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Archive for the ‘Designing’ Category


Posted by Deadly Knitshade on December 12, 2011


Wanna win a whole load of Stitch London goodies? Stitch London have been busy designing and making a whole load of Stitch London merchandise for you to show your crafty love to the world.

The brand new Stitch London online shop will open in the New Year and we’ll be selling our goodies at the Duckie Christmas Market, but you have the chance to get your grubby paws on the whole lot for FREE! Woo hoo!

To celebrate our 6th birthday we’re giving you the chance to win a whole load of Stitch London goodies. All you need to do is come up with the best new idea for a Stitch London badge.

Here’s what you can win:

  • Your badge idea designed and made into a Stitch London badge
  • 2 sets of the Stitch London badge set featuring your badge idea once they’re made
  • A fridge magnet featuring your badge idea
  • All 8 sets of Stitch London exclusive badges (four badges per pack which means 32 badges)
  • A set of 5 Stitch London fridge magnets
  • A Stitch London handmirror
  • A set of 10 Knit the City London graffiti knitting postcards
  • A Stitch London How to Knit Kit of your choice (including limited edition Stitch London 4.5mm Subabal polished wood knitting needles, yarn, tapestry needle, a How to Knit booklet and everything you need to make either Sheep and Martians, Floating Flutterguys or a Stitched Self Mini Me)
  • Rather lovely handmade buttons from Tofty Makes
  • A signed copy of the Stitch London book

Three runners up will win:

2 sets of Stitch London badges featuring their badge idea
1 set of Stitch London badges of their choice

All you have to do is come up with the best new idea for a Stitch London badge

Here are our current badges for you to get a some inspiration:

Here is what to do:

  • Come up with some ideas for Stitch London badges (e.g. ‘Purl, Interrupted’ ‘Will Knit for Marmite’)
  • Write them in an email (you can add scribbles, images and links to pics if you want to add any visual ideas but they’re totally optional)
  • Send it to us at at with the subject line“My Stitch badge rocks!” (Please make sure you enter the right subject otherwise your entry might get missed)
  • Add your full name, contact email and address

How many ideas can I send? Send as many ideas as you like. You can send in three or 30. Up to you.

Do they need to be about knitting or can I do any craft? They can be about knitting, crochet, cross stitch, sewing, embroidery or any other kind of stitch or woolly craft. Go wild!

What happens if someone else sends in the same idea as me? The first person sending the idea in gets the credit. So get in quick!

When is the deadline? The Badge Factor competition will stay open until Stitch London rehatches mid 2012. Loads of time to think of fabulous ideas.

What happens next? In the New Year we’ll put up our 25 favourite ideas to the public vote on our website. The vote will go down to the final 4. The winning badge will win all those goodies and be announced in a newsletter. The three runners up will get prizes too.

Your idea might end up on all kinds of Stitch merchandise which means you can proudly tell the world you helped keep the woolly Godzilla stomping and spreading free stitching goodness across the world.

So what on earth are you waiting for? Got something punny to say about purling? Feeling inspired by the wonder of wool? Have an catchphrase you’d like that lady staring at you knitting on the tube to see? Need to get your needle love out there? Want to unravel the thread of your thoughts in a public badge-based statement? Cross that there aren’t enough cross stitch saying in the world?

Now is your time! Get your entries in and you could be the Stitch London Badge Factor winner! Yay you!

Competition rules: 1. All entrants must give contact details. 2. Competition ends mid 2012. Date to be confirmed. 3. No cash alternatives to the prizes. 4. Winners will be chosen by public online vote from 25 of Stitch London’s favourite entries and notified within 2 weeks of the voting closing date. 5. Competition open to everyone globally, including people outside London and the UK. 6. By submitting your idea you agree that Stitch London have free permission to turn your idea into merchandise and use it to raise funds to support Stitch London. (Stitch London won’t use any submitted images without separate permission)

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Stitched Science: send your Stitched Science Specimens

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on April 14, 2011

Fancy knitting a neuron? Crocheting a comet? Sewing Stephenson’s Rocket? Cross-stitching a chromosome?

