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COMPETITION: Win a shiny copy of the new Stitch London book

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on September 27, 2011

Stitch London has it’s own book! Woo hoo! To celebrate we’re running a competition to win one of five copies!

Wanna win a copy of Stitch London just for answering an easy peasy question?

The Stitch London book features patterns for two London birds. One of them is a splendiferous pigeon and the other is the bird pictured on the left. To win one of five shiny copies signed (by both Lauren and my good pigeony self), complete with a pigeon kit inside, all you need to do is answer this feathered friend-inspired Londony question:

What kind of bird is famous for being found at the Tower of London?

A: Flamingo

B: Raven
C: Funky chicken

D: Vulture

Drop us an email at with:

• The subject line“I want to get knitty in the city” (Please make sure you enter the right subject otherwise your entry might get missed) 
• Answer A, B, C or D
• Your full name, address and any leftover crusts of bread from your sandwiches
NEW MEMBERS: You need to join the mailing list here and then add the secret password, shown in green at the bottom right of your “A woolly welcome to Stitch London!” email, to your entry

Special Bonus Ravelry Extra: One lucky winner will get an extra prize of a full set of all 23 Stitch London badges and a Stitch London fridge magnet. Here’s what to do:

  1. Log in to with your account
  2. Find the Stitch London patterns and pick one you like
  3. Leave a comment or add one to your favourites
  4. Add the line: “I commented/favourited on (put pattern name here).” to your competition email, along with the correct answer to the question.

As with most Stitch London competitions anyone can enter. Even if you live outside the UK. The deadline for the competition is 4 October at 8pm.

Competition rules: 1. One entry per person. 2. Competition ends 4 October 2011 at 8pm. 3. No cash alternatives. 4. Winners will be drawn from all correct answers, and sent the book via post. 5. Competition open to everyone, including people outside London and the UK.

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EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Stitch London – the book!

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on September 27, 2011

STOMP! RUSTLE! STOMP! RUSTLE! What on earth is that noise? AAAIIIIIIIEEEEEE!!! The woolly Godzilla that is Stitch London has been transformed… into a book! And best of all each book contains a kit to knit the world’s most beautiful ladylike pigeon inside. Woo hoo!

Finally London has its very own knitting book! Stitch London, written by Chief Woolly Godzilla Wranger Lauren O’Farrell and published by the good folks at David & Charles, is a collection of 20+ of Lauren’s kookiest London-themed patterns in one shiny book. It’s her first ever pattern book and it tangles together her two great loves kooky knitting and the lovely pigeon-filled city of London.

Stitch London? Why would I want to knit London?

You can whip up your own HRH to add a bit of majesty to your mantelpiece. You could woolly up your unexciting umbrella with handful of Umbrella Fellas. You can build a knitty city with some little London landmarks, and stop your tea getting tepid with a cockney-rhyming slang Mug Hugger. Whether you’re just visiting or striving to survive as a city knitter, Stitch London is the place for you.

Not a knitter or a bit scared of new knitting challenges?

Fear not! We’ll even show you how to get clicking with your sticks and string. We’re nice like that.

Instant Pigeon Stitching

“Cooo coooo…” Oh yes, and it’s not just full of little knits. The book also contains everything you need to knit the pattern for the quite frankly gorgeous Cooey the Pigeon. Wheeeeeeeee!

Beating the stuffing out of cancer

And lastly a MWA HA HA HAAA in the face of Cancer. At the same time as the book is published Lauren is celebrating 5 years in remission from cancer. With this in mind all sales of this book support Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research to help other people beat the pants off cancer too.

Any more cool stuff? You get two bonus patterns if you register at You can also follow @cooeythepigeon on Twitter and like her on Facebook for updates and exclusive Stitch London book stuff. Coo-coo-cool.



For those of you who might fear that pigeon knitting is a little too challenging for their needles we’ve made a little movie to show you how easy it is. Knit the Pigeon: the Movie contains scenes of daring rooftop knitting, the innards of the Fleece Station where this little pigeon was first hatched and a rather catchy tune.You can attend the world premiere by watching it on Youtube here:

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Competition: Win copies of Knit the City’s new graffiti knitting book

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on September 10, 2011

Wanna win a copy of Knit the City: A Whodunnknit Set in London? The most knitting graffitiest book ever by the mysterious Deadly Knitshade? Hell yeah you do!

