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Archive for the ‘Workshops’ Category

DUCKIE CHRISTMAS MARKET: Stitch London stuff to buy

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on December 12, 2011

This Christmas some marvellous Stitch Stuff will be on sale at the brilliant Duckie Christmas Market at London’s Barbican Centre. Woo hoo!

Stitch London proudly presents the woolly might of Stitch London’s creator, Whodunnknit, teaming up with the fabulous Emma ‘The Fastener’ Toft of Tofty Makes to sell a whole load of Stitchy Stuff to the brilliant Duckie Christmas Market at London’s Barbican Centre.

What’s Duckie Christmas Market when it’s at home? Duckie Christmas Market will transform the Barbican Centre foyers into an indie gift market showcasing cult crafters, artisans, designers, hawkers, butches, bakers and candlestick makers. It’s a kooky, ultra-fun pop up market and it’s totally free!

What are we selling? Beginner knitting kits (including branded Stitch London needles, mini yarn-cutting snips, a how to knit booklet, yarn and other essential bits); beginnner crochet kits (including how to crochet booklet and other essential bits); gorgeous handmade buttons and button-based accessories; over 20 different Stitch London badges; graffiti knitting postcards, greetings cards and prints; Stitch fridge magnets; Stitch London books, and loads more.

We’ll have a something special for all members of Stitch London who come along on the 21st. Just say the codewords “Woolly Godzilla”.

When is it? We’ll be there on these dates:

  • 2pm to 9.30pm on Sunday 18th December
  • 6pm till 9.30pm on December 20th21st and 22nd
  • 6pm till 9.30pm after Christmas on December 29th and 30th

On December 21st we have an exclusive Stitch London Stitch Up area at the market so come along for our last  Stitch Up of the year!

Where is it? It’s at London’s Barbican. More info on the venue here.

What else is going on? Duckie promises workshops, pop-up performances and seasonal bonhomie. It’s going to be fun with a capital F, we tell you!


AGH! I can’t make it! Can I buy Stitch London stuff online?!?!?! The Stitch London shop will be opening in the New Year but Stitch London beginnner knitting kits and Tofty Makes beginner crochet kits will be available at the New Year Newbie Fest on January 3rd 2012. Email to order yours. Go on.

You can also support Stitch London by buying the Stitch London book (with free pigeon knitting kit) or the Knit the City graffiti knitting book. Cool, no?




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Stitched Science: in pictures

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on June 30, 2011

The woolly eagle has landed! Stitched Science at London’s Science Museum blasted off last weekend and brought a galaxy of woolly stars with it.

There was a giant Stitched Solar System, over 250 Stitched Self handmade mini mes, over 60 Stitched Science Specimens sent in from around the globe, and eight cosmic crafty workshops areas teaching everything from Martian making to knitting planets from plastic bags.

If you missed it here’s a glimpse at some of what went on at the Star Spangled event:

The countdown begins. 5...4...3...2...1...

We have Stitched Science lift off!

When Stitched Science was dreamed up and we were shown the space there was to fill, I decided ‘space’ was certainly the word for it. The only thing to do would be to fill it with something sciencey and giant, and what’s more giant than the solar system we’re currently floating about in?

Bringing the wild idea to life took three planet wranglers (myself, Natali O’Farrell and Gary Northfield), 25 knitters (knitting long strips to make up each planet), and the kind donations of giant balloons from Signature Balloons and most of the yarn from Coats Craft. Here are our planets…

Our sun was over two metres wide and covered in over 8 metres of handsewn felt.

Here comes the sun

Tiny Mercury was wrapped in yarn to make a giant ball of wool in grey Mercury colours.

AGH! A giant ball of yarn!

Venus was rolled in handknitted strips and sprinkled with real poisonous gas (honest).

Cough! Cough! The poison gas!

Earth was fashioned from many, many plastic bags with plarn (plastic bag yarn) knitted up and shaped into the continents. The moon was handknitted too.

Plarn-knit Earth and a balloon moon

Handknit Mars began life with three Manic Mars Martians wandering about its woolly surface. More Martians would be added throughout the event. Things were going to get crowded…

Whee! The planet is ours!

