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New Year Newbies Stitch Up 2012 and Stitch London’s 6th Birthday

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on December 29, 2011

It’s official. 2012 will be the year of the Stitch! This year Stitch London plans to cram as much stitching in as possible and we’re starting as we mean to go on with our fantabulous GIANT NEW YEAR NEWBIES STITCH UP!

3rd January 2012
Time: From 6pm
Venue: The Royal Festival Hall
South Bank Centre
Belvedere Road

Map Website Nearest Tube: Waterloo, Embankment

Every year we gather as many stitchers as we can at our second home, London’s Royal Festival Hall, to get our public stitch on in style. Each year we see around 200 proud crafty people gather.

Stitch London Stitch Up's can sometimes be seen from space

Celebrate Stitch London’s 6th Birthday!

This year we’re turning 6 years old! To celebrate we’ll have some spot prizes which will be given out randomly throughout the evening. Woo hoo!

Pass on the Knitting Love

STITCH LONDON NEEDS YOU! For our New Year Stitch Up we invite anyone new to knitting or new to the group to come along. We offer free lessons in knitting basics for learners, which is where is splendiferous Stitch Sages come in. If you know how to knit and think you know enough to pass it on (it’s really very easy), then please join our Stitch Sage team. You only need to teach for about half an hour and then keep an eye on your learner’s in case they get a bit lost while they practice.

We really really need new Stitch Sages to pass on the woolly love, so if you want to volunteer in the New Year please drop us an email at with the subject “I want to help wrangle the woolly Godzilla”.

It’s easy to teach. It gives you that warm fuzzy feeling. It’s a fabulous way to begin the new year. Create a brand new knitter! You can read some of our inspiring Stitch Sage stories here.

Find out more about teaching as a Stitch Sage here

Learn How to Knit

Fancy learning to get your knit on? The New Year Stitch Up is your chance to learn to knit for free!

You can bring your own yarn and needles, but Stitch London will be offering Whodunnknit How to Knit Kits in three flavours Sheep ‘n’ Aliens, Floating Flutterguys and Stitched Squid (each perfect for beginners), as well as Whodunnknit Stitched Self Mini Me Knitting Kits for those who know how to knit already.

The Whodunnknit Knitting kit includes:

  • An exclusive Stitch London skyline drawstring bag to keep your projects in
  • A set of bamboo knitting needles
  • A set of 4 Stitch London knitting badges
  • 2x 25g balls of brightly coloured yarn
  • A ultra-cute pair of ‘snips’ scissors
  • A tapestry needle for weaving in your ends
  • An 8-page Stitch London How to Knit booklet
  • Everything you need to make the Whodunnknit pattern of your choice (choose from Sheep and Martians, Floating Flutterguys, a Finger-fighting Stitched Squid or a Stitched Self Mini Me) along with the Whodunnknit knitting pattern

How do I order a Whodunnknit knitting kit?

Drop us an email at and let us know how many kits you would like and which pattern you would like with it. Each kit costs £14.

Want to learn crochet instead?

The lovely Tofty Makes will be offering How to Crochet Kits with full instructions in the fabulous full-colour booklet. See more about her How to Crochet Kits and the cute amigurmi creature you can make over at Tofty Makes.

Drop us an email at and let us know how many crochet kits you would like and we’ll pass it on to Tofty Makes. Each kit costs £14. See more about the contents here.

Crochet Kits from Tofty Makes

Can anyone come along to the Stitch Up?

Anyone and everyone is welcome. We’re multi-craft, multi-cultural and we love craft as much as you do. All you need to do is turn up, pull up a chair and start stitching. If you crochet, cross stitch, spin, embroider or do any other kind of craft you’re more than welcome to join us.

For those who wish to learn to knit you need to sign up when you arrive (look for the New Stitcher Sign Up Sheet) from 6pm. Teaching will begin at 6.30 once most of our Stitch Sages have arrived.

What does it cost?

It’s all totally free! Woo hoo!

