martians, Floating Flutterguys, a Finger-fighting Stitched Squid or a Stitched Self Mini Me) along with the Whodunnknit knitting pattern

How do I order a Whodunnknit knitting kit?

Drop us an email at and let us know how many kits you would like and which pattern you would like with it. Each kit costs £14.

Want to learn crochet instead?

The lovely Tofty Makes will be offering How to Crochet Kits with full instructions in the fabulous full-colour booklet. See more about her How to Crochet Kits and the cute amigurmi creature you can make over at Tofty Makes.

Drop us an email at and let us know how many crochet kits you would like and we’ll pass it on to Tofty Makes. Each kit costs £14. See more about the contents here.

Crochet Kits from Tofty Makes

Can anyone come along to the Stitch Up?

Anyone and everyone is welcome. We’re multi-craft, multi-cultural and we love craft as much as you do. All you need to do is turn up, pull up a chair and start stitching. If you crochet, cross stitch, spin, embroider or do any other kind of craft you’re more than welcome to join us.

For those who wish to learn to knit you need to sign up when you arrive (look for the New Stitcher Sign Up Sheet) from 6pm. Teaching will begin at 6.30 once most of our Stitch Sages have arrived.

What does it cost?

It’s all totally free! Woo hoo!

Join us on the night! If you can’t make it you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook, where we’ll be posting pictures on the night.

See you there and Happy New Year!


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Stitched Sealife coming soon…

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on August 16, 2010

Stitch London are teaming up with London’s Natural History Museum on August 27 to bring you the Stitch a Squid event.

To celebrate all things Stitched and all things from the Deep Sea some of Stitch London’s artiest wielders of the wool have created a shoal of deep sea specimens to tempt you into the chilly waters of deep sea stitching.

Starting tomorrow see the fishy tale of how the Stitched Sealife Six specimens escaped into the Museum and got to know the place where the dinosaurs, bones and beasts dwell…

We seek them specimens here, we seek them there...

PS We’re still looking for teachers on the night to teach our very simple Stitched Squid pattern. Please email us if you’re interested.

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Vampire knitting or a stitched pain in the neck

Posted by steelanddough on October 26, 2009

We’ve got a bit of a thing for vampires here at S&B London HQ (“No?! Really?!” we hear you cry). So what with it being Halloween and all that, we thought it high time to feature some Undead (or should that be Life Challenged?) inspired craftiness.

We took our shovel and dug through Ravelry for some vampire find to get your fangs into. If you’re not a member of Ravelry click here to join and see the patterns.

Here’s S&B London’s rundown of the top five bloodsucker-themed patterns. The stakes couldn’t be higher (sorry!). We’re going to stick our necks out and say that none of these suck! (OK we’ll stop trying now!) Just don’t bite off more than you can chew (we really will stop now!). If you crave the undead True Blood charms of Eric Northman and Bill Compton, pine after sulky Edward Cullen, or if you’re a purist and just want Dracula, then there’s something for you…

In at Number Five: he was where it all began. The somewhat blood-curdling Dracula or Vlad. We thought both these patterns were worthy of a mention.

At Number Four, and only recognisable to you Twilight fans out there, are Julie P. Miller’s Eclipse Socks. Simple and understated, but to those in the know, so Team Edward!

This year’s Number Three is Edward. Yes, you can possess the most sought-after 17-year-old dead guy in the world. He’s our own brand of heroin…

At Number Two: wear your fang marks with pride with Krysten Lewelling’s Love Bites scarf. Inspired by True Blood, and Sookie’s vampire-loving! You’ll be fangtasising (oops!) about Bill or Eric…

And at Number One, the bloody fangtastic (sorry – couldn’t resist!) Twilight Finger Puppet Pattern. Not only could you have your own Edward, but a Jasper, Alice, Carlisle, Rosalie etc at your fingertips.

Join us next year for the freshest patterns from the coffin!

Stitch and Bitch London would like to apologise for the awful puns in this article. We’ll get our cloaks!

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Knit a Poem or slightly Shakespeare stitching

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on August 28, 2009

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways via the medium of knitting and interpretive dance. Actually forget the dance…

To celebrate their centenary the Poetry Society have decided to team up with knitters around the world to make a giant work of art.

At this very moment over 850 knitters around the world are now knitting (and crocheting) the individual letters a secret poem which could span a gobsmacking 40-feet.

As with all art it’s all about the silences as well as the shouts, so the blank spaces between the words are just as important. There is still time to register to be involved with knitting or crocheting these blank spaces that will form the spaces between words and the edging of the poem.

To take part please email and we will send you the knitting or crochet instructions.  Finished squares can be sent to us or brought along to the I Knit Weekender on 11 and 12 September, where you can knit more squares or help with sewing up.  The final deadline for sending in squares is 14 September.

The final knitted poem will be revealed in all its glory in October 2009.

Next time someone asks that tiring question “What’s the best thing you’ve knit?” you can shout “HA! It’s was a bit of poem!” in their face, possibly before unfriending them for asking such an unoriginal question in the first place. Well worth a bit of stitching.

(Thanks to Sarah for passing this on)

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The Stitch and Bitch London Tashtastic Knit Crawl 2009

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on May 31, 2009

In 2007 we Knit Crawled for Cancer Research, in 2008 we Knit Crawled for Breast Cancer Care, this year Worldwide Knit in Public Day looms once more. The Stitch and Bitch London Knit Crawl 2009 has a far manlier theme…

The Stitch and Bitch London Tashtastic Knit Crawl 2009 will take to the streets of lovely London Town on Saturday the 13th of June.

