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Posts Tagged ‘Crochet’

Join us on the annual STITCH CRAWL 2011

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on May 23, 2011

STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The Stitch London Stitch Crawl is stomping across London this summer for Worldwide Knit in Public Day (and International Yarnbombing Day) and you’re all invited.

11 June 2011 – 12pm to 6.30pm

GLOBAL: Knit a Floating Flutterguy with our FREE PATTERN and release him in your city
• LOCAL: Join the Stitch London Stitch Crawl 2011 in four of London’s lovely spaces and stitch in the great outdoors
LOCAL: Enter the Stitch Crawl Really Rather Marvellous Raffle to win fabulous prizes and raise money for Evelina Children’s Hospital London

Worldwide Knit in Public Day comes but once a year and this year it’s the 11th of June. The Stitch London Stitch Crawl rises from the depths of the Thames to stomp across the city once more.

What on earth is a Stitch Crawl? The Stitch Crawl (previously the Knit Crawl but we’re going multi-craft – crochet, sewing, crossstitch. All are welcome) is a day when you and your crafting proudly go out into the city and show yourself off. There’s sunshine, there’s cake, there’s hayfever-based sneezing, there are curious passers by, there’s graffiti knitting, and there are some of London’s loveliest sites. You can see last year’s Knit Crawl here. It rocked the London’s outdoor areas.

Want to know more? Hop over the Stitch London’s shiny website to see venues, prizes and to find answers to all your questions.


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Stitch London meet the folks at John Smedley

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on October 5, 2010

Back in the summer Stitch London were contacted by a giant in knitting history, the good folks at John Smedley. John Smedley are one of Britain’s oldest knitwear companies, established 225 years ago in 1784. That is some serious time knitting.

John Smedley invited the Stitch London Stitchettes up to Matlock in lovely Derbyshire to see where the knitwear action happens and learn a little about the Smedley Family.

Fancy coming with us on the factory tour?

The historic John Smedley factory in the heart of lovely green Matlock

We arrive at the John Smedley factory in the magic Smedley bus

First stop was a room full of the finished product. Much squealing and ooing and ahhing ensued.

Colourful knits

Stripey knits

Stripey knits

Knitwear love

Before they become knits: cotton and fleece

Then onto the factory and a some lessons in knitwear history. We were shown around by our tour guide John (not the Smedley John but another one) who had become a tour guide after working in the factory for over 30 years. He knew everything there was to know (and he let us snaffle a few lovely yarny scraps too).

Learning a little Smedley history

A talented tattooed lady works the spinning machine

Working away on the factory floor

One is impressed by your knitwear

Dye another day (sorry)

The fabric is put through its paces with loads and loads of washes


Fluffy fleece and friends

The Fibre Flinger attempts to comb The Bluestocking Stitcher

Column of collars

HUGE knitting machines

A stash so big it needs stairs

Fabric patiently waiting to become clothes

A pair of long johns are born. (Not someone being sucked into the knitting machine)

Whole lotta blocking stuff

Whole lotta blocking stuff


Then off to the room where all the finishing is done. The people working there were doing wonders of stitching. Amazing stuff.

Some very savvy stitchers

A little bit of chopping

A rather funky finishing machine

Checking for imperfections on a handy pair of light-up legs

That last little label

The tour ends. Red yarn for all! Yay!

Off home to ponder how to turn what we've seen into something sneaky...

This was all in preparation for a very special project where graffiti knitting will meet traditional knitwear, as Stitch London and their sneaky stitching friends at Knit the City yarnstorm John Smedley’s Brook Street store in central London.

You’re all invited to come along and see the yarnstorm. You can even join us at the launch on October 11.

See our website for full details of the big event

The entire piece will be made of John Smedley’s yarn and scraps left over from their clothes making.

This is going to be fun…

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Stitch Yourself: For One Night Only

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on July 2, 2010

As the evening drew in on the 30th of June at around 6.30pm a pattering of tiny stitched feet could be heard echoing through the innards of London’s Science Museum.

They had come from the farthest corners of the globe, from Israel, Australia and Abu Dhabi. They had come from the nearest parts of our lovely London, from Islington, Twickenham and Archway. By post, by hand, by public transport.

I followed them from a safe distance with my camera as the 259 Stitched Selves went from Stitch London Towers in deepest Deptford to the Main Energy Hall of the Science Museum.

Tickets, please!

The Stitched Selves check out the new East London line

Last-minute preparations in the days before had been hurried along. Late arrivals were carefully opened and unpacked.

Keep still in there! We're cutting!

Every Stitched Self was catalogued in our Stitch Yourself Big Book of Little People.

