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Posts Tagged ‘derek the sheep’

Stitching Secret Santa the Second

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on December 17, 2009

Twas the very last Stitch and Bitch London meeting before Christmas and all through the National Theatre not a creature was knitting…except for 30 people on the first floor.

Since some of you lovely S&B Londoners missed out on Stitching Secret Santa (and one poor soul ended up with the unhandmade prize of pantsness) we decided to give Stitching Secret Santa another jingling whirl in what has come to be known, imaginatively, as Stitching Secret Santa the Second.

Witness the loveliness of what our handcrafting heroes contributed to Round Two here:

Cuuuuuute bag and row counter

A fine woolly pair

The proof was in the (tea cosy) pudding. Marion gets a fabulous present at last.

A very sweet stitched stocking

A snuggly snood

Perfect pink armwarmers (to be passed on to a friend by their slightly allergic recipient)

Charming handmade buttons and charm

Dangling decorations

Christmas tree peoples

Stitched soldiers

A selection of stockings

The ink-slinging Gary ‘Sheep Stitcher’ Northfield also wandered along to admire the woolly wonders and sign some copies of his Derek the Sheep book for our competition winners:

Derek runs from an angry bee

Derek in Wonderland

Derek joins Knit the City for a yarnstorm on the farm

All in all it was a marvellous Stitchmas way to end one of S&B London’s busiest, moustachiest, maddest years.

Thanks to everyone who stitched their second Secret Santa and everyone who ooohed and ahhed in the right places as they were opened.


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Exclusive interview: S&B London meets The Beano’s Derek the Sheep

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on December 7, 2009

Derek is a sheep but he’s not just any sheep. Derek is a sheep who is so flippin’ marvellous he’s got his very own comic strip in The Beano.

So we were all kinds of excited when the woolly wonder turned up one S&B London meeting and demanded to be taught how to knit. Since then he’s become a bit off a purly king and his hoofmade marvels are the talk of the farm.

In an exclusive interview we caught up with Derek to ask him about knitting, the sneaky stealing of wool from his fellow herd members and his plans for yarnstorming revenge on Rodney the Bull…

Derek joins S&B London for a bit of a knit

Sooooo Derek. You recently joined S&B London. What prompted you to join the public knitting masses?

Wotcha! I decided to start knitting as I was getting fed up with my wool looking all white and fluffy and boring and reckoned it was time I stood out from the flock and moved into designer woolly wear. I drew up patterns that made me look handsome and beautiful and popped along to S&B to see if I could learn to make my dreams a reality. And I have. Sort of.
My duck hat is coming on a treat, as are my knee-length fluffy socks. My rainbow sweater is a disaster as I’d forgotten that I have four legs and made six accidentally, so maybe I might pop it in a hot wash and give it to my mate Cecil the bee.

Where do you get your yarn from? Is it your own wool?

I generally shave my friends when they sleep and pop it in a bag. I’ve actually collected many varieties of farm hair, from cows, to pigs (we have some very hairy pigs) to chickens. Nothing knits better than good old fashioned sheep wool though. Especially from my mortal enemy Big Baz, a really fat sheep. I’ve got four dustbin bags of his wool cos he’s so fat. Result! I might get a black eye for my troubles, but it’s worth it for the yarn!

What do the rest of the herd think of your new love for knitting?

They love and admire me anyway, but I get many wonderful comments about my duck hat. I’ve had five orders for duck hats for Christmas, but due to my many appearances at celebrity events around the country (I switched on the Christmas lights at Bob’s Burger van in Romford for example) I’m unlikely to be bothered to make them. Next.

Can we tempt you to spread the S&B London love to other Beano characters? We’re particularly keen to see what Minnie the Minx can do with a set of DPNs and a bit of cashmere and several of us would like Billy Whizz or Roger the Dodger to help out with some Christmas knitting.

Of course. All the other Beano characters are my best mates and they all love and adore me like their long lost son. I often send them emails detailing brilliant things we could all do together, like tobogganing, skiing, white water rafting and bingo. Hopefully, if they ever decide to reply to my emails, they would certainly jump at the chance of coming out with me knitting and having a brilliant laugh with all the lovely S&Bers; which is almost a certainty when I’m around as I’m hilarious! Hahahar!!!

Erm… I’ve just got to pop to the loo, won’t be a sec. Can you hold my ice lolly please? Ta.

*A short and unsuccessful period of trying not to eat the ice lolly ensues*

What’s your favourite thing about being an S&B Londoner?

Sorry about that, the door got jammed! I thought I was going to be stuck in there for hours!!! Hahahaahaa!! Anyway…what?

Oh yeah. S&B London is an amazing experience where one gets to meet all sorts of lovely people and enjoy a warm friendly atmos … wait, what does this bit say? I can’t read your handwriting. Oh right. Atmosphere. And the Stitchettes are some of the greatest knit teachers in the whole of the world and very pretty too. Is that right? Hold on, where’s my ice lolly?!

*A new ice lolly is purchased and apologies are made*

Derek helps the S&B London Stitchettes with a bit of yarnstorming

What’s been your proudest knit so far?

My duck hat. It’s like a hat, but in the shape of a duck!!! I know! It’s amazing!!!

We hear that you’re planning some graffiti knitting yarnstorming on the farm. Can you let us in on the plan?

I could, but then I’d have to kill you. All though it might involve girly flowers around Rodney the Bull’s horns, but you didn’t hear that from me.

Do you have your own knitting name, along the lines of Deadly Knitshade, The Bluestocking Stitcher and The Purple Purler?

Um yep. The Woolly Jumper!! What? What’s wrong with that? It’s fantastic! Cecil the Bee is Buzz Lightyear, but that makes no sense. Where’s the knitting pun? He can’t even knit, the fool.

What knit-flavoured gift do you hope to give as a Stitching Santa this Christmas?

I’m trying out my new pattern – a woolly cowpat! It’s quite lifelike and the recipient will have a big smile on her face when she sees it. I think.

And finally can we have a hug? You look awfully soft and woolly. We promise not to steal your fleece while we hug.

Ew!!! But you’re a girl!!! Get yer mits off!!!

*Derek runs off into the sunset screaming*

You can see more about Derek by dipping into his lovely sheepy diary, stalk the sheep on Twitter or read more Derek tales and admire the fine beard of his nearly-knitting creator Gary Northfield on his website.
You can also WIN a SIGNED COPY of the Derek the Sheep book here. Go on. Snicker while you stitch.

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