Knit the City: A Whodunnknit Set in London

To win one of five shiny hardback copies all you need to do is answer this taxing question:

Plarchie and ?

The Knit the City book cover features Plarchie, the handsome knitted squid, sitting on the lap of which famous scientific figure at the Natural History Museum?

A: Professor Brian Cox
B: Marie Curie
C: Charles Darwin
D: Dr Who

If you are already on the Stitch London mailing list drop us an email at with:

• The subject line“Banksy wishes he could knit like KTC” (Please make sure you enter the right subject otherwise your entry might get missed)
• Answer A, B, C or D
• Your full name, address and any love messages you wish to pass on to Plarchie
NEW MEMBERS: You need to join the mailing list here and then add the secret password, shown in green at the bottom right of your “A woolly welcome to Stitch London!” email, to your entry

If you’re not on the Stitch London mailing list you’ll need to join up.

Special Bonus Ravelry Extra: One lucky winner will get an extra prize of a Knit the City badge, fridge magnet and three knitting graffiti postcards by posting on Ravelry. Here’s what to do:

  1. Log in to with your account
  2. Go to either the Stitched Squid or Square Sheep pattern
  3. Leave a comment (you can favorite it too if you like)
  4. Add the line: “I commented on (put pattern name here). My comment number is (put comment number shown in top right of comment on Comments page here).” to your competition email, along with the correct answer to the question.

As with most Stitch London competitions anyone can enter as long as they’re on our mailing list. Even if you live outside the UK. The deadline for the competition is 15 September at 8pm.

Competition rules: 1. One entry per person. 2. Competition ends 15 September 2011 at 8pm. 3. No cash alternatives. 4. Winners will be drawn from all correct answers, and sent the book via post or given a copy at a Stitch London meeting (where you can get it signed). 5. Competition open to everyone, including people outside London and the UK.

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Help Us Knit Hats for St Mungos

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on August 30, 2011

Hobbit star Martin Freeman in his Orange Woolly Hat

Woo hoo! We’ve found enough knitters for the 30 hats we needed. But you can still help!

Check out or contact

You Stitch Londoners are amazing. 🙂


Stitch Londoners are a helpful bunch and we’re hoping you can help us help St Mungos.

The St Mungo’s homeless charity want us to knit 30 orange bobble hats to help launch their new campaign. We’re looking for knitters to help out with their needles. We’ll provide the yarn.

What we need you to do: Contact us and sort out picking up the yarn from a Stitch London meeting or from the Fleece Station

What we’re doing: We’re donating all the orange yarn for the hats and helping St Mungo’s find enough knitters to knit them

The free yarn can be picked up from The Fleece Station (address here) or from a Stitch London meeting (unfortunately Stitch London can’t afford to cover the costs of sending it out to people so it’ll have to be London knitters only). The pattern will be sent to you via email.

If you fancy helping out please contact us at with the subject header: ‘I want to make woolly hats’ and tell us:

1. How many hats you will knit

2. Where you will pick up the yarn from

Hats left to find knitters for: 0

What happens if I missed out on knitting one of the hats?!?! Never fear. Though we only need to help make 30 hats  (as we’re busy with lots of events so can’t manage all St Mungo’s knits ourselves) there is still the chance to help!

Happily you can still knit for St Mungo’s once we’re done. You can contact them at and find out more about Woolly Hat Day at Hurrah!

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Keep Calm, Carry Yarn and Help Clean Up London

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on August 9, 2011

There really is nothing anyone can say that can make the madness of the last few nights make sense. We woke up in a disillusioned and beaten-up London today.

But rather than lock our doors Londoners are grabbing their brooms, pulling on their gardening gloves and getting out there to help the Riot Wombles clean up the capital. Hooray for Londoners!