Last year you showed us that stitching was so much more than scarves and socks when you sent in your crafty clones to Stitch Yourself for the Science Museum.

This year you’ve been invited back for a global stitching event. Stitch London have teamed up with the Science Museum once more and we want you to bring a whole spectrum of Stitched Science Specimens with you.

What can I make? What do you want to make? If you’re passionate about something sciencey and think you can stitch it then we want to help you show it off. There are million billion things you could stitch from medical instruments and body bits (syringes? skulls?), to stars and planets (comets? black holes?), to famous inventions (telephones? bicycles?), to new technology (iPhones? cameras?), to diseases and bacteria, to pills and potions, to mathematical equations, to famous scientists (Einstein? Marie Curie?)

Crochet_rocketFor ideas:

DNA_illusion_scarfStill not sure? Be inspired by the science stitchers that have gone before you:
Nerve roots from Cedarstuff
Seriously sciencey stitching from Genetiknits
Knitted Higgs Bosun, Cosmic Radiation Scarf, and DNA Illusion Scarf (pictured left) from Slipped Stitch.
Periodic Table Quilt by Alyse Anderson
The mad-scientist stitching of Voraciousbrain showcased at Mr X Stitch
Crochet Space Shuttle from Ms Premise-Conclusion
Stitch Yourself’s 255 ‘stitched selves’ by you

When is the deadline? Your Stitched Specimen must arrive before or on June 17 2011

What else do I need to include? Your Stitched Specimen should include:

  1. Information about what you have made
  2. Any web links
  3. Your name, where you are from and your email address
  4. A return address and return postage if you want it sent back. It’s up to you to provide packaging and postage for anything you want returned.


Where do I send it? Send your Stitched Specimens to Stitch London’s home at The Fleece Station:Stitched_selves

Stitch London at The Fleece Station
Courtyard Studio (First floor)
The Old Police Station
114-116 Amersham Vale

SE14 6LG

Return of the Stitched Selves! And if that wasn’t enough for you we’re also going to bring back your Stitched Selves for the whole weekend. Come and meet your mini me once more!

It’s one small Stitched Specimen for science, one giant Science Museum spectacular

1.  Your item and copyright of the pattern you use will remain with you and you’ll get full credit for it. We’re just borrowing it to display.
2.  Stitch London and the Science Museum will not charge an entry or admin fee to be a part of this event. It’s free!
3.  Items will be available to collect after the event. If you’re posting the item from afar and want it returned you’ll have to include postage to return it to you. We’re happy to keep stuff too. It’ll have a good home.
4.  Responsibility for getting your submission to us is all yours. We can’t be held responsible if post gremlins eat it. Sorry. Please make sure you get the item tracked if it’s precious.
5.  By sending in your item you agree to allow Stitch London and the Science Museum to use images of your item for press and marketing linked with the event. It won’t be used for anything other than that without asking your permission. Please make sure we have your contact details.

Other ways you can help

Badges for Bags
Stitched Science Stars


We need your plastic bags. Part of our Stitched Solar System will be an enormous Plarn-knit Earth made entirely from plastic bag yarn.
We need blue and green carrier bags to make a plarn planet. Bring them along to Stitch London or post them to the address above (anchor).

For every 12 plastic bags you send us, we’ll send you a shiny Stitch London badge of your choice.
Help us teach in the hallowed halls of one of London’s most famous museums. Volunteer to teach at one of our one-hour workshops and become a Stitched Science Star.
If you’re already a Stitch Sage you’re first in line for volunteering and will get an email soon.
If you’re not and you want to give your time to pass on stitching skills somewhere amazing then join the Stitch Sage team.
Teaching is easy peasy, makes you feel warm and fuzzy and is tons of fun. Join us!

