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Archive for the ‘Secret Santa’ Category

Come to the Stitch London Christmas Shindig 2011

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on November 28, 2011

This year’s Stitch London Christmas Shindig is sponsored by the good folks at Knit Magazine

Jingle! Jingle! Jingle!

Hark! What’s the noise? Why it’s the knitted reindeer pulling the Stitch London Christmas Shindig Sleigh filled with fantabulous crafty gifts for all! Woo hoo!

Every year Stitch London throws one hell of a woolly party for Christmas, and two things make it extra special:

Cracking Christmas Raffle and Stitching Secret Santa

The Cracking Christmas Raffle means we ask craft sellers to donate their most fabulous things to help raise money for a cause close to Stitch London’s handmade heart.

What can I win? We’ll be listing prizes on Twitter, Facebook and our Website. So keep checking as the list grows every day.

Where can I get tickets from? Tickets are only available on the night at the Stitch London Christmas Shindig. All you need to do is arrive at the party and buy your tickets.

How much are tickets? Tickets will be £1 each and all money raised from the Cracking Christmas Raffle will go to Yes to Life and the Andrea Giles Cancer Charity Appeal.

What’s this Secret Santa business about? Stitching Secret Santa is all about giving and more importantly about getting a bit of someone else handsome handmade handwork. Read all about it over at the Stitching Secret Santa post.

This year we’re raising money to support brand-new knitter Andrea Giles in her battle against breast cancer. Andrea’s fight is more than just a one-woman battle. She began using alternative and complementary therapy when the usual medical route fell short. Andrea is a brave pioneer for the Yes to Life Campaign, setting out to prove that there is hope even when the medical profession aren’t so sure.

Help Andrea kick cancer where it hurts

Andrea’s story is so inspiring we couldn’t fit it all in here, so you can read all about it in a special interview over at the Stitch London blog. It’s an amazing cause and Andrea is an amazing woman. Your raffle money could change the course of cancer treatment and give hope to so many. Please give what you can. And do read Angela’s interview. It really is very inspiring stuff.

Can’t make the party? If you miss it there’s the Global Stitching Secret Santa Swap on Ravelry too!

Want to donate something? For every item donated you’ll get a tweet to our 6000 followers and a link on our Facebook. Email to let us know you’d like to give a prize. Small sellers and large ones are all welcome.


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Stitching Secret Santa goes Global!

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on November 24, 2011

Hello lovely Stitch Londoners

There’s the jingle in the air. EEK! Christmas is acomin’ and there’s soooo much stitching to do.

This year we’re holding our annual Stitching Secret Santa at our Stitch London Christmas Shindig. But since there are now Stitch Londoners in 52 countries around the world we know some of you won’t be able to make the party.

So we’ve decided to start a global Stitching Secret Santa Swap on Ravelry. It will be announced in the next newsletter with a link to this thread.

Here’s the deal:

1. You come here to the Global Stitching Secret Santa Swap thread and post to say you’d like to join in
2. You knit or crochet or stitch (handmake) a gift costing about £5
3. You lovingly wrap your gift
4. One of our lovely mods will pair you up with another distant Stitch Londoner on December 13th
5. You swap details via private message
6. You post your handmade offering
7. You sit patiently by the post box until it arrives

Squeeeeeeeeeeeee! Christmas! Mind you remember to come back here and show us what you go afterwards or we’ll sulk!

Stitch London goes global for Christmas. Ain’t it grand?

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Stitching Secret Santa the Second

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on December 17, 2009

Twas the very last Stitch and Bitch London meeting before Christmas and all through the National Theatre not a creature was knitting…except for 30 people on the first floor.

Since some of you lovely S&B Londoners missed out on Stitching Secret Santa (and one poor soul ended up with the unhandmade prize of pantsness) we decided to give Stitching Secret Santa another jingling whirl in what has come to be known, imaginatively, as Stitching Secret Santa the Second.

Witness the loveliness of what our handcrafting heroes contributed to Round Two here:

Cuuuuuute bag and row counter

A fine woolly pair

The proof was in the (tea cosy) pudding. Marion gets a fabulous present at last.

A very sweet stitched stocking

A snuggly snood

Perfect pink armwarmers (to be passed on to a friend by their slightly allergic recipient)

Charming handmade buttons and charm

Dangling decorations

Christmas tree peoples

Stitched soldiers

A selection of stockings

The ink-slinging Gary ‘Sheep Stitcher’ Northfield also wandered along to admire the woolly wonders and sign some copies of his Derek the Sheep book for our competition winners:

Derek runs from an angry bee

Derek in Wonderland

Derek joins Knit the City for a yarnstorm on the farm

All in all it was a marvellous Stitchmas way to end one of S&B London’s busiest, moustachiest, maddest years.

Thanks to everyone who stitched their second Secret Santa and everyone who ooohed and ahhed in the right places as they were opened.

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In pictures: the S&B London Christmas Party Yarnorama 2009

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on December 15, 2009

Christmas is a time for knitting like crazy, screaming at people to shhhhhh because you are counting rows because this knit has to be finished in two weeks’ time and staring with horror at the calendar as the day between your Christmas knitting and the big day get nearer and nearer.