Here are a few ways you can help:

Riot Clean Up has a list of locations where clean ups are happening

@riotcleanup on Twitter is out there with the clean up teams and is tweeting away

Post riot clean-up: let’s help London are doing a bang up job of keeping helping opportunities up to date on Facebook

Over in Tottenham they’re asking for clothing, bedding, toys and other suitable items for families made homeless. Drop off at the Homes for Haringey office: Apex House, 820 Seven Sisters Road N15.

In reply to all the footage being blasted at us from the news of burning buildings and a city gone mad, there’s this:

And lastly Norwegian knitter Kaja Marie Lereng Kvernbakken, who recently made the OsLove knitted heart pattern to show love and support after the sad events in Norway, has updated the pattern with two new hearts for London, the Lovedon Hearts Knitting Pattern.

Kaja Marie says “My hope is that you will use this pattern, tweak it as you wish, and make hearts, loads of them: To remember what happened in Oslo and on Utøya or anywhere else where a little bit of love is needed. Pin it close to your heart, give to a friend or a stranger, let it out in the wild, as my graffiti knitting friend Deadly Knitshade would do, so that the heart can find whoever needs it. Knit it in any colour, with or without words, knit them and share them.”

Once the clean up is over and the knitting starts again I hope to see these little Lovedon hearts spreading the love.

If you have any tips on how to help London then please post them in the comments for others to see.

Keep calm, carry yarn and let’s get on with sorting out our city.


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MSF raise the Knit Signal. To the Knit Mobile, people!

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on July 21, 2011

None of us can have failed to notice the sad happenings in Somalia (even with the distraction of evil newspaper doings). This weekend the good folks at P/Hop raised the Knit Signal in the hopes that you crafty folks will dash to the rescue. We’re pretty confident you will, as you always have before and we know you have hearts bigger than your yarn stashes (and some of you have stashes you can see from space).

MSF don’t need you to knit for the people of Somalia, they badly need funds to help people out.

There are tons of ways you can probably think of to raise funds: from giving your yarn money to the cause and destashing instead, to knitting something fabulous and raffling it off, to giving some of your Etsy/Folksy/paper round profits, to wrapping rich people you know in eyelash yarn and not letting them out until they hand over their cash. MWA HA HAAAAAAA!

Whatever you give even the tiniest amount will help MSF make things better, and you get that warm fuzzy feeling inside while you sit and stitch.

And if you have nothing to give please pass this on to those who might.

Hop over to p/hop for more info (and some lovely patterns to tempt more funds from you)

Thanks, lovely Stitch Londoners. Woolly hugs for you all.


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Knit Nation 2011 thunders into London once more

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on July 14, 2011

If you knit or spin chances are you’ll already be counting the hours until Knit Nation 2011 kicks off. If you have no idea what Knit Nation is then where on earth have you been?

Knit Nation is a “knitting and spinning extravaganza” taking place from July 15-17th at Imperial College London’s South Kensington Campus (with a special Marketplace Preview tomorrow from 5pm). There will be classes galore and there are still some places for workshops. Check out the list of teachers whose knowledge you can squish into your brain:

Cookie A
Lene Alve
Susan Crawford
Elise Duvekot
Carol Feller
Franklin Habit
Marjan Hammink
Anne Hanson
Susanna Hansson
Carol & Pete Leonard
Clara Parkes
Judith Mackenzie
Merike Saarniit
Julie Weisenberger

There marketplace has many of Stitch London’s fibre-flogging pals too: Anova Books, Artisan Yarns, Atomic Knitting, Blacker Designs & Yarns, Brownberry Yarns, Cocoknits, Debonnaire, Easyknits, GMC Publishing, Great British Yarns, Habu Textiles, Jeanette Sloan, John Arbon Textiles, Juno Fibre Arts, Knitting Magazine, Krafty Koala, Loop Knitting, NicsKnots, Nimu, Old Maiden Aunt, Purl Alpaca Designs, Renaissance Dyeing, Skein Queen, Sparkleduck, StitchMastery Knitting Software, Susan Crawford Vintage, Sweet Clement, Tall Yarns’n’Tales, Toft Alpaca Shop, The Bothered Owl, The Little Knitting Company, The Natural Dye Studio, The Yarn Yard, Tilly Flop Designs, Twisted Angle, Well Manor Farm, Woolly Wormhead, Yarn Box and Ysolda.