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Calling all designers: make patterns for a new yarn company

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on February 10, 2011

Fibres Exotica are an online yarn seller offering some rather lovely Mulberry Silk and Recycled SariSilk Yarns, Silk Fibres and Silk Fabric. They also work to promote and support fair trade to India. They have lovely yarn and a good ethical foundation and now they need the help of pattern designers.

Nikki, who also runs Fluffenstuff (UK-based Yarn Dyer and Stitchmarker maker), explains how your designs and their yarn could make something fabulous.

“In 2006, I made contact with a mill in India, to obtain silk for my dyeing business Fluffenstuff. Fluffenstuff only dyes above Aran weight yarn, but the mill sells a great deal more weights than just that! So I set up a business specialising in silk yarns, fibres and fabrics in 2010 because there just isn’t enough silk for fibre artists to play with on the UK market.

We took Fibres Exotica to Alexandra Palace in 2010, and something many customers and potential customers noted was our lack of patterns. The mill have not produced patterns to go with their yarns and that where Stitch London’s budding designers come in.

I’m looking to work with designers to create a range of patterns to suit all of the yarns weights that we stock.

What do we need? Sample pieces created to both photograph for the website and display at various shows.

Who can design a pattern? I’m looking to work with both up-and-coming designers and established ones.  (If you want to write a free pattern to submit to, I’m 100% behind you!) I expect the patterns to be fully tech edited, written to a high standard and use standard symbology/terminology.

What would the designer get? Depending on your requirements as a designer, I’ll either offer  a lump-sum payment up front to own the design and copyright exclusively, or we share copyright and I give you a large % of the profit from sales (probably a 75:25 split in this case).

Alternatively,  if you want to knit a Creative Commons/free-for-all pattern, you retain the copyright and give me distributions right to me and anyone else you want.

Anything else? I’ll also offer yarn support. You will get the same amount of yarn (or a different yarn/amount with the same £ value) as the garment you knit to do what you want with. This will be go along with whatever you decide on as your payment option.

What if you can’t design but can knit? I’d also love 4 or 5 sample pieces making up from existing Knitty, Wooly Wormhead, Ravelry etc patterns for display and people’s inspiration. This will be a paid-for in cash job and I will own the piece.

I’d (mostly) like the knitter/crocheter to pick the pattern they think will suit the yarn they want to try out.

Any ideas to help designers and knitters get started? On my “Think I should have” list:

Please note: the pattern has to be a free-distribution one, so that I can label the display and point other people to it to give them inspiration (and a knit kit!)”

The lovely yarns:

There are 6 variations of 100% silk sliver machine spun yarns in various weights and plies. All are wonderfully smooth and shiny and take colour very well indeed.

The world is your oyster here, I would imagine most things could be made from one of these yarns:
Marahraja – 730m per 100g 2-ply/Lace weight
Aleena – 200m per 100g  4 ply/Sport weight
Duke Fine –  320m per 100g 4-ply/Sport weight
Swan – 366m per 100g Double Knit/Worsted weight
Duke – 229m per 100g Double Knit/Worsted weight
Duke Double – 183m per 100g Aran weight

Dupioni Silk – 730m yards per 100 Grams 2-ply/Lace weight
Made direct from the cocoon, the threads are reeled, plied and replied to the required weight. It tends to be rougher to the hand as the threads are natural and slightly irregular, but are beautiful when dyed, especially when dyed in a variegated way.
Ideas: Lace patterns.

Kohinoor – 80m per 100g Chunky/Bulky weight
Made from sari warp thread before the saris are woven. These threads gives unprecedented smoothness in a sari silk style yarn, as well as good colour vibrancy and grouping.
Ideas: hats, scarves, bags, shawls, shrugs and boleros.

Recycled Sari Silk – 90m per 100g Aran weight
Made from leftovers of the sari making process. The fibres are picked over and short lengths discarded. It is hand spun on a wheel, and is a smooth, consistent and non- shredding Aran weight yarn.
Ideas: hats, scarves, bags

Fancy putting your designs and Fibres Exotica’s yarns together?
Contact Nikki at

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