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Archive for the ‘Race for Life 2009’ Category

Racing for Life (and for CAKE)

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on May 11, 2009

On the 6th of May Stitch and Bitch London and the lovely Tina B took part in Cancer Research’s Race for Life in London’s Battersea Park.

We knit Cancer Fighter hats as we walked the five kilometres of the race, in support and in memory of Cancer Fighters we know and love and those we sadly lost their fights.

Team S&B London casting on Cancer Fighter caps

Team S&B London casting on Cancer Fighter caps

Tina B. The lady. The legend.

Tina B. The lady. The legend.

Pitt stop for cake 100 metres in

Pitt stop for cake 100 metres in

The team rev their engines

The team rev their engines

One km and still going strong

One km and still going strong

Tina stops for no man

Tina stops for no man



A weary Tina and team after walking and cake

A weary Tina and team after walking and cake

We crossed the finish line dead last to the cheers and clapping of everyone watching, as we kept pace with Tina who managed the whole race despite walking with a stick.

Altogether Tina B and the S&B London team raised a whopping £2754.10 for Cancer Research. And probably ate more cake than anyone else racing.

You can still donate to get our Cancer Fighter Hat Patterns here if you fancy doing your bit.


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Tina B’s Race for Life story

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on May 10, 2009

The lovely Tina B (WickedWoollyWitch) tells her Race for Life story:

On the 6th of May 2009 11 girls with sticks and string and one girl (me) with just the one stick for walking (or hobbling) began a 5km journey round Battersea Park on a balmy late spring evening. All intent on just one thing – Racing for Life and raising lots of dosh for Cancer Research.

On May 6th last year my brother died from cancer just days after diagnose. When I saw the date of the Race for Life I just knew I had to do it as it marked the first anniversary. Now I am not the fittest of people or the thinnest, and yes I have to use a walking stick cos of my back but I found determination to do this. It spurred on the ladies of Stitch and Bitch London to play their part as well. Within a short space of time numerous girls had signed up for Team Stitch and Bitch to race with Team Tina B and kick my bum if I struggled.

We gathered en-masse, pinned on our badges and labels, and took up our needles with cast on our chemo caps, yes folks we raced AND knitted for charity (big thank you to Nathalie at Stash Putney for donating a HUGE bag of specialist yarn for these).

During opening speeches the comedienne Amy Lamé, who is also a big girl, said “If I can do it anyone can”. Being bigger than Ms Lamé and sporting a stick I thought “I reckon if I can do it anyone can too.” while male cheerleaders attempted to warm us up.

Emmy-Lou nearly passed out before we had even got to the starting line and it was only with the delicious supplies in the form of CAKE from Hippolyra that kept her going. And the rest of us to be honest, as we knew what cakey delights we had waiting at the end.

We started, overtaken by children, pushchairs and wheelchairs, we flagged a few times, but we cheered as every kilometre marker was spotted. We knew we weren’t going to finish first but as the minutes ticked and feet ached it became apparent we might just finish last. And last we were. The girls actually decided to let me have the honour of being the last of 5000 to cross the line to cheers all round.

Coming up to the finish surrounded by race Marshalls we heard the announcer yelling support and encouragement, shouting out my name as I became a minor celeb for the night, as earlier finishers gathered round to cheer. Just as I got the line the ruddy announcer stopped me for an interview to declare that I had raised the most amount for an individual that night, and that it was the most inspiring story he’d heard all day. He also said I was the only person to have walked with the aid of a stick. I said my thank yous and  talked about my brother, and as the crowd cheered I burst into tears as I crossed the finish line, my head full not just of those I have lost but of relief for ruddy well finishing.

Then we did what we do, apart from knit, we ate lots and lots and lots of CAKE. The total raised by these two teams (including Giftaid) is a WHOPPING £2754.10 and money is still coming in so you can still do your part if you haven’t already.

Tina B’s Race for Life
page. S&B London’s Race for Life page.

Massive, massive thank you’s to everyone who has donated and supported this fantastic event. Till next year…and more cake.

(You can see photos from the day here)

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Race for Life: Woolly hats for cancer fighters (almost FREE pattern)

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on March 15, 2009

Because Cancer Research is about those who are fighting, as well as those we have sadly lost, we’re going to be knitting chemo caps as we go (knitting as you walk is optional). The caps will be donated to various cancer wards across London.

S&B London are offering two fabulous chemo hat patterns for a minimum £2 donation

(give more if you like)

There is a round hat and a square hat. Both are easy to knit and very quick (use whatever yarn you like, as long as it’s not scratchy).

To donate click here and give as much as you like.

Donate first then CLICK HERE to download our S&B London Cancer Fighter hat patterns once you’ve donated.

We’d love to see the hats you end up making too. Send any pictures to

We plan to donate them to local London cancer wards so get in touch for an address if you have rustled some up, or bring them along to an S&B meeting.

If you want to join our Race for Life team and race along with us you can see all the details here. We’d love to have you join us.

PS If you download without donating we won’t know. But you’ll know. It will slowly eat away at your conscience in the night. Eventually you’ll end up living on a hill in the middle of the wilderness talking to your imaginary friends and knitting with your own hair. So be nice and donate. Even a teeny bit helps.

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Race for Life: We walk all over cancer in running spikes

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on March 15, 2009

S&B Londoners have always thought that cancer was really rubbish. We’ve been helping battle it since day one with our knits. There was our London Lion Scarf and our Blanket for Breast Cancer. And now we’re Racing for Life because cancer just can’t seem to take the hint.
Tina ‘Wickedwoollywitch’ Bragaglia is doing the Race for Life (bright red stick and all) in memory of her brother. You can see her sponsor page here. We thought that was rather fabulous and couldn’t let her race alone.
So inspired by Tina, and other teams such as Socktopus and IKnit , we at S&B London are joining in Race for Life too. We’re joining the event on the 6th of May at 7pm in Battersea Park (so no time off work or weekends taken up required).

Join Team S&B London

The race is on the 6th of May at 7pm in Battersea Park. We’d love you to join us whether you help us raise a little or a lot.
To sign up just drop us an email at We’ll let you know how to sign up and we’ll add you to the team.

We’ll be racing in a group at a walking pace to make sure some of us less gazelle-like members don’t walk on their own.

Sponsor Team S&B London

For those of you who can’t be at the Race you can sponsor us here:
You can sponsor us at


We’re offering two Cancer Fighter Hat patterns for you to knit while you race, or knit while you cheer our team on. You can see the ALMOST FREE PATTERNS here (and get them for the price of a donation to S&B London). CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE.

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