Join us on the night! If you can’t make it you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook, where we’ll be posting pictures on the night.

See you there and Happy New Year!


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Exclusive Stitch London patterns to kick the c**p out of cancer

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on September 6, 2010

Cancer is utterly rubbish. It is a fiendish foe that deserves jabbing with our DPNs until it gives up and goes away. Fancy helping us vanquish cancer by supporting those fine folks fighting it and treating yourself to one of three fabulous knitting patterns?

Team Raging Wool are a six-person team of knitters (and those sympathetic to the woolly cause) whose mission is to kick the tar out of Cancer by trekking 20 miles across London in one night for Maggie’s Centre Night Hike on 17 September.

To help team Raging Wool reach their target of £1200 they’re offering three patterns for which they invite you to donate and download.

Another reason to donate: Stitch London are also going to teach a ‘Stitch a Squid’ workshop at  Maggie’s Centre later in the month. Knitting is the perfect way to fill hospital time and time spent in waiting rooms, as well as being hugely therapeutic (as you all know). Help us to help them.

Pick your pattern > Donate to the fund > Get knitting

Slap My Thigh iPhone / iPod / iTouch Cosy
Cosy your technology with a bit of chic cable craft from The Fibre Flinger. Featuring ‘Gertrude Garter & Susan Stocking stitch cable’.

Candy Scarf
Simple but sweet pattern works by changing between two yarns leaving loops throughout. Looks more complicated than it is, which is fabulous for impressing admirers when you’ve had an easy knit.

Stitched Self Blank Body
The Knitted Stitched Self pattern in shiny new updated Whodunnknit form, with more ‘how to’ images and more helpful hints on creating a tiny version of you in knitted form.

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Knitting pattern: The Cake Makes It All Better Cushion

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on June 18, 2010

Gerty and is made better by the cushion (and some gin)

Fancy helping us raise a bit of Race for Life cash and stitching yourself something comfy and cake-themed? Well, the crafty Bluestocking Stitcher has created a fabulous pattern to stitch your own cake-flavoured cushion cover (You knew we’d get cake into the race somehow – right?).

This batternburg-style cake cushion is an easy peasy knit and fits any size cushion. There’s really no excuse not to start stitching it.

The Cake Makes It Better Cushion pattern can be downloaded here.

You then donate however much you want to give to our Justgiving Race for Life Fundraising page.

If the Race for Life page has expired then please feel free to donate to Cancer Research here.

We’d love to see pictures of your cake cushions as you create them too.

Warning: The cushion is not a real cake. Attempts to eat it may cause indigestion.

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Yarn + science = excellent

Posted by steelanddough on April 15, 2010

We’re pretty sure that by now you are totally convinced that science is totally cool…and if you’re not, have you not seen The Wonders of the Solar System presented by Prof Brian Cox? *swoons*

So with your (maybe not so) new love of all things science, you’re going to want to test out our chemical equation:

yarn + science = excellent

Let Stitch London take you on a whistle-stop tour of all things knitty and science-themed.


There are almost too many biology-themed patterns to mention. But here are our favourites.

Looking a little cut up

Feel morally against dissecting animals? Never fear: you can still learn all about the internal organs of amphibians and mammals using these fantastic patterns: Frog and Lab Rat.

Want to know more about the heart? Why, here’s the pattern for you: Heart.

Have ambitions that the fruits of your loins become geneticists? Then you need Baby’s First DNA Model.

Just an adult science lover who wants to wear it loud and proud? Chromosome Hat and DNA Tank Top are the ones for you.


Me me me meeeeeeeee!

Ah chemistry: the one with the explosions, irritants, bad smells and Bunsen burners.

Wear your favourite molecule on any of your knitted items using ChemKnits’s Molecule Knitting charts. Personal favourite? Capsaicin (Eh? It’s the active component of chilli peppers.)

No chemistry lab would be complete without Earl Lenmeyer the Flask. Cute, and practical (right?!)


Alan Titchmarsh eat your heart out

Physics isn’t as well represented, but nevertheless I found these.