We’ll stomp our way across four iconic London sights:

Tower Bridge: get down with the ravens and explain to tourists they’re not at London Bridge

Tate Modern: knit it up all arty-like in the gargantuan turbine hall where passers-by will assume you are an art installation

London Eye: get your stitch on in Jubilee Gardens under the gaze of the all-seeing London Eye

Trafalgar Square: a Knit Crawl traditional. Say hi to the Lions and furiously blend in with whatever festival happens to be taking place there, while knitting like you mean it

This year we’re doing it bloke-flavoured, raising money for the Prostate UK Charity in a tashtastic manner. We’ll be knitting (and possibly wearing, for those with no shame) moustaches for that manly feel.

CLICK HERE for our S&B London Tashtastic Knit Crawl Moustache Patterns.

We’ll also be offering some knit-flavoured raffle prizes, free gifts, and the chance to wear a knitted moustache in public (optional).

And you may be able to buy this fine face fur for the price of a donation on the day.

The S&B Tashtastic London Knit Crawl Map

Knit 1: Tower Bridge
Noon to 1pm

The Scoop outside City Hall
City Hall
The Queen’s Walk

Knit 2: Tate Modern
1.30 to 2.30pm

Tate Modern
Turbine Hall

Knit 3: London Eye
3.15 to 4.15pm

Jubilee Gardens
In front of London Eye on the grass
Queen’s Walk

Knit 4: Trafalgar Square
4.30 to 5.30pm

Trafalgar Square

Knit Crawlers Wine, Beer and Cake: Walkers of Whitehall

5.30 till we can drink no more

Walkers of Whitehall
15 Craig’s Court

Join us for the whole thing, join us for a small part, just make sure you get your knits out on the town for a good cause.

Huge thanks to:
Banyan Tree Yarns (the UK home of Lion Brand’s wonderful wool)
Soak (amazing stuff for washing your handknits without the horror)
Debonnaire Yarns (artistic yarns and all kinds of woolly goodness)

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Oxfam needs your help knitters!

Posted by laurapurlprincess on January 26, 2008

Oxfam logo

The nice people at Oxfam want to enlist the help of knitters around the country to knit or crochet squares for a giant baby blanket, which will highlight the lack of medical care for mothers in Africa and South East Asia.


Every minute, a woman with no medical care dies in pregnancy or childbirth

Millions of mums in poor countries get low-quality health care, or are forced to go without it altogether. High fees, a shortage of hospitals and clinics, and not enough doctors and midwives means women struggle to get the medical care they need and all that too often they don’t survive to look after their babies. In Africa and South East Asia pregnancy and childbirth represent the biggest cause of death amongst women of childbearing age.



Each square you can knit or crochet will represent a newborn baby, left needlessly without a mother because of lack of healthcare. These squares will be joined together and handed into the UK government in September.

African child


Here are the instructions on how to contribute:


Each square should be 9 inches in size and preferably made using double-knitting weight yarn. Please make sure that you use make a 9 inch square – odd sized squares can be very difficult to piece together.

You can use any type of yarn, provided that it is washable. All colours are welcome. Superwash wool or washable cotton yarns are particularly suitable. 

Plain stocking stitch always curls up at the sides. You can prevent this by knitting a narrow border of garter stitch all round the square. To do this, just knit the first and last five rows (no purling!), and always knit the first five and last five stitches of every row with your stocking stitch in between.  

Many people like to make patterned squares. You can find a dictionary of stitch patterns available free at each of the sites below: 


Others may wish to use up different coloured odds and ends of yarn to make striped or multicoloured squares. Some ideas and examples are available here: 


If you want to design your own multicoloured pattern, you can find special graph paper to do it at the sites below – just print out a sheet and have a go at creating your own unique square.


Crochet Squares are also very welcome. There is a wonderful selection of free patterns at the site below. You can enlarge the small squares by adding a few extra rounds until you reach nine inches. 


To finish please weave in all yarn ends on you squares and, if necessary, block them neatly to size. This will save lots of time when it comes to assembling the blankets.

Send knitted squares with your name, address and email by 1st August 2008 to:

Sarah Blakemore

Oxfam campaigns

47 Park Square East


LS21 2NL

Hapy knitting!

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Knit a Poppy Pattern: wear your stitch on your sleeve for Rememberance Day

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on October 27, 2007

poppyIts that time of year again when Britain blooms in glorious reds in honour of our armed forces of past and present. There are poppies popping up all over the place, and Knitonthenet have come up with a woolly way to show your support, save a bit of paper (well only a tiny poppy-sized bit but you get the idea), and enjoy a bit of a knit too.

You can pop along to their site and donate £2 to the Poppy Appeal for their fabulous knitted poppy pattern (designed by Just Call Me Ruby, what a gal!)

You can bring your prized flower out year after year too, and just chuck a couple of quid in the donation bucket while saving those fundraisers a little on plastic and paper.

So get your needles out, purl yourself a poppy, and wear it with pride. 🙂

poppy crochetUpdated: If you’re a happy hooker rather than a natty knitter then there is an amazing crochet poppy too. The lovely Erssie has published her pattern on her Skeinspotting blog here, and promises to donate to the Poppy Appeal too. Hoorah!

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