Jupiter went up half-finished and it was up to our knitting jenny cord makers to complete it.

Half-naked planet *blushes*

Saturn was surrounded by a bare-naked ring ready to be filled up with pom poms to form its icy particles.

Simple Saturn awaits pom pom pals

Uranus (snicker) was conjured up on a knitting machine and then handsewn into a swirly shape.

The rudest planet there is. Poor thing.

Neptune was made up of some crazy handknitting and featured a white spot just like the real thing.

Have I got a spot coming up?

And because we didn’t want to leave him out here’s Pluto, the almost-planet. He was knit by hand in the round with a few purly rows thrown in for decoration.

I am a planet! Dammit!

Finished travelling the Solar System? We’ve got lots more to share!

Over the past couple of months people have been sending in Stitched Science Specimens from all over the UK and the globe. We wanted to make sure they were treated with the proper respect they deserved so we tucked each of them safely into official Science Museum showcases for the event. There were 64 Stitched Specimens in total and they were all absolutely astoundingly brilliant. We’ll blog them in more detail later on but here’s a view of a few.

A woolly welcome from a case of Stitched Science Specimens

Nebula, ovum, DNA to name a few...

Rockets, planes, paracetamol...

We had some science celebs in too.

The marvellous Marie Curie

A xylophone-playing Patrick Moore (and his cat)

A purly Professor Brian Cox with volcano crater in tow

And a little Galileo, telescope in hand

And there was more from the sublime to the silly…

A hand embroidered radiotherapy mask and hot-air balloon start our second wing of Stitched Specimens

Amazing embroidered and crocheted bacteria

Vacanti's Earmouse! Ewwwww and yet awwwwwwww!

A spritely Bacteriophage

A giant handknitted plug

Lego, DNA, a Space Invader...

Knitting infused with scents to tingle the senses

Artificial heart, blood cells, pencilliium...

Astronauts, experimental peas, Sputnik and telescope...

Aparatus for the lab, molecules, pills and cells...

A blue-screen computer, mathematical equations...

...lightbulbs and star-gazers...

and who could forget Plarchie, the handknitted squid?

Plarchie reclines at the plarn table

And we weren’t alone in our cosmic craft! We had crafty friends there too.

There was some Cross Stitch skill being passed on by manbroiderer Mr X Stitch and his folks:

Manly stitchin' abounds

Yay! Computery cross stitch!

There was some brainy knitting going on with the Knit a Neuron crew:

The KAN gals

Oooo. Brainy!

Woolly Thoughts were wowing the crowd with their illusion knitting:

Team Woolly Thoughts squashing maths into knits

Sneaky stitched science

Wizard! Ain't that young Harry Potter?!?!

The marvellous Materialists created a technological tapestry:

The lovely ladies of the Materialistics

Hard at work handmaking

and The Make Lounge went monster mad!

Jam-packed with monster makers

Tiny monster maker goes for the shiny things

Aaaaaaand that wasn’t all. Your 255 Stitched Self handmade mini me were there too!

Wheeeeeeee! Stitched Self par-tay!

It was fun, fun and more fun. Here are a few highlights…

A pleased pom pom maker

Putting pom poms on the planet ring

Plarn-knit Earth knitters getting to grips with their needles

Adding plarn to the planet

Martian-making stitching sisters

Releasing the Mars Martians

Plarchie meeting the plug: fried calamari for all!

And we met some of the makers too.

Knitted Nebula maker, Lisa Bentman

Lego-stitcher extraodinaire, Linda Laidlaw

Partick Moore purler, Clare Tovey

Plant Cell stitcher, Becky Button

Stitched Self makers Gary, Thomas and Susannah Northfield

Stitched Self maker, Katie 'Hoxton Handmade' of Electric Sheep podcast fame

When it was all over our Solar System was mostly stitched, the Martians had totally taken over Mars and a cosmic crafty time had been had by all. Phew!


Stitched Science. Ta dah!

If you missed out there are more pics over at Stitch London’s Stitched Science set.

Even more pics over at Stitch London’s Stitch Up.

And we’ll be blogging each of the Stitched Specimen’s close up and in detail very soon.