How do you spell 'Austria'?

And every one of them was properly tagged to make sure we knew who they were and where they were from.

One, two, three, SQUEEEEEEEEEEEZE!

Groups, friends, family and Stitched Selves who were in lurrrrrrve were carefully tied together to make sure they didn’t lose each other in the fray.

Hello! I'm glad I didn't eat garlic.

They all climbed into the Stitch Yourself tour bus and made themselves comfy.

Your elbow is in my eye! Get your knitting needles out of hip!

The Stitch Yourself Tour Bus (air conditioned)

There were some struggles with stairs, many tiny whines of “Are we there yet?” and a couple of toilet breaks (even though we warned you all to go before we left) but at last we were there. The Stitch Yourself hoards had arrived at the Science Museum!

The showcase all ready for its Stitched Self guests

The Stitched Self Stitchettes checked it out first for safety.

Mini Deadly Knitshade takes to the shelf

Tiny Stitched Self Fibre Flinger, Bluestocking Stitcher, Fastener, Purple Purler and Gertrude Woolsworthy make sure it's safe

With the safety concerns all checked out the Stitched Selves rushed to grab a place in the limelight. It was woolly madess I tell you!


There they began showing off for unsuspecting passers by, as the Science Museum opened for an evening of Late Night wonders.

What were they doing there? We explained it all:

Stitch Yourself explained

There was a whole lot of knitting chatter coming from behind the glass as the Stitched Selves got comfy in their home for the evening. It was all very amiable. Lots of “Is anyone sitting here?” and “My but I do admire your handstitched frilly undergarments” from the tiny folks as they sorted themselves into display formation.

Do you see yourself somewhere?

Here maybe?

Or here?

Perhaps here?

Or in this little lot?

Shamefully there was a small incident involving the Stitched Self Gertrude ‘Aunty Gerty’ Woolsworthy, resulting in several of the Stitched Selves being sent to stand in the corner and think about what they’d done but the rest were very well behaved.

Mini Gerty gets a telling off

The public arrived in their droves to sigh (“I want to steal them!”), squeeeee (“I found ME!”), express shock (“AGH! That one’s naked!” and “Is she knitting her own head?!”), look confused (“A tree in a bikini?!”) and generally stand in awe-struck wonder at the handstitched, handknit and handhooked little people who peered back at them with just as much curiosity.

Admiring a crowd of tiny handmade people

The crowd of admirers grew

And grew

And every one of them was fascinated

Over 100 photos were taken. So here are a choice few.

A whole class of Stitched school kids hanging in the air

A rather dignified be-shoed Stitched Self up front

A gold-toothed smile

Shelf perchers

Bear with me


So many of you stitched lot

Stars and stripes

And skates

Flying high

Corner crowd

A little sleepy

A tree, a giant, a babycarrier and someone knitting their own head

A few familiar faces

Stitched smiley people

Happiness or shock...?

Stitched ink slingers

Pearls on purls

Specs and stitches

Flying the flag

Shhhh! She's sleeping

That's a tiny albino hedgehog on her toes

A little room on the meditation sofa as a Spanish Stitched Self shares space

Spot the scandalous naked Stitched Self

For one night only the Stitched Selves were one of the most interesting, creative and inspiring exhibits at one of London’s most famous museums. It was Stitched Self spendidness.

Up in the Who Am I? exhibit sat two knitted chromosomes by Marion ‘Bluestocking Stitcher’ Crick and me. They’re part of the permanent exhibit so do go along and say hello if you’re there.

Knitted science

Stitch London go sciencey

Some of you came along to visit your Stitched Selves too.

Behiiiiind you!

A doppelganger with a doppelganger of her doppelganger

Stitched streaker!

Four lovely ladies visit their group of Stitched Selves

Hair slightly less wild than her Stitched Self behind her

That's her in the black and white stripes

Found me!

And so the night came to an end. The tired Stitched Selves were packed back onto the Stitch Yourself tour bus and taken home (via the pub) to be tucked up safely in their beds.

A reminder of the fabulous venue of our first Stitched Self exhibit

If you didn’t see yourself keep an eye out for all 259 of them as we’ll showcase them here one by one over the next few months. It’s going to be a hell of a job but, with the effort you all put in, I think it will be worth it.

There were so many photos and so many of you we didn’t have room to feature all our photos. You can see the rest on Stitch London’s Flickr.

If you have stories behind your Stitched Selves please email and we’ll try to add them in with the photos of your tiny doppleganger. Also Flickr knitters can upload their Stitched Self pics to our Stitch London group.