Need a physics mascot? Make yourself a knitted Albert Einstein.

And if you’d like your little nipper to grow up to be just like Prof Brian Cox, then this will send him/her well on their way: Out Of This World! Solar system jumper.

So as you can see yarn + science = excellent QED!

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Oscar-winning glory knitwise

Posted by The Fastener on March 12, 2010

I’d like to thank my agent, my mum and all my adoring fans for this amazing award… oh wait, that’s another piece I have to write…

The awards season is with us and what better way to embrace the Oscars, BAFTAs and a whole heap of other filmic awards than with the perfect filmic pattern to go with your favourite contender or simply your favourite film?  I’ve scoured the net and found some brilliant patterns that will quench even the most hard-core film nerds thirst.

From one of the Daddies of the sci-fi genre – Star Wars.  Who doesn’t want to own their own lightsaber – and a knitted one? Even better. Use the fibre force with a Knitted Lightsaber*, Luke!

“That’s no light sabre. THIS is a light sabre."

Star Wars too old school for you? How about the newest Sci-Fi film to hit the big screeen, and one to have already scooped quite a few awards – Avatar? You too can make yourself look like a character from the movie!  Avatar headband*.

"To become 'taronyu', hunter, you must choose your own Ikran and he must also choose you. And you must wear this silly hat."

And if neither of these rock your boat, you could create a direct copy of Coraline’s jumper.  Not only is this cool, but it also echoes the fact that the whole of the film is handmade stop motion, even the tiny knitted jumpers! Set your button eyed sights on a Coraline Jumper.

"I'm your Other Jumper."

If you just can’t decide which film to create in knitted form, why not make a snack to go with your film viewing? Knitted Popcorn and Pretzel.

Let's all go to the lobby. To eat knitted snacks. Mmm woolly.

Here are some more film related patterns that I just had to share with you all:

Awwww. A squishy stitched alien parasite.

Harry potter patterns

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter – Golden snitch

Star wars

Coraline mittens

Twilight – Bella’s hat*

Alien facehugger

Pirates of the Caribbean*

If you do decide to make anything from these links, please tell let us know in the comments box below. We’d love to see them. 🙂

Happy film viewing!

*Sorry. You have to sign into Ravelry to view this pattern.

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Free pattern: Stitched Heart on Your Sleeve Brooch

Posted by The Fastener on February 12, 2010

MWA! If you really do insist on mushy love stuff and wish to give a huge stitched smooch to some one you adore, and haven’t got your fill of love hearts from all the cutesy Valentine’s window displays about London town, we thought we’d give you another reason to go all mushy and loved up.

Crafty Stitchette, The Fastener has created an exclusive S&B London free pattern to give help you wear your woolly hearts on your sleeves this Valentine’s Day.

Say it with wool

Join in on the fluffyness by making your own vintage-style Stitched Heart on Your Sleeve brooch from our free pattern.

You will need:

  • 2.75 mm needles (or size needed for yarn weight)
  • Red wool (I used DK weight)
  • Beads, buttons, felt and lace (optional)
  • Brooch back or safety pin


M1 = make one (knit into the front and the back of the same stitch)

K2tog = knit two together

Sts = stitches

Turn = turn work to knit in opposite direction


Heart front

Cast on 2 sts

Row 1: M1, M1 (4 sts)

Row 2: Purl across

Row 3: M1, K to last st, M1 (6 sts)

Row 4: Purl across

Rows 5 tand 6: Repeat rows 3 and 4  (8 sts)

Rows 7 tand 8: Repeat rows 3 and 4  (10 sts)

Row 9 tand 10: Repeat rows 3 and 4  (12 sts)

Row 11: K6 sts, turn (leave the other 6 sts to be worked later)

Row 12: Purl 6, turn

Row 13: K2 tog, K4, turn (5 sts)

Row 14: Purl 5, turn

Row 15: K2 tog, K1, K2 tog, turn (3 sts)

Row 16: cast off these 3 sts purlwise

Go back to the 6 sts you left earlier:

Row 17: K6 sts

Row 18: Purl across

Row 19: K4, K2 tog (5 sts)

Row 20: Purl across

Row 21: K2 tog, K1, K2 tog (3 sts)

Row 22: Cast off the last 3 sts purlwise

Heart back

Repeat the above


Weave in all of the yarn ends, and stitch the two hearts together.