Plus you can purchase the Manic Mars Martian knitting pattern for a bargain price over at Whodunnknit. All profits go towards keeping Stitch London running free events like this one. Yay!

Thanks to everyone who came along and made Stitched Science so spectacular.


Team Stitch London (Lauren and Natali) would like to thank all the people who helped put Stitched Science together:

Huge thanks to: Sue, Caroline and Katrina from the Science Museum for allowing us to run riot with our yarn.

More huge thanks to:  Gary, Emma, Sarah and Jenny for Planet Wrangling and heavy-lifting above the call of duty.

More huge thanks to our Stitch Sage Stars: Maria, Monique, Frederica, Madelaine, Lisa, Stephanie, Linda, Genevieve, Honey-Lee, Lucy, Amy, Kate, Brigitte, Miriam, Anna, Virginia, Clare, Beryl, Amy, Suzanne, Nicola, Emma and Mary.

Even more huge thanks to our Planet Knitters: Clare Tovey, Ellen Lindner, Linda Laidlaw, Suzanne Strachan, Emmy Harrup, Penny Gregory, Ann-Marie Thondrayen, Amy Shannon, Jaqui Lund, Alex Lawson, Abby Pond, Beryl Scott, Maria-Jesus Rojo, Frances Lee, Sarah Kerry, Madelaine Emberton, Nicola Cockett, Lina, Janet Baker, Sandra Ong, Karen Laidlaw, Rite Hoyle (4 rows), Jenny Willett, Emma Walker and Brigitte Onyskiw.

A tad more thanks to: Thomas B. Ramsden for bargain emergency extra yarn and tinsel planet gas.

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Stitched Science prepares to blast off!

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on June 22, 2011

The countdown has begun. Stitch London and the Science Museum‘s cosmic crafting event, Stitched Science, touches down this weekend and it’s going to be astronomical.

Join us on 25 and 26 June 2011 from 10pm to 6pm for a scientific stitching event you can see from space, featuring:

• the world’s largest Stitched Solar System (which you can help make)

• over 50 Stitched Specimens from all over the world (including knitted squid celebrity ‘Plarchie‘ the 8-metre squid)

• a galaxy of free crafty workshops with some of the UK’s finest craft teams


• 255 of your Stitched Selves from last year’s Stitch Yourself event

For full info see the Stitch London website

Can’t make it? You can join us on the net and see it all it all over at Stitch London’s Stitch Up (where we’ve been posting every Stitched Specimen that comes in), or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.


coats_craft signature_balloons

sponsor the Stitched Science event by providing materials for the Solar System and some workshops


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Start Garden Party: Sheep, Plastic Bag Bugs, recycling and celebrities

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on September 23, 2010

Stitch London teamed up with From Somewhere and the NOI* Collective to take part in Prince Charles’ Start Garden Party to Make a Difference. There were stitched sheep,  plastic bag bugs, celebrity sheep stealing and a ton of good stuff to learn about saving the planet and making a difference.

For those of you who missed it here’s what happened when Stitch London went knitting by Royal appointment.

Workshop One: Stitch a Square Sheep

First thing was first. Dressing two mannequins in John Smedley‘s kindly donated scraps and some familiar knitted beasts from Stitch London history.

Dressing dummies with the Stitch Sages


Snazzy Smedley scraps and a few mice

Fashion Week eat your heart out

A word from our sponsors

Stitch a Sheep corner

At last Stitch London were ready for the sheep stitching throngs. But before they arrived celebrity spotting got the best of us.

Attempting to look 'so macho' with Sinitta

Brian Blessed joined us to admire the stitched sheep. He regaled us with shouty tales of his grandmother teaching him how to knit, knitting on stage with Peter O’Toole and mountain-climbing madness. He also pinched one of our stitched sheep. Yay!


And now for a little light sheep stitching.


Snickering while stitching sheep

Our tiniest sheep stitcher

The herd grows and grows

And a few happy sheep stitchers wearing their sheep with pride.


White sheep winner

Baaaaavellous brooches

Purple pride

The final handmade herd

All sheep not taken home were sold to raise money for The Red Cross. Bleating brilliant.

Workshop Two: Plastic Bag Blanket and Bugs

Our second workshop began with a giant stitched squid attack on our mannequins.