And if that isn’t enough there’s a Knit-Tea Salon, a film screening and a wild and woolly Charity Bingo Party on Saturday night to raise funds for Refuge.

Our friends at p/hop will be there too raising money for MSF with their fabulous patterns.

That’s a whole lot of woolly wonder in one place. Hurrah!

For more info and to book tickets check out the Knit Nation website

See you there, Stitch Londoners!


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Stitched Science: in pictures

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on June 30, 2011

The woolly eagle has landed! Stitched Science at London’s Science Museum blasted off last weekend and brought a galaxy of woolly stars with it.

There was a giant Stitched Solar System, over 250 Stitched Self handmade mini mes, over 60 Stitched Science Specimens sent in from around the globe, and eight cosmic crafty workshops areas teaching everything from Martian making to knitting planets from plastic bags.

If you missed it here’s a glimpse at some of what went on at the Star Spangled event:

The countdown begins. 5...4...3...2...1...

We have Stitched Science lift off!

When Stitched Science was dreamed up and we were shown the space there was to fill, I decided ‘space’ was certainly the word for it. The only thing to do would be to fill it with something sciencey and giant, and what’s more giant than the solar system we’re currently floating about in?

Bringing the wild idea to life took three planet wranglers (myself, Natali O’Farrell and Gary Northfield), 25 knitters (knitting long strips to make up each planet), and the kind donations of giant balloons from Signature Balloons and most of the yarn from Coats Craft. Here are our planets…

Our sun was over two metres wide and covered in over 8 metres of handsewn felt.

Here comes the sun

Tiny Mercury was wrapped in yarn to make a giant ball of wool in grey Mercury colours.

AGH! A giant ball of yarn!

Venus was rolled in handknitted strips and sprinkled with real poisonous gas (honest).

Cough! Cough! The poison gas!

Earth was fashioned from many, many plastic bags with plarn (plastic bag yarn) knitted up and shaped into the continents. The moon was handknitted too.

Plarn-knit Earth and a balloon moon

Handknit Mars began life with three Manic Mars Martians wandering about its woolly surface. More Martians would be added throughout the event. Things were going to get crowded…

Whee! The planet is ours!

Jupiter went up half-finished and it was up to our knitting jenny cord makers to complete it.

Half-naked planet *blushes*

Saturn was surrounded by a bare-naked ring ready to be filled up with pom poms to form its icy particles.

Simple Saturn awaits pom pom pals

Uranus (snicker) was conjured up on a knitting machine and then handsewn into a swirly shape.

The rudest planet there is. Poor thing.

Neptune was made up of some crazy handknitting and featured a white spot just like the real thing.

Have I got a spot coming up?

And because we didn’t want to leave him out here’s Pluto, the almost-planet. He was knit by hand in the round with a few purly rows thrown in for decoration.

I am a planet! Dammit!

Finished travelling the Solar System? We’ve got lots more to share!

Over the past couple of months people have been sending in Stitched Science Specimens from all over the UK and the globe. We wanted to make sure they were treated with the proper respect they deserved so we tucked each of them safely into official Science Museum showcases for the event. There were 64 Stitched Specimens in total and they were all absolutely astoundingly brilliant. We’ll blog them in more detail later on but here’s a view of a few.

A woolly welcome from a case of Stitched Science Specimens

Nebula, ovum, DNA to name a few...

Rockets, planes, paracetamol...

We had some science celebs in too.

The marvellous Marie Curie

A xylophone-playing Patrick Moore (and his cat)

A purly Professor Brian Cox with volcano crater in tow

And a little Galileo, telescope in hand

And there was more from the sublime to the silly…

A hand embroidered radiotherapy mask and hot-air balloon start our second wing of Stitched Specimens

Amazing embroidered and crocheted bacteria

Vacanti's Earmouse! Ewwwww and yet awwwwwwww!

A spritely Bacteriophage

A giant handknitted plug

Lego, DNA, a Space Invader...

Knitting infused with scents to tingle the senses

Artificial heart, blood cells, pencilliium...

Astronauts, experimental peas, Sputnik and telescope...

Aparatus for the lab, molecules, pills and cells...