Lucky for Stitch and Bitch Londoners it’s also a time of year for the S&B London Christmas Party and this year we did our best to make it a Yarnorama worth coming along to.

Raising over £300 for the Treasure Trove charity we spent the evening knitting, exchanging some heavenly bits of handmade in our Secret Santa and eating, drinking and being knitty. It was Christmas with a woolly flare.

If you missed it you can have a virtual S&B London Christmas Yarnorama along with us by looking at the pictures and wishing really really hard that you were there.

Some Really Rather Marvellous Raffle Prizes:

Some very lovely Debonnaire handspun yarn

An Addicted to Knit shawl kit

A pretty Purlescence needle clutch

More kits from Sharp Works and Cafe Knit

Goodies from Milla Mia and Fabrications

Godzilla-like Ropey from Prick Your Finger

Some stitched and rather swish Secret Santa swaps:

Purple armwarmer goodness

Pretty in purled pink

A haaaaaandbag

A chilly winter Penguin

A cosy headhugger

A cosy headhugger

Handmade leather lovelies

Eek! A mouse!

Red and bobbly

Another handmade handbaaaaaaaag for the man who has everything

Blue sock smile

Ooo! Cable!

A dahhhling dinopurse

Pom pom people!

The green green scarf

Stitched ski hat

Cake and bow

Multicoloured and squishy

Sheep poo paper. Ewwwwwwww!

A cosy white cap

Handy handwarmers

Something flowery

Handmade hooter

Cupcake and cowl

A Christmas Bear


Ooo la la!

Green glee

Some angelic ornaments


Some sweet socks

Where did you get that hat?

A rather sorrowful bit of rule breaking (sadly not handmade or worth approx £5)

Itty bitty pin cushion

Rather funky purple wrist warmers

Before the raffle Emma told us a little about the charity we were raising money for. Cue all of us feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

Emma tells us why Treasure Trove is so fabulous

The raffle begins. A selection of our prize winners as we had 27 prizes this year:

A yummy knit kit

Mmm magazine subscription

Handspun happiness

Balls of brilliant stuff

Some sharp stitching stuff

Happy happy happy

All the Fun of the Fair's coveted Noro

And we said goodbye to the lovely Startitis and it all got a bit emotional. :*(

A bunch of slightly sorrowful stitchers

It's all about booze and yarny loveliness in the end

There were over 70 photos taken at the party so if you can’t see yourself here hop along to our set on Flickr and hunt yourself down there.

The Stitchettes would like to thanks all the lovely Yarn Sellers and Magazines mentioned here who donated prizes to the Really Rather Marvellous Raffle and to our sponsors Debonnaire, Yarn Box and KAL Media. We heart you all. You helped us raise loads of money for a good cause and put some smiles on our lovely stitchers.

Thanks also to everyone who attended and the shops who gave vouchers and discounts too.

See you in the New Year as the woolly Godzilla that is S&B London stomps across 2010 roaring “Submit to the Knit” to the non-knitting masses till they pick up sticks and join us.

The Stitchettes x

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Stitch and Shhhhhh Secret Santa

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on October 23, 2009

Do you ever feel envious of those lucky, lucky recipients of the carefully knitted gifts that you give them? Do you secretly wish that you could have something soft and woolly and handmade to open? Well, here’s your chance.

S&B London is already working hard to plan the most knitastic Christmas party London has ever witnessed.
Secret Santa has metamorphasised into the most party-hearty part of it all. Last year there were squeals of stitching glee, snickers of ‘I got the best pressie’, and much admiration of woolly wonders that got handed out.

Last Christmas we packed out the venue, pretended to knit briefly before casting it aside in favour of merriment, and exchanged lots of fabulous handknitted loveliness in mystery gift form (some finished at the very last minute).

There is no limit to secret santa subjects. We’ve had gorgeous gloves, dinosaur stockings (stockings with dinosaurs on, not a sock of dinosaurs!), pots of peeping posies, silky scarves, adorable armwarmers, and even a special Santa.

This year we’re doing it alllllll again. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is:
  1. Make one present.
  2. Your present should cost approximately of £5.
  3. Your present can be ANYTHING, as long as it’s knitted or crocheted or at least handmade.
  4. You must make your present before the S&B London Christmas Party (in December, date and venue to be confirmed).
  5. Turn up at the S&B London Christmas Party with some Christmas cheer and your present wrapped up.
  6. Place your Secret Santa present in the magic sack.
  7. At present-giving time pick a gift from the magic sack.
  8. Open your present and squeak with excitement.
  9. Model your present proudly for the rest of the night looking a bit smug
  10. Eat (cake), drink (insert booze of choice here) and be merry.
What do you mean “Christmas already! It’s only October”? We’re giving you a couple of months of stitching time which will just fly by!

If you need ideas to get you started, there are plenty of ideas from the last few years in our flickr group or our 2007 Party set.

Remember, your gift is completely anonymous (unless you start pointing and saying “I made that!”) and it doesn’t have to be anything complicated – all gifts are valued equally.

There’s only 64 knitting days till Christmas! Arrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh!

Picture by Mirvettium

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