Watch out! There's a giant Stitched Squid behind you!

The Stitched Squid finds a friend

Tentacled tenderness

Then the plarn was prepared and it was time to get our plastic knit on.


Passing on the plarn love

We kept an eye on his royal squidness just in case

Plastic bag bug success

A plarn Square Sheep! Our workshops combine!

A little look around

Giant paint buckets and waving washing lines

A hubcap flying fish

Here's looking at ewe, kid

Huge thanks to the NOI* Collective for inviting us, John Smedley knitwear for sponsoring our workshops, and the Stitch Sages who brought their woolly wisdom to the event: Clare Tovey, Clare Storry, Amy Shannon, Ellen Lindner, Gary Northfield, Jenny Willett and Brigitte Onyskiw.

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Stitch a Squid at the Natural History Museum: in pictures

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on September 23, 2010

Stitch London hit the main hall of London’s Natural History Museum on 27 August in an attempt to bring a shoal of stitched squid to life.

Amongst the dinosaur bones, stuffed beasts and birds, and fine fossils the stitched squid storm raged.

We witnessed the safe capture of the Stitched Sealife Six.

A sorry Stitched Squid and apologetic Osedax

The contrite Coelacanth

The sealed in Slender Snipe Eel

The very shamefaced Viper Fish

The attritional Oarfish

We were awed by the presence of the Godfather of Stitched Sealife: the Giant Stitched Squid (squidius knittius giganticus plasticus) who was brought to life by Deadly Knitshade from 160 knitted plastic carrier bags.

He'll make you an ten tentacled offer you can't refuse

Squidius Knittius Giganticus Plasticus

There were a whole lot of you squid stitchers too. Squid wrestling was rife but fortunately no serious injuries were had.

Squid stitchers lurk behind the beast

Stitch a Squid queue. It was madness!

Finger-fighting squid instruction

Ladies, start your squid stitching

Knitting a squid-catching net

Proud squid stitcher

Making squid friends large and small

A squid challenger

A fearless giant squid wrestler

Giant Squid vs Dinosaur. Who will win?!?!

Huge tentacled hugs to all 23 of our Stitch Sages who helped pass on the stitched squid skills, Laura Babb who took some some cracking photos you can see here, and the Natural History Museum for allowing us to wreck stitched sealife chaos in their lovely museum.

If you want to knit a tiny Finger-fighting Stitched Squid of your own you can buy the pattern here. Be warned. If you challenge one to a wrestle broken fingers have been known to happen.

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Exclusive events: Prince Charles’ ‘Garden Party to Make a Difference’ Workshops

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on September 6, 2010

Stitch London has been invited to contribute two voluntary workshops to Prince Charles’ ‘Garden Party to Make a Difference’ for his new Start charity.

The Prince of Wales is joining forces with musicians, comedians, environmental experts and some of Britain’s best known companies to create a unique festival in the heart of London. He’s opening up his own gardens at Clarence House, together with his neighbours’ gardens at Lancaster House and Marlborough House and inviting everyone to join in.

A Garden Party To Make A Difference runs from 8 to 19 September 2010 and is a rare opportunity to visit the historic gardens and learn the small steps that can, and are, being taken by all of us to build a more sustainable future. You can buy tickets here.

Celebrities saving the future will include Vivienne Westwood, Jools Holland, Rolf Harris, Hugh Denis, Marcus Brigstocke, Emma Watson, Clive Anderson, John Snow and loads of others.

Stitch London workshops:


Join Stitch London on a mission to stitch a herd of handmade sheep from reclaimed yarn and abandoned second-hand stashes. Stitch your sheep from a single knitted square and second-hand fabrics which have been donated to us by John Smedley, one of Britain’s oldest knitwear companies, to give a whole new life to woeful wools.

Take your handsome herbivore home with you or add him to the Handmade Herd art installation to help prove that knitting is more than just scratchy socks, dull doilies and oversized sweaters.





Learn to turn your waste plastic bags into picnic-perfect waterproof blankets and whirling wind-dancing butterflies and bugs with our ‘plarn’ workshop.