A HUGE thanks to everyone who took part by sending in a Stitched Self. You’re an inspiring and wildly creative bunch and we couldn’t have done it without you. You utterly amazed us with every Stitched Self we met.

Special thanks to all those who helped out with making it happen: Marion Crick and Emma Toft for the fabulous blank body patterns, Yusuf for helping with all that unpacking, Clare, Gary and Emma for helping with the display, and Emmy and Gerty for newslettering stuff so I could get on with Stitched Self sorting. All the proofreaders on Twitter too, and everyone who passed along the word and got the crowds to come and see. 🙂

For those who missed the big event keep an eye on Stitch London in the future. The Stitched Selves will be back and you’ll all be invited. Promise.

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Stitch Yourself: new arrivals

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on June 28, 2010

Stitch London have been hard at work cataloguing and tagging each and every Stitched Self that you send in. Here’s a look at the chaos that took place as over 200 of your tiny dopplegangers took over Stitch London Towers this week:

It begins with a desk full of tiny person parcels...

And they keep coming...

And so the cataloguing and tagging commence

Stitched Selves waiting patiently to be tagged

A stitched school teacher keeps her stitched pupils in line

Box One fills up nicely to the constant chatter of Stitched Selves making introductions

Our first Stitched Self with a baby on board

Box One is almost full and still two post bags to go

A bit of carpet lounging as the tagging continues

A few Stitched Selves are caught up in a terrifying incident with one of the Tiny Perching Pigeons

The Stitched Selves come in all shapes...

And all sizes (We did say 15cm approx!)

Box one is full. Will you try and keep it down in there!?

It took two full days of opening, giggling, labelling, scribbling and packing but so far 237 Stitched Selves have been sorted.

We even had a ‘waiting area’ where Stitched Selves that cheekily requested being placed with friends or family hung out. We are pleased to say you were all united with who you waited for if you asked. All Stitched Self couples and groups have been tied together for the journey and will stay together in the museum.

We managed to fill two whole boxes which now stand by for the last stragglers that the postal service has eaten.

In the meantime Gertrude picked out a few friends to crack open the cider.

Stitched Self parrrrrrrrrty!

Join us and over 230 Stitched Selves at London’s Science Museum this Wednesday the 30th of June for the Stitched Self Exhibit. One night, hundreds of Stitched Selves. Woo hoo! We can’t wait!

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Exclusive Event: Stitch Yourself at the Science Museum

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on June 28, 2010

Stitch London has teamed up with London’s Science Museum to create a Stitch Yourself exhibit for the re-opening of their Who Am I? gallery.

See the Stitch Yourself exhibit for one night only in the main Energy Hall at the Science Museum Lates on 30 June 2010 from 6.45 to 10pm.

The exhibit features over 200 entries from all over the world and it’s possibly the only time you’ll ever get to see an army of tiny stitched people take over one of London’s most shiny museums.

You can also see Stitch London’s knitted chromosomes by Stitchettes Lauren O’Farrell and Marion Crick in the Who Am I Gallery’s permanent exhibit.

Tell us you’re coming on Facebook or Ravelry.

Can’t make it along on the night? Follow live Twitter tweets @stitchlondon

Join us. Go on.

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Stitch London Knit Crawl 2010: in pictures

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on June 18, 2010

Worldwide Knit in Public Day is a bigun for the Stitch London woolly Godzilla. It wants to get out there and stomp its yarny footprint all over London and this year we let it lose in London’s lovely museum district.

Nearly 100 of you knit your handmade socks off amongst the bones, birds and beasts at the Natural History Museum, in the cool poolside peace of the V&A, to the sundrenched symphony of the Albert Memorial and in the Neverneverland Neighbourhood of Kensington Garden’s Peter Pan statue.

We met with naked cyclists (MY EYES!), knitted dinosaurs, a chunky crochet frog who found a good home, a fibre-finding hound who was exhausted by all the adoration, far too much cake (no shock there) and all manner of gawping passers by.

There be dinosaurs nearby...

A raffle prize Derek the Sheep by Gary Northfield knits for a dinosaur

The cool climes of the heart of the V&A

Lucky winner of Sarah McIntyre's knitting Vern the Sheep print

I can't help but notice you're knitting

Recovering from Naked Bike Ride viewing at the Albert Memorial

Knit one, eat one

Last knitting stop Neverneverland

Why the long face? We brought cake!

Peter Pan observes the purling from his plinth

Prick Your Finger's crochet frog pretends to be a crocodile

The Knit Crawl winds to a close and many of us are dog tired

Celebration cider for a Knit Crawl well stitched

Just one more row...