Optional: To finish off my brooch I stitched vintage lace, seed beads and vintage buttons to the heart. Finally I stitched on a small felt circle to cover all of stitching on the back and attaching a brooch pin (but you could use a safety pin).

Woolly womance

Now all you have to do is pin your brooch to your favourite knitted jumper and sing love songs as you skip along the street. Awwwwwww.

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Race for Life: Woolly hats for cancer fighters (almost FREE pattern)

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on March 15, 2009

Because Cancer Research is about those who are fighting, as well as those we have sadly lost, we’re going to be knitting chemo caps as we go (knitting as you walk is optional). The caps will be donated to various cancer wards across London.

S&B London are offering two fabulous chemo hat patterns for a minimum £2 donation

(give more if you like)

There is a round hat and a square hat. Both are easy to knit and very quick (use whatever yarn you like, as long as it’s not scratchy).

To donate click here and give as much as you like.

Donate first then CLICK HERE to download our S&B London Cancer Fighter hat patterns once you’ve donated.

We’d love to see the hats you end up making too. Send any pictures to

We plan to donate them to local London cancer wards so get in touch for an address if you have rustled some up, or bring them along to an S&B meeting.

If you want to join our Race for Life team and race along with us you can see all the details here. We’d love to have you join us.

PS If you download without donating we won’t know. But you’ll know. It will slowly eat away at your conscience in the night. Eventually you’ll end up living on a hill in the middle of the wilderness talking to your imaginary friends and knitting with your own hair. So be nice and donate. Even a teeny bit helps.

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Stitch and Swastika anyone?

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on July 22, 2008

Stitch and swastika anyone?

Knitting gets controversial again this week as The Sun puts stitching on page 6 (21st June 2008).

The Sun tell us that Rachael Matthews, of Bethnal Green’s fabulous Prick Your Finger has created a book of patterns for knitted dictators.

Well you can’t believe everything you read, as you know, and Rachael tells us that:

“I haven’t written a book on knitted dictators….I just got stitched up by the SUN. If I had written it, I could have sold it a million times over this week, but unfortunatley I was on holiday in the Orkney’s, sitting on a beach knitting an hour glass when the story broke!”

S&B are big fans of PYF’s delightfully in your face with pointy sticks knitting, after the SnB UK Blanket Square they made us last year.

You can gaze in wonder at the ‘heated debate’ that the Knitler article started on the Sun’s lovely (cough) website here (if you have nothing better to do with your day).

You can click on the picture to enlarge it.

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S&B London Knit Crawl Sit-upon Pattern

Posted by laurapurlprincess on May 19, 2008

As International Knit in Public Day beckons on Saturday 14th June, S&B London prepares to embark upon it’s second annual London Knit Crawl. You are all invited to join us in bring knitting proudly to the streets of London. Check out last year’s Knit Crawl from our blog entries in June 2007 for a taster of what’s to come.

Details of this year’s crawl will be released soon – keep your eyes on the newsletter and this blog for them. But for now we would like to set you a challenge. We all had a fab time on last year’s crawl, but the day took it’s toll on our bums as they sat on London monuments, concreate and grass all day long. So this year, to keep you comfy we are asking you to knit along with us and create your own Sit-upon.

The pattern, designed by Steph Fairless of, is a carry-along cushion, one side knitted to your own design and the other made from any waterproof fabric. It cleverly doubles up as a bag for your project too.

Here’s how it works (expertly demonstrated by Purl Princess):

1) Turn up to the Knit crawl with your finished Sit-upon and look for a fine place to sit.