We’ll teach you to turn a simple plastic carrier bag into yarn to knit with. The ‘plarn’ can be turned to practical uses by creating a square-by-square multicoloured waterproof picnic blanket, or get buggy with butterflies and bugs that make perfect garden wind dancers.

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Stitched Sealife: Coelacanth lurks in the Fossil Hall

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on August 17, 2010

Stitch London are teaming up with London’s Natural History Museum on August 27 to bring you the Stitch a Squid event.

Six stitched specimens from the Deep Sea have escaped in the Museum. This is the tale of the first of the Stitched Sealife Six…

The cheeky Coelacanth, known for his hollow spine and its tendency to ‘walk’ across the seabed, was stitched into the world by Stitch Londoner Ginger Knits.

Meet the Coelacanth

He dwells 150-400 metres under the sea

He is one of the oldest species of fish in the world, but that didn’t stop him strutting his finny stuff down the Fossil Hall of the Museum for all the world to see.

Comparing fin size with a plesiosaur

Coelacanth have also been known to stand on their heads. We judge from the look on the face of this escaped specimen that he is capable of much more. Be vigilant! He could be up to anything.

Planning something fishy

Return tomorrow for the Deep Sea tale of another stitched sealife escapee.

You can also join us at the Natural History Museum August 27 to Stitch a Squid and join in the hunt for them.

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Knit at the Museum: All Stitched Up at the Hunterian

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on May 20, 2010

Stitching comes in many forms from the crafty to the medical and they’re not as far apart as you think.

To prove that crafters could get their surgical suturing on Stitch London teamed up with the surgical sorts at the Hunterian Museum to see if folks were up for knitting and stitching amongst the bottled bodies and bones.

It turned out that they were, and they arrived in their hundreds to do so.

Here’s a peek at the All Stitched Up at the Hunterian, a proper Knit at the Museum if ever there was one.

Stitchers, specimens, what's not to like?

Bottled specimens watch stitchers stitch

A lesson in knit

Knitting: because you're worth it


Jar of amadillo entrails while you knit, folks?

Ignore the floating spinal column and carry on stitching

Deadly Knitshade meets 'the wound'

Several Grey's Aknitomy jokes were made during this bad stitching

The Fibre Flinger looks much more medically capable

The Bluestocking Suturer

The Fastener turns Florence

I suspect there will be some scarring...

Spot the Gerty. Go on.

Gerty tries it on with the museum's founder. She has no shame.

It was possibly the most fun you can have in a room full of bits of people’s innards and various floating deceased animals. The Hunterian is a fascinating, fun and rather icky in a good way.

Thanks to the folks at the Hunterian for inviting us along. Also a HUGE thanks to all the Stitch Londoners who helped us teach the knitting masses.

We’re hoping to go back to the Hunterian again if you missed out. Gerty is pining for her new found friend already. So if you missed out we’ll stitch there again.

(Sign up to the newsletter to keep an eye on other fabulous fibre-based events. Not all will be as creepy but they’ll all be just as insane. We promise).

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Unique knitting workshop: meet the alpacas

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on January 29, 2010

Come and visit! I promise not to eat your hat.

Who wouldn’t love to hang out with cuddly faced alpacas and knit in the surrounding green of the English countryside while munching on some scrumptious homemade bread? Course you would! Well now you can.

Purl Alpaca Designs would like to invite you to one of their Knitting Workshops, on 13th February 2010, at their farm near Cambridge.

You can hang out with the beasts by getting up close and personal with the original fibre providers, enjoy warm welcoming coffee and home-made biscuits at Scotland Farm, and get knitting the unique Purl Alpacas designs with the benefit of tips from one to one tuition from the designer.

They also include home-cooked lunch made from ingredients that are organic (where possible) and sourced locally. Yum!

All this and a Purl Alpacas knitting pack.

Price: £95 per person.
10.30am to 4pm
Price includes:

  • Knitting pack with 5 balls of wool
  • Home-cooked lunch
  • Biscuits, tea and coffee
  • Knitting tuition
  • Alpaca tour and talks (from people, the alpacas can’t talk)

Scotland Farm is just outside Cambridge, very close to the A428 at Dry Drayton. Ample car parking available and full directions provided on booking.

For more workshop info see the Purl Alpacas website.

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