A blue-screen computer, mathematical equations...

...lightbulbs and star-gazers...

and who could forget Plarchie, the handknitted squid?

Plarchie reclines at the plarn table

And we weren’t alone in our cosmic craft! We had crafty friends there too.

There was some Cross Stitch skill being passed on by manbroiderer Mr X Stitch and his folks:

Manly stitchin' abounds

Yay! Computery cross stitch!

There was some brainy knitting going on with the Knit a Neuron crew:

The KAN gals

Oooo. Brainy!

Woolly Thoughts were wowing the crowd with their illusion knitting:

Team Woolly Thoughts squashing maths into knits

Sneaky stitched science

Wizard! Ain't that young Harry Potter?!?!

The marvellous Materialists created a technological tapestry:

The lovely ladies of the Materialistics

Hard at work handmaking

and The Make Lounge went monster mad!

Jam-packed with monster makers

Tiny monster maker goes for the shiny things

Aaaaaaand that wasn’t all. Your 255 Stitched Self handmade mini me were there too!

Wheeeeeeee! Stitched Self par-tay!

It was fun, fun and more fun. Here are a few highlights…

A pleased pom pom maker

Putting pom poms on the planet ring

Plarn-knit Earth knitters getting to grips with their needles

Adding plarn to the planet

Martian-making stitching sisters

Releasing the Mars Martians

Plarchie meeting the plug: fried calamari for all!

And we met some of the makers too.

Knitted Nebula maker, Lisa Bentman

Lego-stitcher extraodinaire, Linda Laidlaw

Partick Moore purler, Clare Tovey

Plant Cell stitcher, Becky Button

Stitched Self makers Gary, Thomas and Susannah Northfield

Stitched Self maker, Katie 'Hoxton Handmade' of Electric Sheep podcast fame

When it was all over our Solar System was mostly stitched, the Martians had totally taken over Mars and a cosmic crafty time had been had by all. Phew!


Stitched Science. Ta dah!

If you missed out there are more pics over at Stitch London’s Stitched Science set.

Even more pics over at Stitch London’s Stitch Up.

And we’ll be blogging each of the Stitched Specimen’s close up and in detail very soon.

Plus you can purchase the Manic Mars Martian knitting pattern for a bargain price over at Whodunnknit. All profits go towards keeping Stitch London running free events like this one. Yay!

Thanks to everyone who came along and made Stitched Science so spectacular.


Team Stitch London (Lauren and Natali) would like to thank all the people who helped put Stitched Science together:

Huge thanks to: Sue, Caroline and Katrina from the Science Museum for allowing us to run riot with our yarn.

More huge thanks to:  Gary, Emma, Sarah and Jenny for Planet Wrangling and heavy-lifting above the call of duty.

More huge thanks to our Stitch Sage Stars: Maria, Monique, Frederica, Madelaine, Lisa, Stephanie, Linda, Genevieve, Honey-Lee, Lucy, Amy, Kate, Brigitte, Miriam, Anna, Virginia, Clare, Beryl, Amy, Suzanne, Nicola, Emma and Mary.

Even more huge thanks to our Planet Knitters: Clare Tovey, Ellen Lindner, Linda Laidlaw, Suzanne Strachan, Emmy Harrup, Penny Gregory, Ann-Marie Thondrayen, Amy Shannon, Jaqui Lund, Alex Lawson, Abby Pond, Beryl Scott, Maria-Jesus Rojo, Frances Lee, Sarah Kerry, Madelaine Emberton, Nicola Cockett, Lina, Janet Baker, Sandra Ong, Karen Laidlaw, Rite Hoyle (4 rows), Jenny Willett, Emma Walker and Brigitte Onyskiw.

A tad more thanks to: Thomas B. Ramsden for bargain emergency extra yarn and tinsel planet gas.

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Stitched Science prepares to blast off!

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on June 22, 2011

The countdown has begun. Stitch London and the Science Museum‘s cosmic crafting event, Stitched Science, touches down this weekend and it’s going to be astronomical.