The Knit Crawl raised a whopping £300 for the Brains Trust and left a huge woolly footprint on London for 2010. Thanks to all of those who donated prizes and everyone who took part in the public purling.

Same time next year. Who knows where we’ll be…

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Loop move to a larger shop

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on June 17, 2010

The lovely London knitting shop Loop is upping sticks and string and all its acoutrements and moving from its home in Cross Street. Loop will now live in a much larger store closer to Angel Station at 15 Camden Passage, Islington. Hurrah!

To celebrate this moving onwards and upwards Loop are celebrating with a launch party on the 19th June from 11am. There will be cakes, free knitting and crochet demonstrations, a raffle and all manner of lovely knitted goodness.

More space for all the gorgeous knitting supplies, books and patterns, quirky and useful haberdashery, buttons, handmade and vintage objects and our workshops. Woo hoo!

Read all about it on the Loop Knit Lounge blog.

You’re welcome to go along and join them in their shopwarming and welcome Loop to it’s new home. Have a bit of cake for us while you’re there. 🙂

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Stitch Yourself for the Science Museum

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on May 6, 2010

Stitch London are teaming up with London’s shiny Science Museum to bring you possibly the greatest knitting + science experiment the world has ever witnessed: the Stitch Yourself project.

We’re inviting you to to contribute a tiny Stitched Self and take part in scientific stitching history.

Your Stitching + Creativity = A Stitched Self

All you need to do is knit, crochet or sew a tiny version of you. Then just send it in to us.

Every Stitched Self sent in will be part of an exhibit for the London’s Science Museum‘s re-opening of their Who Am I? gallery in June 2010.

You can send in your contributions from anywhere in the world. Every one will be blogged here for the online world to see too.

We’ve spent hours in the dank shadows of the Stitch London lab conducting all manner of crafty stitching experiments to produce three ‘blank body’ patterns. These are the humble beginnings of your handmade ‘Stitched Self’.

For all the information on the project, free patterns for each Stitched Self and an address to send them to please visit the Stitch London website

The deadline for submissions is 26th June so get stitching yourself. Quick! Quick!

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Submit to the Knit for 2010: First meeting of the year

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on December 27, 2009

Sponsored by

Newbies and oldbies (ok so you’re not really old and we do like your lovely familiar faces) join us for our first Stitch of 2010. We take over the Royal Festival Hall for our biggest meeting of the year.

It’s also our 4th birthday so we’ll be giving away a few presents too. We have two one-year subscriptions to The Knitter magazine and a very lovely How to Knit book from Usbourne.

Learn to knitLearn to knit: We’ll be teaching knitting for free at this meeting. So bring along your sticks and string and we’ll make a knitter of you before the night is over.


Come to learn the ways of the knit, come to pass on your knitting knowledge, come for the stitchin’, stay for the bitchin’ but do come.

If you’ve never come to an S&B London meeting before this is the one to attend

Go on. Fight the shyness, join us for some prime public stitching and start your New Year with a woolly bang.

MONDAY 4th January 2010
Time: From 6pm
Venue: The Royal Festival Hall
South Bank Centre
Belvedere Road

Map Website Nearest Tube: Waterloo, Embankment

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Stitching Secret Santa the Second

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on December 17, 2009

Twas the very last Stitch and Bitch London meeting before Christmas and all through the National Theatre not a creature was knitting…except for 30 people on the first floor.

Since some of you lovely S&B Londoners missed out on Stitching Secret Santa (and one poor soul ended up with the unhandmade prize of pantsness) we decided to give Stitching Secret Santa another jingling whirl in what has come to be known, imaginatively, as Stitching Secret Santa the Second.

Witness the loveliness of what our handcrafting heroes contributed to Round Two here:

Cuuuuuute bag and row counter

A fine woolly pair

The proof was in the (tea cosy) pudding. Marion gets a fabulous present at last.

A very sweet stitched stocking

A snuggly snood

Perfect pink armwarmers (to be passed on to a friend by their slightly allergic recipient)

Charming handmade buttons and charm

Dangling decorations

Christmas tree peoples

Stitched soldiers

A selection of stockings

The ink-slinging Gary ‘Sheep Stitcher’ Northfield also wandered along to admire the woolly wonders and sign some copies of his Derek the Sheep book for our competition winners:

Derek runs from an angry bee

Derek in Wonderland

Derek joins Knit the City for a yarnstorm on the farm

All in all it was a marvellous Stitchmas way to end one of S&B London’s busiest, moustachiest, maddest years.

Thanks to everyone who stitched their second Secret Santa and everyone who ooohed and ahhed in the right places as they were opened.

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