2) Once you’ve found your spot, don’t forget to take your project out of your bag first

3) Now plonk yourself down and enjoy a spot of well-earned knitting time. You bum with thoroughly enjoy the Sit-upon’s added comfort.

4) When it’s time for the Knit Crawl to move on simply grab your cushion and give the PVC waterproof underside a good brush down.

5) And you’re ready to continue on with the rest of S&B London, as we roll on to the next location to show London what we’re all about!

Once you’ve finished we’d love to see your take on the Sit-upon, so send us an email with some pictures of it or bring it along to the group and we’ll feature your design in our newsletter or on this blog.

We’d love you to join in and knit with us, so here’s the pattern:


This pattern is only to be used as a guide and inspiration to create your very own Sit-upon for the Stitch & Bitch Knit Crawl.

Be as creative as you like!

Send us a picture of your finished Sit-upon or bring it to the group, we will feature your design on our blog or in the newsletter.


  • Yarn of choice
  • Knitting needles to match gauge of yarn
  • Cushion – buy one from Primark/cheap shop or fill your Sit-upon with soft cushion filling/stuffing. (Rough size = approximately 37cm x 37cm (15″ x 15″))
  • PVC/ waterproof backing
  • Plastic bag to cover cushion (optional)

1. Measure up your cushion (or choose a suitable size to sit on) so you know how big to make your knitted square, and for cutting the PVC fabric. (Rough size = approximately 37cm x 37cm (15″ x 15″))

2. Knit a square to the size you want your cushion.

If you are using a pre-made cushion:

  • Make a tension square so you can work out how many stitches to the centimeter you need (unless you are a good guesser!).

3. Make a handle to your required length and width (rough size = approximately 60cm). The handle on the cushion shown is 41cm (16″) long and 4cm (1.5″ wide). Don’t make it too long as it will stretch. You can either do one handle or two.

4. Any extra embellishments to the cushion before sewing up. Add sequins, tassels, embroidery, buttons, or an appliqué, but remember that you’re going to be sitting on it, so nothing too pokey!

Making up

1. Cover your cushion with a plastic bag in case it gets wet (optional).

2. Pin and sew the handle to knitted square.

3. Put PVC and knitted fabrics right-side facing each other and sew round 3 edges.

4. Insert a zip if you wish to use the Sit-upon as a project bag also.

5. Turn inside out so correct sides are now facing outwards. Insert your cushion or stuffing.

6. Sew last edge (if you’re not using a zip).

Places to buy your materials

  • John Lewis, they will have most of what you need and a good range of PVC fabrics.
  • Your local haberdashery and fabric shop.
  • EBay, find wonderful fabrics and yarns online.
  • If you want to be extra special there is a double knit pure wool yarn which is Teflon treated to make it water and snow resistant. Dalegarn Hauk. It is available through
  • For super cool embellishments and trims, try

Happy Knitting!

Cushion featured designed by Laura ‘Purl Princess’ Parkinson

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Knit a Poppy Pattern: wear your stitch on your sleeve for Rememberance Day

Posted by Deadly Knitshade on October 27, 2007

poppyIts that time of year again when Britain blooms in glorious reds in honour of our armed forces of past and present. There are poppies popping up all over the place, and Knitonthenet have come up with a woolly way to show your support, save a bit of paper (well only a tiny poppy-sized bit but you get the idea), and enjoy a bit of a knit too.

You can pop along to their site and donate £2 to the Poppy Appeal for their fabulous knitted poppy pattern (designed by Just Call Me Ruby, what a gal!)

You can bring your prized flower out year after year too, and just chuck a couple of quid in the donation bucket while saving those fundraisers a little on plastic and paper.

So get your needles out, purl yourself a poppy, and wear it with pride. 🙂

poppy crochetUpdated: If you’re a happy hooker rather than a natty knitter then there is an amazing crochet poppy too. The lovely Erssie has published her pattern on her Skeinspotting blog here, and promises to donate to the Poppy Appeal too. Hoorah!

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