Join us on 25 and 26 June 2011 from 10pm to 6pm for a scientific stitching event you can see from space, featuring:

• the world’s largest Stitched Solar System (which you can help make)

• over 50 Stitched Specimens from all over the world (including knitted squid celebrity ‘Plarchie‘ the 8-metre squid)

• a galaxy of free crafty workshops with some of the UK’s finest craft teams


• 255 of your Stitched Selves from last year’s Stitch Yourself event

For full info see the Stitch London website

Can’t make it? You can join us on the net and see it all it all over at Stitch London’s Stitch Up (where we’ve been posting every Stitched Specimen that comes in), or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.


coats_craft signature_balloons

sponsor the Stitched Science event by providing materials for the Solar System and some workshops


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Join us on the STITCH CRAWL 2011

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on June 8, 2011

STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The Stitch London Stitch Crawl is stomping across London this summer for Worldwide Knit in Public Day (and International Yarnbombing Day) and you’re all invited.

11 June 2011 – 12pm to 6.30pm

GLOBAL: Knit a Floating Flutterguy and release him in your city
• LOCAL: Join the Stitch London Stitch Crawl 2011 in four of London’s lovely spaces and stitch in the great outdoors. We’ll be graffiti knitting all the way too!
LOCAL: Enter the Stitch Crawl Really Rather Marvellous Raffle to win fabulous prizes and raise money for Evelina Children’s Hospital London at the Stitch Crawl

Worldwide Knit in Public Day comes but once a year and this year it’s the 11th of June. The Stitch London Stitch Crawl rises from the depths of the Thames to stomp across the city once more.

What on earth is a Stitch Crawl? The Stitch Crawl (previously the Knit Crawl) is a day when you and your crafting proudly go out into the city and show yourself off. There’s sunshine, there’s cake, there’s hayfever-based sneezing, there are curious passers by and there are some of London’s loveliest sites. You can see last year’s Knit Crawl here. It rocked the London’s outdoor areas.

Is it just for knitting? This year it’s officially a Stitch Crawl. Any type of craft is welcome. Crochet, cross stitch, embroidery, sewing, juggling, squid wrestling. You name it. Any one and everyone is welcome from grown ups, to kids, to pets, to people who have never come to an event like this before.

When is it? This year it’s the 11th of June from 12pm till 6pm, with drinks after for the hardcore.

Where will it be? This year’s Knit Crawl is going green. We’re taking you on a journey through London’s wild green spaces. Four venues, four places to sit and stitch, four lots of places to win something woolly and wonderful in our Stitch Crawl raffle. See the website for venues.

What will it cost? The Stitch Crawl is free for anyone to join. Bring yourself, bring your knitting and bring your outdoorsy pioneer spirits. We’ll take you and your stitching tour you and your handmade won’t easily forget.

What can I win in your marvellous raffle? We’ll have prizes at each stop of the Stitch Crawl. So much fabulous fibre-based stuff! Wanna see? The list below will be added to as more prizes come in:

– crafty goodies

Prick Your Finger
– A word of your choosing knitted in their fabulous handmade letter

– 5 copies of the ‘Astounding Knits’ book

– a Lexie Barnes project bag

Hoopla Yarn
– some of their amazing yarn

Mrs Moon
– A Jade cashmere scarf kit (worth £69)

All the Fun of the Fai
r – knitting goodies

Designer Yarns
– lovely skiens of multi-coloured yarns

– splendid stitching goodies

Green and Blacks
– set of 24 miniature chocolates

Tricolette Yarns
– £100 voucher for their online shop

Little Knitting Company
– skeins of cashmere and kits

Susan Crawford
– Vintage Gifts to Knit book

The Bothered Owl – London-themed bag

Sarah Kerry
– giant knitted biscuit cushion
Nintendo – plushie knitted Kirbys
Cheeky Handmades – Crochet set and case


What’s it for? The Stitch Crawl promotes the lovely art of stitching. We also raise money for charity. This year we’re raising money for the Evelina Children’s Hospital London (a cause very close to Stitch London’s heart).

What if I can’t make it? You can knit in public where ever you are. Check out the Worldwide Knit in Public Day website for info on a public stitch near you or organise your own. Release one of our floating flutterguys where you are and send us pics!

For more info see the Stitch London website

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